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  2. You can’t help your self can you Lion. I have never said the Dawgs could beat any team in 5A. what I have said and so far is true, this Dawg defense is the best I have seen since coach S has been at Carthage. The best O line in 4A, and the best defense in All of 4A. If you don’t like what I say, simple even for you. Don’t read my post. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
  3. Yall know King never talks up anything....but even he says the future is bright in Loboland.
  4. Yes Cc everyone knows they can win 5a . Doesn’t matter the snow /rain is no match for the Mighty Dawgs.
  5. The game itself won’t count. The only way it would come into place is if we tie at 4-1 at the end of the year...which is pretty likely at this point. We would do common opponents first, which at 4-1...we’d all be the same. Then it would go to points. And Longview should win that. Record wise won’t change though.
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zhJqgY9Wii4
  7. Either that or his family has been threatened. One thing for sure, the Media paints him as a conservative, but he isn’t. I would generously paint him as an independent.
  8. Oh I am sure you will be proven right. I mean a massive voter fraud taking place all across the country involving tons of money to get it done and they forgot this. I mean you have proven me wrong so much. Like that one time..........of wait you have yet to do that. Did you read the cases? You should about 250 pages total.
  9. Today
  10. Having read through the "document" my suggestion is to donate now to support Powell in this case. With the amount of provable evidence supplied in this case I am sure it will end up in SCOTUS. She needs your money now. Hurry to donate.
  11. But based on the newspaper the Longview Sherman game will be counted at the end of the season so wouldn’t that make Sherman 2-4 if they lose to west and us and y’all ? Since they would lose on points and head to head against y’all.
  12. what are they 1 for how many? LMAO, HAPPY THANKSGIVING SIR
  13. I voted for neither so you must be the libtard you speak of...
  14. If y'all beat Sherman and then lose to us to finish 3-3, you really need Sherman to lose to West so that they would finish 2-3. That's really the only way I can figure y'all would get in to be honest. Sherman beating North was the worst case scenario for y'all. Technically, if Longview loses to North tomorrow, then next week would turn into a win and you're in game. But the odds of that are...slim.
  15. Happy Turkey Day everyone! Safe travels and see you at the game tomorrow. Go Bears!!! 28-10
  16. Regaleagle I think you may not know how good this Dawg defense really is. The starters have not allowed a point since mid October. Rain or snow, the Dawgs can and will pass. They have done it many times in the playoffs. LaGrange, Navasota, and many more.
  17. Another prize winning response. Give this man a big stuffed polar bear.
  18. Awesome job @Ronster23!! Good luck tomorrow Raiders. Enjoy today with your families everyone.
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