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    He won’t get it. Some board members got some good looking wives.
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    Auburn called last night with an offer. Chad Morris will be by the crest soon. When will Gilmer extend an offer?
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    I know this isn't football, but I wanted to shout this out. Texas Men's Swimming and Diving won its 41st consecutive conference title this weekend. Has to be the most dominant statistic I've ever seen.
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    Coach Kumrow isn’t going anywhere. He will be here for his 36th season.
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    Big Red Fan is smiling and probably complaining about Pinnell.
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    Garrison has an excellent basketball coach that completely revitalized the program.
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    Leave Crazy Bernie alone, I want him to get the nomination ....
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    Dang, hope that is not the truth, but unfortunately parents/community these days want a tough football team, but want to micro manage every part of a program. The PC culture is destroying it. It is getting harder and harder to keep young good coaches in the profession. Once they see all the "stuff" they have to deal with in a year or two, the poor wages, they find another profession. Less hours, better pay, less stress. I truly hate it. I am a former coach and retired a few years ago, but still work in a industry that I deal with coaches all over the state. Other than the things i mentioned above, the PC culture and school board interference the main issue, especially in the small school is keeping coaches. If they don't get out of the profession all together, they leave for the bigger school quickly. The bigger school are at such a shortage, they are paying way way more that the small schools can pay. For a 2nd year coach. Now I am all for coaches making as much as they can. It is a gypsy life for the most part. you don't get to plant roots anywhere if you ever want to move up the coaching ladder. But as many small school coaches tell me ( 3A and lower mostly) is that you get a guy straight out of college, you hire him on a probationary contract, most of the times the smaller schools have to hire people who haven't gotten their certification yet, but they hire then on that probationary contract with the understanding that they get their certification with in that first year, they also require the young coach to get his CDL that first year, also coaching 3 sometimes 4 sports. All the while making 40-45K a year with those hours. So after you help the young coach get certified, maybe he gets his CDL ( which is VERY hard to do while finishing your I Teach Texas to get certified and coach 3 sports and teach the class you have) a bigger school comes along that spring and offers him a 20K a year raise to come and work for them. Only coach 2 sports, etc. But you then have people and school board members ask, why can't we keep coaches. Well, look in the mirror. I am not saying these districts can afford to pay more, some can, some cant, but before blaming everyone else, look in that mirror. I could go on a long rant over school boards and how unqualified the vast majority of these people are to be on a school board , but I will save it to another day. This old coach as to get to a little work.
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    From all the dealings I’ve had with Weddle he’s a good dude. I’d think he would do what’s right for all sports.
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    there will be a large Chevron Phillips plant built less than ten miles from there school the coast 5.6 billion dollars the school is already making plans to enlarge the School I got this off there news paper and radio station this will move them up in class there chamber has said there are already people asking about homes there in West Orange,Texas they can say by by to class 4a in a few years maybe sooner
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    I think President Trump will mop the floor with either of them ... but running against Crazy Bernie would be the biggest landslide ....
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    Gary vs. Shelbyville @ 6:00 San Augustine vs. Tenaha @8:00 At Johnson Coliseum on the SFA Campus
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    I had a slight disagreement with THAT call.....
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    Sportsmanship!! What’s that?? J/k i can handle the kids talking noise because they are kids it is a teachable moment. I have a bigger problem when the adults join in or the adults On the other side are the ones yelling derogatory/profanity accross the gym back at the student section.
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    But they lost. To GARY! He’s got to go. Kirt don’t play.
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    Not the team that went further?
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    Good those old democrat logos need to go
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    2018- Mt. Vernon state champs 2019- chapel hill state champs 2020- winnsboro??? That is one heckuva district. Might have another state champion from the same district
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    You can tell when Bernie lies... His lips move.
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    I don’t think they’ll agree for one to apply and the others sit it out. Maybe they can draw straws.
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    Yes. Per rules when a player gets five fouls called on him/her that player is no longer allowed to play the rest of the game. Thanks for those facts.
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    They need to agree on one inside guy. Usually doesn't end well when more than one current guy applies.
