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  2. The UIL voted long ago. Those who participated in fight are suspended full game. Those who did not fight, but left the bench are out the first half. The UIL had ruled the players in fight only had to sit out a half, but L-E coaches and administration added a half so don't cry foul. If L-E was full strength I think Spring Hill could have won this game. With that said I wouldn't bet against L-E winning with junior varsity players.
  3. If PG beats Gilmer please don't cry about the refs, or we didn't play well.
  4. Btw this has been confirmed via school board Coach Taylor out at Lone Oak
  5. Make up call on that last strike after the ump missed the so called foul tip
  6. Glad the umps inability to know what a foul is and isn’t didn’t cost us
  7. Today
  8. Who knows.... He has been mostly lights out on right handed hitting all year
  9. I hope James can throw strikes and keep it in the park of course right now a single will do us in
  10. Paul Pewitt! This year they are back “on the Brahma trail!”
  11. I have noticed if Alvarez don't get you on those first two pitches he will not get you on the third, they coming right at him to get ahead in the count
  12. I think Gilmer has improved a lot, but this D-line of PG is just good man. There front 7 in general are extremely good. I'm not sure Gilmer will be able to have an answer for them. I could be wrong, but I'm going to say PG by 17.
  13. I would like to see us stay on the gas for once tho also. This ain’t preseason anymore.
  14. No we didn’t play a good second half this week for sure but let it be said by me we coming to pg to play. And as I said before the only people that beat us is ourselves. Hope we stop that before the playoffs
  15. I'm for it because of the injuries that can occur in a meaningless game. If the game has been decided, then let the clock run and let everyone who is healthy get out of there healthy. As a coach, do I like being on the losing end of it? No. But I do understand its necessity.
  16. Which three players came back from injury against QC?
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