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    There are times when we take for granted what we know or what others know. But, the part of Smoaky.com that has always been a major passion of mine is our Historical Section, including programs from both greater-East and Central Texas. This section is listed below and includes a coaching staff information form along with some thoughts from the program's head coach. And, an historical section, year-by-year section of the program's listed. The East Texas programs go back much further, I'm continuing to update the Central Texas year-by-year records and data. And, in that year-by-year program history are some records and stats of individual players, game, season, career. ***This section is ALWAYS available for updates, adding and/or revising records from as far back as possible. So, if you see something that's missing or perhaps not correct, EMAIL, don't DM me, but EMAIL me at [email protected] or [email protected] Smoaky's Historical Section for East and Central Texas Please enjoy because the amount of hours we put into this section is unmeasured and I just hope it's appreciated. Thank you. David Smoak
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    He is the Messiah of America from the damaging policies that Obama unleashed upon us like a plague.
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    Who gives a damn WHAT the libtard infested media has to say about anything....THEY are enemies of America and enemies of Liberty......
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    I hear ya. But there's an old phrase that reads "what have you done for me lately" and all I can come up with is the 79 Newton stuck on y'all lsat year. So, enjoy your scrimmage win.
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    Just relax my man. The fun is coming. How many meltdowns you gonna have this year btw? *LP gains 2 yards on 3rd and 7 TFF: "This defense is awful! They should've had 0 yards!!!!" lol just messing with ya. I know it's coming though.
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    Do you really think he can out stupid comment ANY of the losers the Dimwit Party has in their stable of Stoooges? I think NOT...
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    The Alto Yellowjackets open the 2019 football season against the Palestine Westwood Panthers at Jacket Stadium. The Jackets finished the 2018 season with an 8-4 record while the Panthers ended 1-9. Both teams are under second year coaches, Ricky Meeks (Alto) and Richard Bishop (Westwood). The Mean Sting won last year’s meeting 48-28. Both teams hope to take a step forward this season, and a win on this night would be a great start! Lots of returning starters on both teams: Alto with 8/7 and Westwood 6/6. I believe Alto has enough experience and talent to take this one by several touchdowns. I’ll say 54-14. (I’m hoping our defense has improved that much! Lol We’ll see!)
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    Well said, and true. Doesn't matter what he did there, the media would've b-slapped him.
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    DF’s guy is big on discipline too. Six pack for breakfast every morning. Never wavers. That’s dedication.
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    JD Williams to me actually compares alot to a forgotten beast from just a few years back.....Braylynn Anthony. Just goes back to my comment about the many weapons on this offense.
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    Said they were better than 2017, didnt necessarily comment on 2018....although I think defensively they will be better than 2018. Special teams better in 2018 with Martin at K. No replacing a K like that. Offense is interesting. 2018 obviously had all of the top end names, broke alot of records...but feel like the 2019 offense has a ton of weapons....and just like Kamden was unleashed in 2018....Kaden Meredith will be unleashed this year.
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    Imo, their biggest problem, Trump is doing such a good job as President, innuendos like this, and “racist”, is all they have left. To use a military analogy, they have no artillery or guns, so they throw rocks.
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    Uh...it wants me to download. Nice try, FBI
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    No doubt the OL/DL need work. They are breaking in new starters on both lines. One of the issues is that there are only 8 lineman on varsity and most of them were rotating from OL to DL. Thats alot to ask for those big guys to do that. At this point, the back 7 of the Def is the strongest part of the team, but that was expected because it had the most returning players. On the other hand, alot of what you said on the Cons part was true doing the controlled part of the scrimmage, but as soon as they went live, it was night and day. They completely dominated Jesuit, and they were able to get pressure on the QB and the OL open up holes. They had like 5 long runs including 3 long TD's. I'm going to take Coach Holmes word on this, because he said they were experimenting in the controlled part, and went back to basics in the live portion. Horn will be a good test to see where they stand.
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    This is so funny that you say this, I guess your hatred of President Trump won't eat you up. I guess this is the true definition of "the pot calling the kettle black". SMFH
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    I have no sympathy for the Colts, this falls squarely at the feet of the Grigson, Irsay and Pagano regime. Word to the wise: build an OL around your franchise QB to at least attempt to keep him healthy.
