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    Dear our heavenly Father I want start this prayer by giving thanks and credit where it is due and that's to our Father above, I want to say thanks for dying for me so that I can be forgiven of my sins, our Father I ask that you be with all the players and participants who step on the field for our entertainment as they seek their journeys in life, I ask that you protect them and keep them safe, I also ask that you keep watch over all fans traveling to/from the games as we travel our destinies, I thank you for this and I also declare that satan has no place here because you conquered the grave and I thank you for that Lord God, I ask these things according to your will and WE ALL SAY AMMMMEEEENNNNNNN LETS GO CATZ
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    One of his last posts. Talking smack and still being classy!
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    Go to Joaquin and try the chicken strips with Ram Sauce. Hit Alto for the turkey legs, and Carlisle when they’re serving brisket tacos.
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    The only reason people here still believe in Ingram is because he is from Carthage.
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    Lord please protect the kids and safe travels to all participating and their families.. I ask this in Jesus name amen..
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    That 1937 team happened to be filled with a couple of my family members from BOTH sides of my ancestry. My Maternal Great Uncle was a Jr. DB Ralph "Buddy" Akin and my Paternal Grandmother's First Cousin was an All-State Sr.DL/OL Chal Daniel. Cousin Chal would go on to Star for the Texas Longhorns from 1939 through 1941 earning All American Honors before passing away tragically in a WWII Flight Training accident in February 1943. These Lobo roots go way back ! R.J.
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    Went to a Beckville home game with Dommer back in '09 or 2010. Boosters at BHS was selling blue-iced sugar cookies on a wooden popsicle stick. These things were off the chain. We ate about a dozen of these thing then bought about ten more on late night clearance prices. We didn't realize it, until the sideline security guard said something to Doomer as he kicked him off the track, but our lips and tongues were dyed blue for about 20 hours. Looked like we were suffocating!
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    He said alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth.
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    news break on October 24th several students from prominent high schools in the area unrolled for various reasons. Although zero varsity players did. All students returned to campus Monday.
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    Just think how much more fun it would be if you could act like this more often instead of once every 30 years?
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    No, you said Bama dropped more into zone, they didn’t. You were wrong. Both second half TDs were against man coverage. You said saban dialed up the pressure to cause the turnovers late, it sure didn’t look no different it was a 4 man rush. Once again, wrong. You will never give Texas credit for anything. They lost anyway. I wish they won. But it’s evident that you can’t truly see anything pertaining to Texas straight. Your hatred skews it.
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    No MV just figured they better not ask for it anymore lol
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    I dont mind having multiple hearings if new information comes to light..... Just to be clear there were only two actual meetings...the first "meeting" was just to file the PAPF that was received from Colorado
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    So what your saying is if you dont catch your wife cheating the first 2 times then the 3rd time it makes it ok. Lol
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    Born and under jurisdiction. Not born in US is under our jurisdiction. They were born here but they are citizens in other countries and not under our jurisdiction. Are military members babies born in another country citizens of that country cause they were born there? No do they even have dual citizenship? No you are not French cause you were born there and you’re not American cause you were born here. Very simple and very plain English.
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    Those guys are all very good, but Landon always seemed to be wherever the ball was; He has great vision & a lot of tenacity that you don’t see in the average high school ball player— He’ll be playing on Saturdays & then Sundays if he can stay healthy.
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    Larry has the right to post his stuff.....enjoy the comedy like the rest of us.....
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    Currently on the wall in my office.
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    Look i got this, iv been taking ebonics lessons so I can communicate with the Mt Vernon people on fssw app. He said he'd like for ol fathded (screen name here) to mosy himself up to HS and say that stuff to coach Ed's face..
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    Just because it’s been years since y’all beat them doesn’t make it right to discredit anyone else’s win against them.
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    Feels? What happened to innocent till proven guilty? Cleared once then cleared twice and now majic impeachment papers come in and they are ineligible? Smells like liberal catfish bait. Somebody upstairs is butthurt and diking them around a couple weeks to cost them games and then say... Oh my bad, but then they have lost a couple games without their starters.. Calling bs, should have gotten a permanent call before season and then just delt with it. Football politics at its finest rite there.. Lol
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    The Hilldabeast colluded with the Russians to create the phony Russian dossier to try and take down President Trump ... The DNC, FBI and NSA were all involved as well ... indictments coming soon .... yes, the Russians tried to influence our elections while working with libtards ... not Donald Trump .... Soetoro knew all about it and told the intelligence people to stand down ... it happened on HIS watch, not President Trump's .... tru storie ...
