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  2. Yes that's what they're saying. I also read (but who knows with this kid) that he's waiting to the Under Armor AA game to announce.
  3. Bit angry there bud. Have a good one Kirt, just try to only talk about things you’re mostly correct on, this is not one of those things, best advice I can give,
  4. Good job getting your Baitor certification...don't use it too much. Bet you're good at rim jobs. That's why you have 4 shops. Successful. Excellent, good job son.
  5. Had to miss it due to Christmas shopping. Heard Evans had to miss part of the game because of his ACT?
  6. Lol he’s mad. it’s because I call out BS when I see it, especially when it comes to calling out coaches, and even more especially when it’s from people who don’t even know zone from power. Take your loss, and your bruised ego and go sulk in the corner. I’m done with you.
  7. That and catcher seem to be the 2 spots that need to be filled.
  8. @Stoney did you watch any of the North Shore game yesterday?
  9. Trying to get out in front of something...
  10. Conner is coming off several weeks of not playing .... not sure he's going to do much .... he has been out 5 or the last 6 games .... killing me ...
  11. I read somewhere that Tua got some first-place votes too. A nice gesture. Completely without merit, but a nice gesture.
  12. First game I have had the opportunity to catch in person. That zone from ULM was causing us fits. Roti and Cam came up big shooting the ball from deep. Cant wait for the construction to finish up. That is a long walk to the beer section...
  13. This is the wrong hire. Herman will be fired after next season.
  14. Why don't you mind your own business if you don't like my comments? You are entitled to your opinion as I am .... no matter how you try and carry the water for a bad situation ... if you knew half as much about football strategy as you think you do you would still be clueless .... so kiss off and whine to someone else ....
  15. Independence Bowl. Miami vs La.Tech, Tech might win this game. If Miami doesn't show up.
  16. Wonder if he’ll make a deal for a 3rd baseman?
  17. So I guess the fire yesterday was JD burning this year’s budget?
  18. I just gotta throw up as many points as possible before Conner and Cooper play.
  19. This is the type of stuff you see in movies. Star qb gets hurt right before the championship game and the whole team is relying on a freshman to lead them to a win over a team that beat them in the state game a year ago.
  20. Feel like the kuzzins up north get it done in a nail biter. Both teams are deserving
  21. More 1st place votes for Fields than young is a shame too..
  22. 44 that didn’t have him winning it + 4.5% that didn’t even have him on their ballot...
  23. Today
  24. ULM shot over 50% from three land and played a mean zone to give the Jacks a scare. SFA gets a challenge but at least gets the W
  25. It's a terrible tragedy. They were headed to play against my daughters team in a tourney that morning. Keep LK in your prayers
  26. A couple of sites are suspecting he is the hire. No announcement has been made yet. He is the likely candidate but it hasn’t been announced yet. He put a good defense on the field when Ohio State won it all. He stunk at Rutgers, because, well it’s Rutgers. They were good for about two years when they weren’t in the big10 and they had a generational type RB. Judging him strictly as a DC he was good, but Has a small sample size of product to show. This would be a comfort hire to me. It seems Herman is dead set on his Ohio State background working at Texas. If Ash is hired as DC, this lends me to believe the OC hire will be very blah.
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