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    To all the people who let this election break up families and friends let this sink in, I think the last civil conversations we had occurred just days before June 16, 2015. You were supremely confident Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election; you voted for her with glee. Me, along with millions of others, proudly cast our vote for Donald Trump. Then the unimaginable happened. He won. And you lost your freaking minds. I knew you would take the loss hard—and personally—since all of you were super jacked-up to elect the first woman president. But I did not imagine you would become totally deranged, attacking anyone who voted for Trump or supported his presidency as a racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic Nazi-sympathizer. The weirdness started on social media late on Election Night, as it became clear Hillary was going to lose. A few of you actually admitted that you were cradling your sleeping children, weeping, wondering what to tell your kindergartner the next morning about Trump’s victory. It continued over the next several days. Some of you seriously expressed fear about modern-day concentration camps. Despite living a privileged lifestyle, you were suddenly a casualty of the white patriarchy. Your daughters were future victims; your sons were predators-in-waiting. You threatened to leave Facebook because you could no longer enjoy the family photos or vacation posts from people who, once friends, became Literal Hitlers to you on November 8 because they voted for Donald Trump. I admit that I was a little hurt at first. The attacks against us Trump voters were so personal and so vicious that I did not think it could be sustained. I thought maybe you would regain your sanity after some turkey and eggnog. But you did not. You got worse. And I went from sad to angry to where I am today......amused. As the whole charade you have been suckered into over the last 18 months starts to fall apart—that Trump would not survive his presidency; he would be betrayed by his own staff, family, and/or political party; he would destroy the Republican Party; he would be declared mentally ill and removed from office; he would be handcuffed and dragged out of the White House by Robert Mueller for “colluding” with Russia—let me remind you what complete fools you have made of yourselves. Not to mention how you’ve been fooled by the media, the Democratic Party, and your new heroes on the NeverTrump Right. On November 9, you awoke from a self-induced, eight-year-long political coma to find that White House press secretaries shade the truth and top presidential advisors run political cover for their boss. You were shocked to discover that presidents exaggerate, even lie, on occasion. SHOCKING! Suddenly you became interested for the first time about the travel accommodations, office expenses, and lobbyist pals of administration officials. You started counting how many rounds of golf the president played. Suddenly you thought it was fine to mock the first lady now that she wasn’t Michelle Obama. Once you removed your p###y hat after attending the Women’s March, you made fun of Kellyanne Conway’s hair, Sarah Sanders’ weight, Melania Trump’s shoes, Hope Hicks’ death stare; you helped fuel a rumor started by a bottom-feeding author that U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley slept with Donald Trump. You thought it was A-OK that Betsy DeVos was nearly physically assaulted and routinely heckled. You glorified a woman who has sex on camera for a paycheck. You have learned all kinds of new things that those of us who didn’t willfully ignore politics for the past eight years already knew. For example, we already knew that illegal immigrants were being deported and families were being separated. But suddenly now it's a bad thing. I wonder why......... Some of your behavior has been kinda cute. It was endearing to watch you become experts on the Logan Act, the Hatch Act, the Second Amendment, the 25th Amendment, and the Emoluments Clause. You developed a new crush on Mitt Romney after calling him a “sexist” for having “binders full of women.” You longed for a redux of the presidency of George W. Bush, a man you once wanted imprisoned for war crimes. Ditto for John McCain. You embraced people like Bill Kristol and David Frum without knowing anything about their histories of shotgunning the Iraq War. Classified emails shared by Hillary Clinton? Who cares! Devin Nunes wanting to declassify crucial information of the public interest? Traitor! But your newfound admiration and fealty to law enforcement really has been a fascinating transformation. Wasn’t it just last fall that I saw you loudly supporting professional athletes who were protesting police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem? Remember how you fanboyed a mediocre quarterback for wearing socks that depicted cops as pigs? But now you sound like paid spokesmen for the Fraternal Order of Police. You insist that any legitimate criticism of the misconduct and possible criminality that occurred at the Justice Department and FBI is an “attack on law enforcement.” While you once opposed the Patriot Act because it might have allowed the federal government to spy on terrorists who were using the local library to learn how to make suitcase bombs, you now fully support the unchecked power of a secret