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    I don't pay for my college son's school (only food, etc) because of my experience of when I succeeded it was when I started taking care of my own "college way". My final year of HS I made terrible decisions and everything started crashing & burning (my world view). The athletic scholarship I had "went away" and I ended up at a university I didn't want to be at on my parent's dime because I was supposed to go to school, of course. I didn't know how to study or have any drive really...had never "had to". Those first couple years were nothing but horrendous. A waste of thousands of my parents $$ and really went a long ways to making me feel dumber than I had ever felt...you know, I had always felt I could flip the switch and pass anytime and all of a sudden it wasn't that way (as I said, I didn't know how to take good notes or study...listen well). I took a year off. I went back and still struggled but ground out a associates and didn't feel I was worth a hoot...was broken from everything that had happened (in my mind). Got married, went to work, had a kid, freaked out that this was not "my life" and went back to school on my dime with focus, fear, and intention finally. I blew through with 3.8 while working 2 & 3 jobs - I was blessed with fairly good jobs but still. The Lord did open an amazing opportunity there at the end that I never should have been able to get (college coaching) and that was always what I had dreamed of as a kid watching my dad coach. I looked back and realized that I just was being "groomed in a different way".
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    BS is a substance. It’s a smelly one, but every bit as substantial as anything he posts. JS.
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    Excellent hire by SH tonight! Jonny was who we wanted from the beginning. Welcome to Spring Hill Coach Louvier!
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    She sounds like Hillary. Always a victim, never taking responsibility...
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    He should mention that he's considering it, let the media go ape#### over it... then he should come back and say it's a terrible idea, let the media go ape#### over it, then say he's changed his mind... etc.
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    wow, that coaching staff looks more like a retirement center foosball team...
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    Similar story for me. It was hard to focus in college until I had to make it work... I could go off on this subject but I’ll just leave it that simple
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    Put it in Lubbock. Better facilities than everything you guys have mentioned. Better traffic, better accommodations. Just as "central" as College Station basically
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    Win what? Clarksville just won district, won a playoff game, and were reasonably competitive in their area round game. Historically that's a great season for the Tigers.
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    Keeping an eye on the Wake Forest coaching situation. Most feel like if they were to fire their current coach then Shaka Smart could be the top candidate for their new coach.
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    Team Name "MavGrad is the best" joined... Team Name "MavGrad is the Worst" reserved for next Sunday...
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    Have you not ever seen a SDC Broken News report? We invented "Fake News"
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    It would appear that Pelosi, Schumer, and Beto have another loyal bootlicker in you. Seeing how Screamer is assigned to Chuck, and Centex has a lifetime assignment to Hillary, who’s toes are you licking clean? AOC? One of those loony Muslim chicks? Or are you gonna fall in with the residents of San Francisco and take turns on Nancy’s bunions? Your two buddies there can get you coached up on how to do a good job. Meanwhile, if you three will all buy the same toothpaste, I’ll go ahead and buy stock in it.
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    Speaking of fake dossiers. This news story ought to put to an end any thoughts that the Trump Dossier is real. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/author-of-anti-trump-dossier-relied-on-unvetted-info-from-random-internet-users-on-cnns-now-defunct-site
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    Left Fox years ago.....if you don't want to listen to libtard garbage tune to One America News Network....channel 347 on DirecTV......
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    I hate pretty much everything about the UT athletic program... but I must grudgingly concede this fact. They'd be fools to abandon their classic uniforms. It's iconic, especially the white-on-white "stormtrooper" look. This is one area where, as Seymour Skinner says, "No, it is the children who are wrong."
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    President Trump vetoed the Bill to reject measures to overturn border declaration. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/trump-issues-first-veto-rejecting-measure-overturn-border-declaration-n983676 The question is, why is everyone against Trump Declaring a National Emergency to build a Wall to protect/aid America? Obama declared National Emergencies to aid Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine, South Sudan, Central Africa, Venezuela and Burundi. Trump was to declare one to aid the United States, and Congress said no. Do you see the irony? http://www.brennancenter.org/sites/default/files/analysis/DeclaredNationalEmergenciesUndertheNationalEmergenciesAct_2.13.19.pdf
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    Call me crazy, but if I were Haynes, I'd be taking a long, hard look at the U. All things considered, it could be a very advantageous situation for him. Obviously I understand the allure of LSU and other big name schools who have interest... but I really think Haynes at Miami could be something special.
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    Considering the history of the three I mentioned, and their one sided views on these matters, that’s all the proof I need. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and craps on everything in sight, it’s probably a duck. Or it could be a democrat, but ducks are smarter.
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    Celtics 129, Hawks 120 Kyrie Irving (30pts, 11rebs, 9asts). J. Brown (20pts) third consecutive 20pt game. C's 5-1 last 6 games. Hope the trend continues.
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    I think that's the rest of us as well. Heck, I didn't even go, but I sure wanted to. I don't see why the one daughter was attending, because of her makeup line. Now they've shut down the production of it. She would have been better off without the scandal. Now all she has is YouTube followers, and I'm sure some of them have stopped watching. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/lori-loughlin-daughter-olivia-jade-giannulli-sephora-boycott_l_5c8a6034e4b0450ddae80616
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    Kyrie Irving’s triple double leads Celtics over Kings 126-120. https://t.co/gP5JHrnfRd https://t.co/kCZOz9tqL7
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    Im not sure what Kyrie and company said to each other on the now infamous plane ride but it's working so far, hope they keep the consistency going.
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    And her Relief just showed up.....
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    Gotta love this ol’ Redhaired gal...
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    LOL They didn’t stay on the field the whole time. Heck North Shore’s 3rd string back has a D1 offer if I remember correctly. Most 6A top schools rotate consistently throughout the game.
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    ACC snags three #1 seeds? Terrible...
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    "Libtard garbage' and FOX News? Next, God's chicken at Chick Fila won't be holy enough for the true believers, because of the liberal offering of sauces and the ethnicity of the Shamrock shakes. Wowza.
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