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    Okay, I definitely need some expertise in this area to make this game come to fruition. Of course, it's going to take a hell of a lot of people state and nationwide to even get the ball rolling. I know it wouldn't be fair to the original opposing team that signed the 2 year contract with Longview High but, this is a can't miss matchup that will NEVER happen later on due to the vast disparity in enrollment numbers. I would personally like to get Coach Kay on the phone with Coach King to see how we could make this happen. To Lobo Nation (Alumni, fans, etc.), this game would at a MINIMUM be televised on Fox Sports Southwest as game of the week and be a regional telecast. If, ESPNU gets enough steam this game definitely could be televised nationally. LoboFan07, I need you to get the petition going on the 6A board but, I am unsure how many national signatures you could get with it still being a Texas board. MavChamp, what obstacles are we looking at on the forefront (besides the coaches saying, "No.")???
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    lol. It's not gonna happen. But if you want to start a petition to end the Longview/Marshall series, then I'm all for promoting that.
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    Can't read it. I am not paying for a Louisiana newspaper!! LOL!
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    I respectfully summit #HillaryClinton as a rebuttal to this line of drivel that YOU are currently spewing, Sir........
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    Not sure how you guys found out about this but.....................................................................................I'm really laying low today.
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    You’re only allowed to put 11 on the field at one time. Yes, I am completely aware at some point enrollment does make a difference; it’ll mainly give you better depth. Larger enrollment can give you better top end talent, but does not guarantee it. This is part of why I’m always for smaller schools challenging themselves by player larger classification schools in non-district games to push themselves against what could be a superior opponent for their own improvement.
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    So....... If you tell them to go screw themselves, they take that as a compliment?
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    Democrats are sick disgusting low lifes who vote for people who slaughter the innocent that being babies it use to be early in pregnancy now it is just let them be born and club them in the head, democrats was hoping that the sodomite guy from Chicago was telling the truth all the media believed him except maybe Fox News who just reports and lets us decide. The bigotry in the democratic party of dimwits is staggering to the mind to comprehend along with the blatant race baiters that populate that party. Sickening to have to listen to those who have been brain washed since birth.
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    60-56 final Grapeland scoreless over last 3 minutes. MM ends game on 9-0 run. Congrats Sandiettes on an amazing season. So proud of what they have accomplished. They will be back next year im certain.
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    I want a coach that get this program winning, not another good ole boy!!! This district has made hire after hire that hasn't worked out. Local coaches that went 2-8 and left the program in disarray has to stop. While it irritates me when the leaders of the district don't have their kids in school at Nac ISD, instead sending them to the surrounding schools. Kids that are going to jump ship because of coaching hire are going to quit anyway!!! They don't want to play then let them go!!
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    God I hope Grapeland wins. This year is the 30th anniversary of the Sandiettes first championship. Would be nice to get one. Very young team too. Mason didnt scare them off and Martins Mill wont be bringing any surprises. Put the ball in the hoop and make it happen Sandiettes!
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    When they start prosecuting and jailing false accusers, this type of thing will end.......
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    And we can be certain that none of that weight was hair!
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    IF is a mighty big word. If anyone believes for a second that a gay, black liberal activist actor is gonna get treated with anything less than kid gloves in a liberal stronghold like Chicago, I would really like them to consider buying this nice little ocean front cabin I’ve got in Nebraska. This will get pleaded down to some sort of misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, and he will pay $25-30 thousand fine and spend a couple of Saturdays doing some BS community service. Write it down, and be sure to include that ol Trueblue called it.
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    Do ya think some have different standards? That’s a burr in my saddle.
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    Coach Griedl is thinking outside the box for the proposed practice facility. He’s looking at something similar to what they just completed at UAB. It’s covered.... So practices can continue during inclement weather, but without the cost of heating or cooling a 120 yard area. It’s more of a pavilion. It could be used by all sports teams year round. Band, drill team, ROTC, and other groups could benefit too. Interesting concept. Surprised this isn’t more common. AND it’s a standard sized football field instead of a portion like many indoor facilities. I like it.
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    Wow, TMZ said that? Heck, I thought TMZ was another arm of the LGBTQXYZ.
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    It’s so frustrating. Now I know how Jussie Smollett felt when he couldn’t find two white Trump supporters to beat him up.
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    Not looking good but would be surprised if he joins Bill