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  2. You might as well say that he will get eleventy zillion votes, as much sense either of those statements make!
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  4. He should defund the United Nations while he's at it .....
  5. I just wanted to quote the long copy and paste too.
  6. “W” must have taught him how to “play jigsaw puzzles”.....
  7. The impact? The remainder of the countries in this scam organization will have to pay more. I understand China pays very little while we throw tons of money at them. Now let’s drop out of the UN, which is run by a bunch of third world Socialist.
  8. Lmao!! Some assistant professor from oregon wrote a hit piece about lies when he never exposes any lies. Even better is the following article is about dog bed ratings lmfao. Come on Barry!
  9. Should social media platforms fact check? I've said it once, and I'll say it again: I hope you and the news media are this concerned with fact checking a President when they have a D after their name.
  10. What you think? Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 7h 80% of the RIOTERS in Minneapolis last night were from OUT OF STATE. They are harming businesses (especially African American small businesses), homes, and the community of good, hardworking Minneapolis residents who want peace, equality, and to provide for their families.
  11. www.forbes.com/sites/davidmarkowitz/2020/05/05/trump-is-lying-more-than-ever-just-look-at-the-data/amp/
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