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    RJ avg'd over 11 ypc on Saturday, yet was only given 8 carries. I understand he had a 57 yard run that went into that avg, but that run is also why opponents would rather see Ingram than RJ...because only one of them seems to be capable of doing that. As for how it would make Ingram feel if he's replaced, I have two thoughts... 1) What if it also pushes him harder? 2) I'm not worried about his feelings anyway, lol. The goal is to put the best player on the field, not worry with hurt feelings.
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    As a Sooner, obviously I'm biased, but I can say that (going into the RRS) I was never concerned with Ingram as a threat... My concerns were two things: 1.) the physical mismatch between your tall WRs and our short DBs. 2.) the capability of Roschon Johnson to take a routine draw play into a big run. Ingram was a non-factor in last year's RRS and was invisible the following December. But hey, keep doing what you're doing. Honestly, I hope Ingram is the featured back in the Big XII game. I like our chances in that situation.
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    Gotta be Lion70... “are’s?”
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    We will never know. We do know they beat HS with those boys.
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    Switched up offense a lot after last week. Got the back up more than just 2 days practice. Stud rb holloman is playing rb and qb tonight as well. Atlanta has had some mistakes tonight but MV defense has a fire pit under their butts this week after that donkey stomp last week.
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    If I’m not mistaken, Bama only three 12 passes in that game. So if they only threw 5 in the second half they must’ve aired it out the first half right?!?! Wow, 7 attempts in the first half, one on a fake punt. Their game plan didn’t change. It was much of the same. Bama has 296 yards of offense. Their defense scored a TD to close the first half. Are you saying their defense just all the sudden decided to shut Texas down? It was their defense that gave them the ball with a short field to make it 31-21 on a 3 yard, 3 play TD drive. Texas, without their offensive leader, actually did a fairly good job against the Alabama rushing attack. As I said before their offense wasn’t going to burn you off the field. It was turnovers that changed the game, not Nick just deciding to just put Texas out of their awful misery..... did you even watch the game???
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    She wasn't that bad lookin', but I will add that Alice Cooper was voted Homecoming Queen at the U of Houston back in the day.
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    Also allows the liberals to come in later and doe pop a team when they winning to mess up the dist order and then saying (I guess we were wrong)..if Mt.v is cleared then anyone who jumped in to cause a loss should have to forfeit one for falsifying a statement...lol
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    I can confirm this. Having living in the Springfield, MO area for a while and having covered HS football there, including a number of state championship games, I can tell you with confidence that the upper echelon of 3A in Texas would win the 6A state title here most years. Heck, last year's Newton team would've run every team in Missouri out of the stadium, no matter how big they were.
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    Old school football and Lobos always get upvotes from me.
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    https://www.breitbart.com/sports/2019/10/14/watch-psa-claims-tackle-football-is-like-smoking/ What a crock of .....libtards are trying to control every aspect of your lives.....I HOPE you all get off the couch and go vote for some Republicans in 2020.........
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    We had pee wee football in 1979 when I was in 5th grade. I'd go back and do it all over again. I thought P.T. was going to dominate in sports in the 80's, because my Steelers won the first Super Bowl at Judson Middle School over the Gladewater Bears. At Pine Tree we had football starting in the 7th grade. I was disappointed that we didn't have it in the 6th grade, and that year they would alternate music one day and P.E. the next. I wanted P.E. everyday, because then it was just boys P.E. and not combined like it was grades 2-5. K-1 it was simply called recess, but we did play many games that are banned today even then.
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    if all the conferences were paid the same then I'm sure they'd move tomorrow but i think there was around a 10 mill difference in the 2 conferences. im all for the move though, i think the baseball and basketball programs could compete right from the start and football well maybe we wouldnt be the worst team. the way the 2 other qbs have played i would hope hes been considered. he is really small though and i dont think hes got a Murray/Mayfield/Brees arm. the one i cant believe they havent put in yet but i figure he'll get some time the final 4 games is the freshman Jefferson.
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    The West Virginia kid who chose going in the XFL draft over transferring is a huge development for the league. If they can make this a thing it could survive.
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    After watching Sabine vs Tatum and Sabine vs Elkhart. WR wil be the best team that Sabine has faced. WR is alot more physical then both of those teams at this point. God knows im not guaranteeing a WR victory over Sabine or Tatum just my opinion. We all know what opinions are compared to lol lol.
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    Hurts is the best QB in college football ....
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