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    Please take coach Green our OC.
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    Why would they want a chicken plant? They tryin’ to create a soccer powerhouse?
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    I went through the drive through at an East Texas fast food establishment recently. I ordered an apple pie and a vanilla shake. The young lady inside the big box with all the pictures on it asked me “Thank you for your order, sir! Would you like anything for dessert?” I replied “Sure! Give me a half a dozen chicken nuggets.” She quickly replied “Sir I’m very sorry, but our nuggets only come in orders of 4, 6 or 10.” I said “You can’t make me a half a dozen?” She said, very nicely I might add “No sir, I can’t” So sadly, I told her to just give me six nuggets and went on my way.
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    Are you that dumb? Are caravans of people trying to cross the Canadian border?
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    I’m not sure what “on posted hate” is. I sure as hell ain’t afraid of Muslims. I’m having a real hard time trusting them due to the thousands of terrorists attacks worldwide and the recent killing of Christian children in Africa. Oh yea, and the insane rhetoric of the two we currently have in congress. Ye, you could say my dislike borders on the hate category. So sue me.
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    I'm totally not begrudging Haynes his offers (they are 100 percent deserved!) but I wish the recruiters would stick around and take a closer look at some of the other guys with the same kind of talent/potential. There are legit D-I talents walking the halls of Longview High right now that aren't getting the attention they deserve.
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    Here's some fun stats... Miami Dolphins defense rank (record + post-season results) during Marino's career: 1983: 1st (12-4 lost in playoffs) 1984: 7th (12-4 lost Super Bowl) 1985: 12th (12-4 lost in AFC champ) 1986: 26th (8-8 missed playoffs) 1987: 26th (9-7 missed playoffs) 1988: 24th (6-10 missed playoffs) 1989: 22nd (8-8 missed playoffs) 1990: 4th (12-4 lost in AFC champ) 1991: 24th (8-8 missed playoffs) 1992: 11th (11-5 lost in AFC champ) 1993: 24th (9-7 missed playoffs) 1994: 17th (10-6 lost in playoffs) 1995: 15th (9-7 lost in playoffs) 1996: 19th (9-7 missed playoffs) 1997: 16th (9-7 lost in playoffs) 1998: 1st (eliminated by eventual Super Bowl winner Denver) 1999: 13th (9-7 record, lost in playoffs) In those same years San Francisco's defense ranked 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 6th, 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 4th. Gee, it's almost as if defense wins championships or something. During his career, Marino only had one 1,000 yard rusher (Karim Abdul-Jabbar) and the Dolphins finished at or near the bottom in team rushing every year except for 1984 and 1994 (when they finished 13th). In that same span of time, the 49ers never finished lower than 10th in team rushing (frequently were in the top 5 in team rushing) and had 1,000 yard rushers annually.
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    could it be they have heard about the up&coming talent @ Shill and think this is the best place to get a Championship ring
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    Dumb parents having dumb kids.
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    I’d say that one of the biggest problems is the lack of parental involvement. Parents actually need to be parents and not expect the schools to magically be able to raise their kids for them.
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    That's entirely up to you. You keep speaking rationally, and who knows? You may just climb back into positive territory in another 5-10 years!
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    So??? It doesn’t strike you as a little strange that Mohammed is the most popular name for newborns in GERMANY? What the hell is wrong with you?
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    Congrats to Oklahoma on the #1 pick in the NFL Draft.
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    I’m about as middle class as it gets and I’m doing far better now than I did in the Obama years. Tru storie.
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    What I will never understand is that liberal idiots think laws stop criminals. Hello!!! McFly!!! Criminals are criminals because they don’t follow the rules.
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    Montana was so awesome that, when he got injured, Steve Young came in and had almost the exact same results... if not better.
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    Too much government involvement altogether. The original Texas model of independent school districts under local control was about the best idea in education since the chalkboard. Over the last 20-30 years, we’ve seen the state usurp more control over ISDs, and the situation got even worse with W’s education bill. Why is anyone surprised when an education bill written by Ted Kennedy turns out to be a big government boondoggle? As governor, Bush fought federal involvement in education. Then, one of his first acts as POTUS was to push through that train wreck. So now we’ve got standardized testing out the wazoo, and school districts don’t have time to teach kids anything other than how to take a stupid test. This is leading to many good teachers finding other things to do with their degrees, which leads to hiring less qualified teachers to replace them. The federal government shouldn’t even have a department of education, and the state education agency should be so weak that it doesn’t need more than 15-20 employees, including the girl that answers the phone and the guy that cleans the toilets.
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    Government forcing kids to go to school even after they have proven they don’t want to be here. if the legal working age is 16 and the kid doesn’t want to be in school don’t make him be there. Spend less on the people we can’t educate and spend more on the people we can
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    Military schools have the same amount of discipline as other schools but the difference is the parents are more involved and reinforce the discipline. We have military kids and regular kids in our school. Example (yes real) kid A tells teacher to do something bad (not sure how much I can say due to rules on here) Parent comes up to meet and the first question is what did teacher do to cause that reaction. kid B tells teacher they are not going to do the work assigned. Parent comes up teacher explains kid says yes they did in fact say that. Parent takes kids phone, takes kids keys, tells teacher all the work will be turned in by 8am but they want all the work assigned a zero anyway so the kid will learn what life is like. Kid A school board members kid Kid B Sgt Major