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  2. I think rage, which prompts the act plays the first part, followed by either a sense of remorse, or the dawning reality that they will live the remainder of their life behind bars comes shortly thereafter. Sad, really.
  3. They're much improved, for sure. But it was light and day from 1st to 2nd half. 1st half, completely dominant on both sides of the ball. Arguably could've had another TD or two. 2nd half, couldn't do a thing on offense and defense couldn't stop them at all. They definitely will be in the 3rd/4th conversation, not even a question.
  4. Last night, got around to doing the Legacy broadcast highlights last night. https://lobohistory.com/audio/opponents/2021tylerlegacy.mp3 Something to listen to to get ya in the mood for tonight.
  5. Rockwall would dominate Allen this year I feel like. Hope for Legacy’s sake, that their district game against them is in Tyler and not having to make that drive back from Rockwall after a long, long night.
  6. French strike that killed ISIS member: https://americanmilitarynews.com/2021/09/france-kills-isis-leader-who-killed-4-us-troops-in-2017-niger-ambush/ SLOJOE strike that killed civilians: Afghanistan missile strike: They wanted a new life in America. Instead they were killed by the US military - CNN
  7. You mean the people that had loved ones that died due to the vaccine are idiotic? How so? Cause their circumstance differed from yours? You are a pathetic piece of trash!
  8. Such is β€œthey” world in 2021...
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  10. Today's version would be "Rhonda and Julie" the lesbian tale of teenage love and lust....straight white males would be banned from watching
  11. Standings after week 4 : MV 3-0 Winny 2-1 Rains 1 -1 Bonham 1-2 Minny 1-2 Comm 1-2 Potts 0-2 Howe 0-3
  12. Rooting for Cana . Different seeing both undefeated.
  13. Not seeing the competitive teams but seeing the undefeated looks great. Terrell and Kaufman showing life is nice. Argyle and Paris have to be the class of this district with the Eagles solely the best.
  14. I maybe in the minority drinking maroon koolaid but I believe Jimbo will do well with calzado. This team is very good and possibly best since 2012/2020 . Not saying the Aggies won’t miss a beat but potential is still there. I do believe King is far better QB but I will be cautiously optimistic moving forward.
  15. I gotta give Tyler credit. Not only did they show up and make it respectable but the fact the raiders even scheduled this game is bold. Definitely will prepare them with a look in District. I don’t know anything about their district but Allen definitely has the history of being a powerhouse. Kudos to the Raiders.
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