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    I think 5 should be a sub section of a full parental problem called lawn mower parents. 5. Lawn mower parents. They are the new hybrid coming out who no longer hover, but push through to get their way because they make above 25,000 in a town. They are used to running the local little league programs, the men are deacons/elders at the church (God forbid a woman is in charge of anything in the church except the youth program), and they're a 5th generation last name that doesn't hold up anywhere else. This is to include: 5A. The little league dad. He was either cut by the coaching staff or wasn't even a starter on JV. It's not his problem his kids genetic pool can't make it out of a rain drop but rather you as the coach because he won games as a "coach" whether it was in football, the baseball fields, softball fields, Little Dribblers, AAU Track, or all of the aforementioned. He is notorious for screaming "throw the ball" on running plays and "run the ball" on passing plays. Little junior will never live up to his expectation but because of his perfect specimen drop off it can't be all on him and will start to critique other players and blame your lack of knowledge or ability to build relationships with kids as junior's short-comings. 5B. Hover Mothers- Usually these are divorced folks who feel that it is their job, their right and Gods calling in their life, as an adult, to right all the wrongs that they perceived was done to them and then through injecting past experiences on present situations they then play the knight in shining armor to save their princess ( and most of the time it is their son) thus they feel better about their past and now the guilt of their past is redeemed through the blood of coaches, or anybody else, who reminds them of one of their ex-lovers
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    Not to mention, the door swings both ways, there is no loyalty especially in the small school environment. Admin and school boards will turn on you in a heartbeat when the right community BIG TIMER decides to pull their weight the moment you do something they don't like. Truth hurts.....
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    LOYALTY there is no more loyal person at Paul Pewitt than Reggie Kumrow so leaving a school for more money and higher classification isn't wrong. He has stayed there because of his loyalty and love for the school. A school board talks about loyalty but only works one way because when they decide its time for you to go they won't hestitate to pull the trigger. Coach Abron tried to make it work did everything an AD could possibly do to improve all sports and took the football team to the ultimate game at Jerryworld and another team came calling it happens good luck to him.
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    Who the hell is Coach Abrams Muley? Lol.
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    What does Buddy make over there?
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    Definitely new territory for us. We had 3 coaches in 24 seasons. With whoever the new guy is, it’ll make 3 coaches in 6 seasons next year. This group of seniors coming up will have had 3 coaches in their 4 years of high school. Never has happened before.
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    Laundry and field maintenance? Really? Thats a misuse of funds imo. Can’t blame them for taking it though.
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    They better not wear their hat backwards in Mexia at school events if they play for him. He’s a man of discipline. How you carry yourself on and off the court/field is extremely important to him. I agree. It’s a no brainer. He will be in that 5A/6A before he’s done.
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    Gonna be a tough sell to get someone with experience to take this one. I would think that making the BB coach the AD sure doesn't help the situation any.
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    The COMMUNITY does not want to win.
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    With that schedule and what returning anything less than 9-3 is a dissapointing season. 2020 Texas A&M Football Schedule Saturday, Sept. 5 Abilene Christian vs. Texas A&M Kyle Field Saturday, Sept. 12 North Texas vs. Texas A&M Kyle Field Saturday, Sept. 19 Colorado vs.Texas A&M Saturday, Sept. 26 Texas A&M vs. Arkansas* Arlington, Texas Saturday, Oct. 3 Texas A&M at Mississippi State* Starkville, Miss. Saturday, Oct. 10 Fresno State vs. Texas A&M Kyle Field Saturday, Oct. 17 Texas A&M at Auburn* Auburn, Ala. Saturday, Oct. 24 Texas A&M at South Carolina* Columbia, S.C. Saturday, Nov. 7 Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M* Kyle Field Saturday, Nov. 14 Vanderbilt vs. Texas A&M* Kyle Field Saturday, Nov. 21 Texas A&M at Alabama* Saturday, Nov. 28 LSU vs. Texas A&M* Kyle Field Year three is ususally where you see more success.
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    The question is …….HS player. Not College and not Pro. Those stats should not be considered. Was Earl Campbells HS career better than David Overstreet's. It reall becomes very subjective.
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