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  2. Doesn’t matter; you have already drank the koolaide from that racist rag you posted. Facts will never convince you of anything because you are full of hate for white people. Especially white cops. I really feel sorry for you, man; Hate will eat you alive.
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  4. I believe he likes owning you mentally. Nothing to do with slavery. Some folks are simple minded and can’t comprehend when they’re getting played. Ex voting Democrat ect. Most would be a fool to vote that way now.
  5. What about black parents? Like I said, You post a Malcom Ten meme about black females being mistreated, etc & you didn’t even marry one; What point were you trying to make?
  6. We all die and most do not make it to 100 . I bet all deaths are elderly or had another problem. This isn’t that difficult.
  7. Jv score: West Rusk: 30 Troup: 28
  8. Meme about disrespected black woman when in fact you didn’t marry one. Kinda of ironic is all. Don’t get defensive.
  9. I was was there Summer of 95. Stayed mostly in USMTM compound. I was at Riyadh AB chow hall waiting for the general to come out of meeting . When one of the worker was trying to ask me what was the range of my radio was. I was real vague, and he got mad. I told my NCO in charge about it. He reported it. A couple hours later I went with the Saudi military to a building. They took me to a room where the worker was at, and asked me if this was the guy. His face was swollen from the integration I couldn't tell. So they showed me a picture of him before the interrogation. I replied yes,
  10. in fairness to Pinkard, he hasn't played QB in a couple of yrs. He got better as the game went on and should improve through the season. He should have played last yr as Ford's backup. I think he would be in a better place now. He was 17/31 for 231 yds. Not terrible for a debut. Texas High would have beat Cujo tonight anyway, but you take away 10 points from 2 turnovers, the score is a little more respectable. Regardless good luck to T-High this season. I hope they can make a deep run.
  11. How many of you pups ever watched, or even heard this one? ...
  12. Thanks. They have had our number for awhile. I thought we could have beaten them last year but it didn't happen. Glad to see the program poised for possibly a really good year. Hope we keep progressing.
  13. I throw all political mail in the burn pile ... I have never donated to any political campaign, candidate or cause and I never will ... too much money in politics is one if the main problems we have with government at all levels ....
  14. Yea a true duel threat qb is what they have been missing since Bryson more so the accuracy of throws of the last few after smith
  15. Nice win by the Tigers. Clayton Smith disrupted the Lions offense in the first half and took them out of their game plan. Impressed with Potts and Matlock. Cellers gave Tyler fits with his feet but had issues in the passing game. McHenry came in every third series and appears to be a better pure passer. Best of luck going forward to the Lions.
  16. Sherman ended up losing 41-23. My thoughts on Sherman: Their #8 receiver was all over the field in the first half. But right from the get go, you could see Sherman's offensive line was horrendous. That poor #4 QB was running for his life literally all night long. Some of the hits he took were vicious. Couple that with he refused to slide when he was actually able to get away. There's no way the dude makes it through the season if he continues to play like that. Sherman was in 3rd and long on both of their touchdown drives. After they completed them, it felt like they were able to bui
  17. I spent 6 months at Al Kharj on Prince Sultan AB ... in 94 ... we were billeted in Riyadh and drove 2 1/2 hours to Al's Garage each way ... I had a double wide office on the base and just slept out there many nights to avoid the travel in the heat. I was in Kobar Towers the week before the terrorist truck bomb blew it up. Went to Bahrain three times, once for R & R, and twice on official business , we had a lot of propositioned equipment in warehouses there .... I hated everything about Saudi ...
  18. We all donate to both parties without our consent. ( taxes )
  19. Glad you posted this; I tried, but my P.O. iPhone X locked up on me ....
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