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    Can you not read or maybe you just can't comprehend what you read. People keep telling you they didn't vote for Trump because they think he is a fine upstanding man. We had 2 choices, Trump & Hillary. We WEREN'T in no way, shape, form or fashion voting for her. When you open your eyes to see the scum in your own party, then and only then can you talk about Trump. Y'all want to lecture and call us "fake Christians" because we voted for or believe the President is doing a great job, but yet you won't take the plank out of your own eye. I've said many times I don't approve of all that Trump has said or done, but I was NOT going to vote for someone (Hillary) who agrees with killing human life (abortion, etc, etc). I voted on policies. How hard is that for y'all to understand? I will vote for Trump again because, 10) He's doing a great job, 9) I love what he has done with his appointments to the courts, I love that he has mended our relationship with Israel, 7) Although I don't always like his words, I love his transparency, 6) I love how he fights for Americans and America, 5) the left isn't willing to work with him, 4) the left continues day after day to fight him anyway they can even if it means going against what they themselves have believed in prior to Trump, 3) I love that he fights for our rights under the Constitution, 2) I love that he fights for the rights of the unborn, and the #1 reason I will vote for him in 2020 is because the left has done nothing in the last 2+ years except try and silence my voice and destroy our democracy by attacking OUR President. They have called us names and told us we are not worthy to be Americans or walk on this Earth. That our views and needs aren't important. They have destroyed lives and tried to destroy other lives because they didn't get their way and because they hate Trump. That's really the bottom line and what has caused them to do everything they have done to hurt people and this country. THEY HATE PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I don't know about the rest of you, but I could stand a lot more of President Trump's "outrageous behavior" over the next 6 years, especially if it's anything like his "outrageous behavior" since being sworn in as POTUS ...
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    Checked the thread to get Coach Briles info. And got high jacked by Tatum posters. Get on your own thread.
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    Here's my personal feelings on this... We have these centers to house illegals while we try to get them back to their country... They got here illegally and I am sure they are fed and housed with the budget they are given for those places... Is it enough $$$ for the number of people there? Probably not... BUT THEY SHOULDN'T BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! We didn't take them from their homes... They came to ours. We are trying to send them back to Mexico, but it seems like they want them as much as we do... It should be simple... Here is your Mexican that got lost and somehow ended up here in Texas, you can have them back for free. Be sure to send your American back if they happen to get lost... Thanks!
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    Rubio & Cruz didn't join Trump because they liked him. They joined Trump because I they love this country. They have principles that were more important to them than vindictiveness and pettiness. Unlike the left who still can't accept that they lost the election and continue to lose.
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    He is the only candidate who still has American Values.
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    Were mailed out today to insiders, they should get them in 5-10 days depending on the mail....schools who purchased custom covers (looking at you Longview and Pleasant Grove) may have received them as early as today....they'll appear in stores around July 1
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    As a devout patriot who has also represented the USA in athletic competition, I have to disagree. I don’t care what this Meagan chick does. I care what USA soccer does about it. This isn’t Colin K kneeling while playing for some #### team in Northern California. These are athletes wearing USA on their chests. This is is a different issue. If you have a problem with your country, it’s anthem, or who was a duly elected POTUS, then don’t represent your country and don’t drag your teammates through the mud with you.
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    come on PackAttack. This trip was scheduled several weeks ago. It ain't a national tournament of the best 7 on 7 teams from each state, but that doesn't mean they can't represent Texas. And yes, they didn't have a great weekend, but how many teams from East Texas made it there. How about wishing the kids good luck and safe travels, instead of being a hater. Also, why is it your business on how they are paying to go? You ever heard of fundraisers. Also, JT has several alumni (some who are current and ex NFL players) that are willing to contribute to going. But again, why is that your business if it ain't coming out of your pocket.
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    Barry makes one good point. We (Americans) are the laughingstock of the world, and why not. We elected a barmaid to Congress. We elected a community organizer as president, twice. We proclaimed, in 2001, “We’ll never forget”, then elect two Muslims to Congress. Laughingstock? That’s a nice word for it.
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    Listen, I mean really listen to what this young lady says. (paraphrasing): "Things that used to be frowned upon are now praised". Here's the original:
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    If being gay helped you be better at a sport, sports would be the gayest thing in the world
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    It's doesn't affect me in anyway. Definitely won't change what I post or where I post. Funny how these leftist sites think they know what's abusive. They've proven they have an agenda behind their sensorship. Until they are truly sensoring ALL abusive posts across all political spectrums, they are just sensoring based on a political agenda in order to influence a presidential election. As far as I'm concerned, most of what they are sensoring isn't abusive and falls under free speech.
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    Through 81 games the Rangers are 45-36. Didn't expect this at all, but they are playing great ball. Interested to see what happens when Pence comes back, who will get sent down or cut. Rumor is Cabrera could get released and Woodward already said he wants to get Santana more playing time.
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    You need to be able to debate the argument without making personal attacks.
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    Well, she Is a Chief, after all...
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    All of the above is true. I think the hardest part is sitting in the stands having to listen to the fans. Everyone is/was a better QB and never made a bad read so take that with a grain of salt. They have never had the game coming at them 90 MPH. My advice is after the game just listen, he will need a sounding board. Don't try to fix it just listen and be dad.
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    Be more of a dad and less of a coach. Most high school QB’s won’t play at the next level. Don’t let the game define who your son is. It’s ok for it to be a part of who he is, but it should not be all he is.
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    Yeah, let's do reparations. But if we're going to do it, let's do them RIGHT. Who's going to pay them? The U.S. government? Because then the money would be coming from all American citizens, including the descendants of slaves who are supposed to receiving the money. So are we just going to take money from white people? Okay - Only about 20% of white people in the southern states actually owned slaves. And of those, a very small percentage actually profited from it. Not to mention, they were all Democrats, so... And what about the thousands of black slave owners? We'll need to track down their ancestors and make them pay. And is it just Americans who were guilty? In't reparations supposedly about righting the wrongs of the 18th/19th century North Atlantic slave trade? So shouldn't they be going after all the Europeans who participated, like the Portuguese and Spanish, not to mention the African tribal leaders who sold their descendants to slave traders? Speaking of which, if we're really going to do this right, shouldn't we repatriate all the descendants of slaves to the homelands from which their ancestors were wrongfully enslaved? Either do it all the way, or admit it's just a money-grab entitlement.
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    Cliff Notes - Briles still in France. Only one confirmed staff hire is in MV - the strength & conditioning coach. Some MV residents mad about the hire, but it appears the majority support it. Lots of unanswered questions still.
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    Coach Barry Bowman available? Would be a good hire. Might want to give him the AD job too though. Need to keep him busy. It’d be good for the program and would be good for local marriages. Husbands would make sure their Mrs. was well taken care of. Win win for everyone.