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  2. Sidam???? Here's how this has worked for the last 20 years, roughly. A constant drumbeat of distrust against MSM, a blending of news and opinion filled with hypnotic hyperbole and women in short skirts, a gradual accepting of 'alternative facts', an unending attack on any kind of education not controlled by private entities, a sneering dismissal of all those who can diligently fact check information and propaganda, coupled with a gradual movement toward acceptance of 'Dark Web', 'patriotic' sites, all to set up the anointing of a huckster, gangster, conman, who would give scared, paranoid, poor souls comfort and empowerment for one last desperate grab at keeping eroding power. Roger Ailes started it, and may he enjoy the view from down there. And, you know the spokesperson for hate and anti intellectuals? That would be Trump. How you like me now?
  3. Stepp reporting Grand Saline has appointed the Hallsville HFC as their coach.
  4. PG and Lampasas were very different teams. And Carthage played them at different times. Hard to say. Both very good.
  5. Ok, now explain why you feel that way, You know that's not true, Barry. So if you're religious yourself (and I assume you are), does that mean you yourself are part of the "ignorant masses"?
  6. I don't know about any other teams, but that might change in the future after further investigations. I do know that the Astros were BUSTED and will forever be known as Cheaters whether they needed to do so to win or not.
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  8. The latest to backout was #3. #4 if you count Briles, which some say wasn't ever true. So Lee is going to have to step up to get someone.
  9. Probably going to cost them more now, since the #1 choice backed out.... Their 2,3,4 choice can play hardball now!
  10. Seems kinda of silly . Every team is doing this to some degree. If the Astros had beaten someone else other than the butthurt Yankees and Dodgers than this wouldn't be an issue. If you noticed someone stealing signs it up to you to stop it. Houston was the better team and deserved the ring. Also if one team was cheating wouldn't said team be pretty much dominant at home and struggle on the road?
  11. Even though your team has been beaten by that coach/team and should’ve lost them twice in one season? OU had a better win against UT this past season, but don’t act like Oklahoma has walked all over Texas since Herman arrived, because it’s not accurate.
  12. A couple of photos I got from a recent West Rusk/Arp basketball game...
  13. The Lampasas offense is head and shoulders better than PG’s.
  14. Yep, Lampasas was definitely better than PG, no doubt. PG was the second best team Carthage played last year.
  15. A couple of shots I got this week at the West Rusk vs Arp basketball game...
  16. I don't think baseball wants to look any further into sign stealing because they will find a lot more teams doing the same thing the Astros and Boston was doing. As I said in another post MLB could have fixed all this stuff with a simple delay signal and not allowing baseball teams to have their own cameras.
  17. I think Baltimore was a lost cause for him they are a really bad team that didn't have the juice.
  18. Winny has beaten Prairiland 71-53, MV 60-53, Cooper 80-29, and lost to Commerce last night 74-50
  19. And who would those ignorant masses be? Do tell. The religious? Conservatives? Who? This should be good...
  20. I disagree ... his many early hits qualify him to be inducted ... he had more rr hits than many who are already in ....
  21. Travel in football is relative, schools are willing to sacrifice travel for more equitable competition because its football only and its every other year..in the grand scheme of things were talking 2 or 3 trips not Tuesday night volleyball or anything.....also remember we aren't taking about Longview going into Houston..we are talking about a straight shot down 59 to New Caney or a a trip on Grand Parkway over to Magnolia..not downtown Houston traffic... This could all be a waste of time and Longview and JT as I predicted goes into a DFW district...but over the past week I've definitely heard more chatter from coaches about it and its perked my ears up... Just remember in UIL realignment someone ALWAYS gets the short end of the stick....its impossible to make everyone happy and someone is always going to be ####...
  22. My bad, for John Tyler yes its more noticeable...for Longview the difference is is like 20-30 min on most trips..for JT its more like 45 min to an hour
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