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    Oop there it is, the blame Bush for everything, right on que. Doesn't matter to the liberals the recession ended in 2009 and obama stayed president until January of 2017. They use the exact same answer every single time. Here's what we inherited from Bush......yada, yada, yada, https://www.cbsnews.com/news/great-recession-ended-in-june-2009-panel-says/ https://money.cnn.com/2010/09/20/news/economy/recession_over/index.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Recession 10 years later, Barry you are still summoning the exact same . And now you are hounding the alphabet media and claiming there is a recession headed our way. You may be right, because if you look at history, there are ALWAYS ups and downs in an economy, and the United States has gotten out of all of them through innovation and determination, not socialistic policies. In fact if it weren't for those policies that we do have like the Social Security ponzi scheme, medicare, and other social welfare programs, including the defense industry and oil industry, we'd probably be growing even better than what President Trump has done.
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    Horrible DB’s or great play? EB62C4B8-5093-4B4B-948E-9E18910ED709.MOV
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    One day, when you are sitting in Lufkin, Texas watching 7on7, it is 106 degrees AND you are sitting in the middle of a field. You will be so happy that I have that big Green and White umbrella. From that year on, it has been the life saving umbrella!!! And poor little ol LOBOFAN07 had to hold it over my delicate skin all day!!! That also coincides with the year that I started hating fans from Port Neches-Groves!!!
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    Mavs won the scrimmage 21-0. Defense wasn't scored on. Offense scored on 3 of 4 possessions. On to Tyler Lee!
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    What is sad is voting for someone who has never had this type of business experience. This is what has made him effective and made job growth, unbelievable unemployment, wage increases, GDP at highest level in years. Sure go vote for a community organizer who has zero experience. Lets see how that works out for the US. oops we did and he failed and may go down as the worst president in history.
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    Are you slow as well?
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    Perhaps you would rather have Creepy Joe as POTUS... That idiot doesn’t know if he’s winding his azz or scratching his watch...
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    He's going to be reelected by a landslide ... hide and watch ... I love his tweeting ... he is bypassing the fake news dishonest press and taking his unfiltered message directly to the people ... that's why libtards like you and the media keep whining about it ... President Trump is the first Republican president to fight back and defend himself since Ronald Reagan ... I expect future Republican presidents to learn from him and follow suit ...
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    CNN was the one that showed them on YouTube, so. I'm only voting for him, because of the job he's done. Has he been perfect, not in the least, but he's done far more than what I even expected. Do I listen to his blather on social media sites ? No, I look for results. He's done a lot of good since he became President. Can I condemn it ? Not in the least. I'm not going to nitpick his campaign promises to what he's done for the economy. If you don't see it, then you're not living in America.
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    I’m a realist. Only team around here with a good shot is WO.
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    Naw, I think we got rid of the Messiah on January 20, 2017. That got gave us NO hope and took all my Change. LOL
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    I think it'd look better animated:
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    Its week 1. They're all key lol. It kinda sets the tone for the season imo. Gunter folks dont slang on the keyboard much that's for sure. Atlanta vs Gilmer may be a good one for week 1 too
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    That big kid that plays the tuba?
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    Every one of them buys it hook, line, and sinker......not an original thought among the lot of them.......
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    Anytime that I am at work, so pretty much all day any day during football season
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    They may have hit McReynolds street since then and done forgot
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    Not long now. This will be a good test for both teams. Friday can't get here soon enough.
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    Gladewater Mineola Winnsboro Elysian Fields West Rusk Sabine Tatum
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    A sense of humor requires intelligence......libtards have none.........
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    WR tri scrimmage against Troup and UG. WR rotated ones and twos every few plays. Back to Back 70 yard TD’s on Troup. Scored once on UG during the 10-12 set plays. Troup kicked a FG against WR.
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    Or real mob boss, the dixie mafia queen clinton
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    Liberals just have to twist everything to fit their narrative. Now, for the benefit for the rest of the sane folk out there, rest easy. This "chosen one" comment by Trump was with regard to dealing with china on trade and how's he's the "chosen one" to do it after 3 decades of presidents who either sat and watched it happen or actively promoted it. There you have it folks. Nothing really to see here once it's put into true context. Trump doesn't proclaim to be the second coming of Christ or anything. SMH these loons are so desperate it's not even funny.
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    The only beef I had with some of your pick'em match ups is that there are some schools on here I never knew existed lol
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    It's a lack of gun safety that isn't taught anymore, because people are afraid of guns today. Somehow, even this teacher was too stupid to realize it. Geeze, we were even taught it on television back in the day with the "Andy Griffith Show" . Even Andy knew why Barney could only carry one bullet in his pocket. .
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