court to look into the phone calls, text messages and emails of an American citizen because he volunteered for the Trump campaign for a few months. Spying on terrorists, circa 2002: BAD! Spying on Carter Page, circa 2017: The highest form of patriotism! And that white male patriarchy that you were convinced would strip away basic rights and silence any opposition after Trump won? That fear has apparently been washed away as you hang on every word uttered by James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper. This triumvirate is exhibit “A” of the old-boy network, and represents how the insularity, arrogance, and cover-your-tracks mentality of the white-male power structure still prevails. Yet, instead of rising up against it, you are buying their books, retweeting their Twitter rants and blasting anyone who dares to question their testicular authority. Your p###y hat must be very sad. But it is your daily meltdowns about Trump-Russia election collusion have been the most entertaining to observe......... After Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel, you were absolutely convinced it would result in Trump’s arrest and/or impeachment. Some of you insisted that Trump wouldn’t last beyond 2017. You quickly swallowed any chum tossed at you by the Trump-hating media #### CNN-MSNBC-New York Times-Washington Post about who was going down next, or who would flip on the president. For the past few years, I have watched you obsess over a rotating cast of characters: Paul Manafort, Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, Carter Page, Reince Priebus, Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Sam Nunberg, and Hope Hicks are just a few of the people you thought would turn on Trump or hasten his political demise. "WE GOT HIM NOW! DRUMPF IS GOING DOWN!" But when those fantasies didn’t come true, you turned to Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels for hope and inspiration. It will always be your low point. Welllll........that is I *think* it will be. Each time I believe you’ve hit bottom, you come up with a new baseline. Perhaps defending the unprecedented use of federal power to spy on political foes then lie about it will be the next nail in your credibility coffin. The next several weeks will be tough for you. I think Americans will learn some very hard truths about what happened in the previous administration and how we purposely have been misled by powerful leaders and the news media. I wish I could see you as a victim here, but you are not. I know you are smart; you chose to support this insurgency with your eyes wide open. Trump 2020!!!
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    DUH to you too. Just saying all schools benefit from the new House Bill. Lufkin teachers get about $6200 more per year added after a 3% raise last year. Yes, every district is different. Wasn't dismissing Jacksonville raises. People get so damn touchy about stuff.
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    This is Eddie, Johnny and Mike Richardson bringing you tonight’s Lobo football from the Haynes King Pressbox overlooking John King field at Lobo Stadium.....
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    ARP because those freshmen from 8-years ago are now seniors and they is ready.
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    Face it, Tatum is a girls athletics school now. But good luck to you guys. Looking forward to another 1st round exit from that prestigious football program with those nice facilities.
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    Whatever becomes the Trump presidency the fact we kept that evil Witch from becoming president is calming to me.
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    I know a lot of Texans who can't pronounce half the towns correctly. He's got a schtick and there's a group that loves him and hates him, I do know he works very hard and his knowledge of the game has improved. I think part of the issue is he probably unfairly gets compared to Craig Way, and that's not fair to anyone.
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    Yea to Jacksonville teachers. Yea, to all Texas Public school teachers statewide. They deserve every penny of the raise they are getting.
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    Wouldn’t it be nice if he sold out the Deep State for immunity? This may be an indication. I’d think one of the rats would, and Comey acts the type.
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    Tatum and White Oak need to start a new thread called Tatum vs White Oak The Cage Match! Y’all can duke it out in there, charge pay per post and stop hijacking every thread bickering
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    Nothings easier than your ole lady in the back booth of Jaguars. Roll of nickels gets it ertime
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    0-0 @ half regardless of where we got. They didnt get where it mattered either. Their coach actually called the game. He didnt want to be late for sunday school the next morning. He had to be at the alter by 9 am sharp to thank the man above for all that lightning because they'd of hated to take that L from us. But this year. We're going to their pigeon coop and we'll leave full of yard bird and then I'll stop by where Eagleborns wife works for a half price lap dance and some limeritas.
