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  2. MP beat Huntsville 64-61 in OT. Tigers headed to the regional tourney. Will face #1 Lancaster next
  3. Didn’t they make the regional tournament last year or the year before last?
  4. Then employees should be able to turn down unscheduled days. There are certain work laws in place to keep businesses from abusing their employees. I don’t believe anybody has said MW shouldn’t be raised. I’ve actually said the $10 mark would be sufficient.
  5. No...you're wrong. This board and many others LOVED the strong hire. It was boasted as he was the hard nosed disciplinarian that Mack's entitled roster needed and that his early success recruiting florida would add an extra boost. I'm not saying that Sark can't or won't be successful. But you're acting like a 8th grade football mom over this hire... sark is FAR from proven as a HC. Don't let his work with a loaded Bama roster that would have been successful regardless who was calling plays convince you that Sark is the best hire in football history.
  6. Agreed! They have plans to upgrade the facilities. It will happen. Definitely helps being THE Catholic University in the predominant Hispanic community in a large City like San Antonio. Future is bright. They will probably be playing Sam for another Conference championship the last game of the Spring season.
  7. Will be interesting. Do they still follow no sports after dark on Friday? Know they did 20 years ago.
  8. Bowden should win there. If he can't pull it off, they need to go back to FCS and join the Southland.
  9. Teams can win in Louisiana though... I don’t think anyone has ever done well at either school in NM
  10. Today
  11. If they could put that same championship energy into their facilities and technology updates, there would be a lot more excitement about that program...
  12. We are now beholding to their oil again. Nothing will happen
  13. How many total 3’s did Academy make ? Not sure I’ve ever seen so many made in one game .
  14. Gilmer went the cheapest route when they hired Traylor a young coach w not much experience. I wouldn’t recommend hiring the cheapest as a schools process, but for Gilmer it was a home run. Needless to say Traylor earned a raise pretty quick.
  15. Incarnate Word thumped McNeese state 41-20. They had the top ranked Southland conference recruiting class in 2021. Things are looking up for the FCS program based in San Antonio. They have only been in the Southland for 5 years and already have a Conference championship in football.
  16. After the guy came at Trevion, the stands cleared rushing to everyone and pulling people away. The video I saw was pretty much after everything had happened and it was just holding people back. I was at the game though
  17. You do realize many all inclusive resorts are in the Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Cozumel. I found a week long package all inclusive for two people, including airfare for only $1166. That's extremely affordable. Had I known how last week was going to be I would have booked my flight too. I realize Ted Cruz wife is a millionaire so she could easily afford it. He could too making what he does even if it was $1000 a night.
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