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  2. There’s lots of stuff you haven’t heard about I guess….
  3. If you think a coach wants to cancel a game you really don't get it. Most times that decision is made by Admin. If they do cancel it has nothing to do with competition level, it is about what is best for their kids and community.
  4. I didn’t make the statement, I thought you did. I was just relaying the info that that idea has been debunked
  5. The problem with this joke, is the last 7 games have been decided by 7 points or less. Hardly over by halftime. It would have worked better had you simply said, 'Then the game ends, .....'.
  6. Do you believe severity of illness or likelihood of catching it depends on blood type?….since you were the one wanting “evidence”..
  7. Y’all got some speed coming up ?
  8. Lol, id go watch em but we have youth football practice on Thursdays.
  9. I won’t. Can’t control others. I think we’re a couple years away from beating y’all.
  10. Of course I am lol. Ill be dragging my crew and all the cowbells this week. Go watch the JV and Freshman tomorrow to help my anxiousness. Gotta love it.
  11. To really answer your question: He threw 3 deep balls, he was hit on 2 with one resulting in an INT and the other falling incomplete, the 3rd deep ball fell incomplete but Worthy was tripped up on the route and no flag was thrown. Thompson threw the ball well but he wasn’t asked to do much, he was 15-18. Early on he threw a 4-5 bubble screens. He had a nice 15yd throw to Wiley on a wheel route that was a great play design. He hit Dixon on a 3rd and 17 over the middle on a dig route. He connected with Worthy often, once on a 4th & 4 that Worthy lived up about 15-20 yds of YAC and
  12. Can we get Newton vs timpson in before district...I need that measurement of waskom and Newton.
  13. Not excusing anything that occured here, but they pushed a vending machine in front of a door. It's not a lynching. From the looks of the HELP WANTED signs on every door in town, that's not any different than general industry... Again, everyone wants to put this out there as they don't like getting yelled at. I'm sorry, but that's been going on since the beginning of time. Are we just supposed to believe that the problem is that coaches and fans just started chewing out referees in 2018? Kinda sounds like referees are being affected by the same problems the rest of the popul
  14. So if y’all keep winning is somebody gonna jump out and proclaim y’all’s dominance over GW before we play y’all?
  15. They are all on varsity this week in case we need them at QB.
  16. Play the game with what you got and live with it--We could have very easily cancelled our last three games with anywhere from 4-10 starters out yet we took our lumps and played anyway
  17. Vol.XI No.VI Pg.6 August 1974 "Under The Power" Robert F. Turner Gods creatures have one thing truly their own, i.e., themselves. In a marvelous act of self-limitation God created man in His own image; giving man the power of choice, subject only to final judgement at the throne of God. Mans environment, this sin-cursed world, exerts tremendous pressure upon the human will, so that often what I would, that do I not (Rom. 7:15); but the capacity to will to serve God remains, so that through Jesus Christ we can be justified. Adams sin, or the sin of others, cannot ensl
  18. Oof. As a former sports writer, that was tough to read. But hey, at least the heading is correct, this is a must-see game!
  19. GW don’t have enough kids for two sub-varsity games on Thursday??
  20. You gonna help them open the visitors side gate?
  21. JV today at 5:30 at Lobo, Fish at West Mesquite tonight. Tickets on sale now for tomorrow’s contest.
  22. https://lonestargridiron.com/2021/09/4a-rankings-092221/
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