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    There's THAT "huge white elephant" sitting smugly in the corner of the Socialist/Progressive Democrats "Open Borders" room !! His many "well healed" Open Borders Lobbyist's that have infiltrated "DC" now scurry around like the "cockroaches" that they are funneling huge amounts of $$$ to these neo-lib crazies that were on display for all to see ! Open Borders...Open Borders..Open Borders...Open Borders...Open Borders !!! Who else is financing these clowns ?? Not Just Conspiracy theories... anymore ! Many...Many BILLIONS OF $$$$ flowing from the very this EVIL Bastard !!
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    there are some newer rules now. They even make it where there is a computer for the banker so kids no longer have to use Math... looks like @WestHardinfan1's teaching has run its course
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    The party of Roosevelt, JFK, ,etc has now morphed into the Party of Lenin, Stalin, Kruzchef(sp?) & Chairman Mao....
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    This thread has been POSTED for over a full month and it took someone (yours truly) to make commentary about the number of "Rebels" that are "hanging on by a thread" in this "PC" crazed era...then a mere 13 minutes another poster wants to correct me... that's RICH...LOL !?! You're exactly right...Winston...my bad in not recalling the "Rebels"of the neighboring towns of Talco & Bogata ! Please accept my apologies for not mentioning them. BTW...not sure IF you're being facetious with the word RESPECT but it's obviously misspelled, sir ! Thanks... R.J.
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    No doubt the foundation was set before King arrived, but he’s taking it a step forward. More so than any coach in our history. We’ve never experienced winning like this consistently. No doubt we’re a winning program, and should be for quite a while. But King’s journey has taken us to unseen levels of winning that Bero and Cox could only maintain at spurts. You don’t see these Longview teams ever struggle with a 1-9 squad, which happened a handful of times during those two coaches runs. Foundation was set, but King has taken it to a new level and is by far the greatest coach this program has ever had.
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    I'll take the "arrogant individual" doing the right things for America every time ...
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    As I do when I get bored, I look up records. So decided to see what the largest win totals for a three year span in Lobo history is. Three year spans with 30 or more wins... 1935-1937: 31 wins 1973-1975: 30 wins 1975-1976: 32 wins 1975-1977: 32 wins 1995-1997: 30 wins 2004-2006: 31 wins 2005-2007: 31 wins 2006-2008: 34 wins 2007-2009: 39 wins 2008-2010: 37 wins 2009-2011: 35 wins 2010-2012: 30 wins 2011-2013: 31 wins 2013-2015: 31 wins 2015-2017: 32 wins 2016-2018: 37 wins I looked this up because so far for the 2017-2019 three year spans, we're sitting at 29 wins. School records is 39 wins in a three year span so going into 2019, 10 wins will tie and 11 will set the school record for wins in a three year span.
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    $7500 for those with more than 5 years experience. $7000 less than 5 years experience https://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/news/jacksonville-isd-employees-to-receive-highest-pay-raise-in-district/article_8fdc8c5c-b2e9-11e9-8027-3bad743a5fb4.html Way to Step up JISD!!!!!!
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    Joe Biden after Area 51 Raid...
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    Im hoping they can get Ty Jordan, would be a great compliment to Bijan
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    Another example as to why you should fact check data presented on Maxpreps.
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    We got a tall skinny freshman QB named Tim Brody. Not much of a physique but got a pretty good arm.
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    Only thing yall was going to punch in was the time clock for a lil ot on sunday morning. Yall didnt make it there either lol
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    BREAKING: Texas A&M ends it’s North Shore drought as national top-100 WR Shadrach Banks commits to the Aggies https://t.co/5AvEM4Ykzx https://t.co/JQBcM6nP1M Nice pickup
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    Pretty sure that the party that supports homosexuality and transgender as normal is considered perverts in most American homes. And before you guys come back at me... I don’t support these lifestyles, I don’t approve of the lifestyle, but I would never support anything that would block these people from living a safe or comfortable lifestyle. We are to love all people and treat them the way Christ would treat us. So while being gay and married is wrong, I would not deny them insurance. I actually wasn’t opposed to gay marriage, although it was uncomfortable to say out loud. I have gay friends. So maybe look at what perversion really is...
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    Sorry but the party of perversion doesn't get to lecture the rest of us about what they deem as "moral." Hush with that noise.
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    There's plans for an online "Lobo Store" in the works. A lot of details and logistics still to be worked out, but those booster club mommas are ON IT.
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    Yes get her some "slap a Lobo" gear...she will look awesome
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    https://www.marshallmavericks.net/ More updates and information posted. Getting things settled for the upcoming season. Things I should get up and running in the next week or so: 1. Maverick Staff updates 2. Football Roster 3. Complete football schedules (should include all 4 MJHS teams; 7th grade football returning this Fall) 4. HUUUUGE historical upgrade coming. More games added to the history. Mav record Vs. EVERY team we've played. Home/Away added. Thanks to a TON of work by @burrows Just trying to figure out how to convert an XLSX file into HTML and make it look good...... (I typed that and I'm not sure what it means LMAO). 5. TONS of new pics coming next week (I hope) of the renovations and expansion of the Mav Lockeroom, the new Press Box, and Maverick Stadium (when the track is completed). Always open to suggestions and ideas too. Thanks for all the encouragement I get from Mav Nation for doing something I consider a labor a love. Go Mavs!
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    I've been on the Internet ALMOST as long as it's been around...well since it's accessability to the public in or around late 1991 ! Actually, I was playing Grammar Police with you... certainly you noticed the "" ? Yes...I know whom "Birdman" is ! Thank you for your sense of humor, Winston !! R.J.
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    I thought only the dead voted Democrat. Turns out they also still make campaign contributions from the grave as well.
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    They are nothing like they were under Obama... consider this... Obama didn't have to give in to what these psychos wanted after he was elected. They got what they wanted on the front end... The loonies got loonier and louder while Obama was in office basically making it impossible for their message to even seem realistic for Hillary or Bernie fringe voters... You try and tell educated people who vote that their money is going to go to some crazy lazy teenagers for free college and healthcare when they've spent their entire lives paying for these PRIVILEGES! These psychopaths are still trying to convince all of us that everything that people work hard for is a RIGHT, not a privilege... Even coming into our country unlawfully from another country has become a right... These people are loons! While most of us agree that Trump talks too damned much on the internet, he is the only person who seems know how the world actually works.
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    You can wear that mess at the lobo home game. I have a purple and gold shirt for you to wear at our game. It’s huge lufkin letters in the front. Panther84 at the back. You’ll love it. For your bday! You can’t say i never got you anything...
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    84 and 07 I want to try and meet y’all at the Lufkin game. I know wolf and a couple others. Nice to get to know our fellow Lobo junkies.
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    I took a long lunch, drove from Henderson to Longview to get my new merchandise and my Green Out shirt..........then back to Henderson. There was a line at 1:00 before they opened. People in Longview are insane for those Lobos!!!
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    King Field at Lobo Stadium has a nice RING to it.
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    That’s mostly Jacksonville people. Their radio guy is very sensitive too. Must be in the water up there
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    Of course we don’t. Just like Lufkin doesn’t win state without Reggie. Certain players are stars that carry teams over the edge. Aaron Johnson nearly did it in 2009 all by himself but just couldn’t overcome LT’s defense. Its who we end up remembering after the years have past to be honest. Looking forward to visiting Abe again.
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    I know we aren’t huge Graham fans here, but these tweets were spot on...
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    Congratulations to this young man!
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    Yes of course. Longview is top 8 in all time wins for a reason. But as 07 said, we've never experienced winning like this consistently and that's facts. And outside of Talley, all of the Lobo records are held by players JK coached. And lets not forget Vondrell wasnt far off Talley's numbers and that's with him having to share carries with Chris Ivory. You dont just get that from tradition or laid foundations, you get that because you earned it. Greatest coach in Lobo history.
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    729-345-52. 65% overall on the winning percentage. I had found about 7 or 8 games through my research that weren’t previously recorded. Most were losses, but also found a good amount of losses that ended up being forfeit wins. Everything is updated now though, and corrected. minus a couple that I haven’t been able to officially, officially confirm.
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    Here's what I think: The entire thing is a farce, I think. I believe the DNC and the liberal media outlets already know who they want. Seriously...just picture "Yackety Sax" during the debate, and you'll have the gist of it.
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