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    As long as kids are working hard, learning about dealing with ups and downs, being a part of a brotherhood then I would think its still beneficial
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    So football is beneficial to the kids only if you win? Interesting concept.
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    In many place the only reason they have football is because it gives them a reason to have a band and a drill team.
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    It's sacrilege to even mention ending football programs in Texas. Shame on you, Sir!!!
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    What if we just built the wall and rewrote and enforced our immigration laws?
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    Sometimes the people at the top of school district need to put their own personal agendas aside, hire someone that will to come in a build a program. Give that person full support to do what is necessary to get the program going. There is no better teacher of life then sports especially the game of football.
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    this time of year is boring. lets get some predictions for next year's district going. I'll say 1. Atlanta 2. Jefferson 3. Mount Vernon 4. Redwater 5. Hughes Springs 6. Hooks 7. New Boston
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    Funny you should say that. I just came across a very interesting article addressing that very thought. I thought it was pretty good, maybe you will too. https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2019/4/8/18299374/the-dallas-cowboys-way-stephen-jones-three-rules-for-how-the-roster-is-built-and-maintained
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    You can tell by the poop emoji, that the liberals hate to think that some scientists don't fall in line with what the MSM and the Climate Change fanatics would have you believe. Instead of reading both sides of the story and coming up with their on thoughts, liberals throw poop emojis out.
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    Losing Jackson #### so bad. I was hoping he would be that guy that could come in early second half and get 10-12 carries and just really pound a defense. From everything I’ve heard from spring practice he’s a legit 6’2 230 and will hurt you if you get in his way. A&M has another back like that in UCF transfer Richardson, but From what I understand Jackson is the better athlete of the two.
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    They are called dumbbells for a reason and stop doing Beth Moore bible studies.
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    I think they nailed the Top 4 1. Palestine 2. San Elizario 3. Progresso 4. Kilgore
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    I mean if she is the best canidate than I'm all for it!!
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    Why doesn’t she just coach football too? Good representation for them
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    Making these people live with the policies they proclaim to support may just be the fastest way to solve the issue. They cant have it both ways. Whining snd complaining about how illegals are treated and offering them sanctuary violating federal law on one hand, then they whine and complain when theyre told we may just dump all the illegals in their backyard. This just exposes their hypocrisy on the issue. Check mate Mr President!
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    I don't know how many years McMellon has left. Word on the street was she was retiring soon but with the possibility of this new title she may hang on for a few more years. It wont be an overnight fix but will be faster with her at the helm.
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    Nothing about the murder of seth rich has been proven or disproven. With regard to jade helm its quite likely it was a real deal and once exposed, they backtracked on it. I dont know. I mustve missed where obama provided his certificate of live birth to document experts for examination. I know this much, if i got pulled over and the cop asked for my id and i showed him a scanned pdf on my phone instead of my actual license he'd laugh in my face. But as ive said before, he's a citizen. The birth cert is a fraud not because he was born in kenya but because the infamous chicago commie, frank marshall davis, is his real father. "Countless stories about muslims" is simply too generic to address.
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    I guess you have missed all of the pedophiles and perverts that have been outed and charged since President Trump took office......
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    No,no,no! The school board members have power and prestige, would rather lose the way they have always done it then support a winner, and to much pride to just quit. If they quit they would have to admit that thier Grandpa was wrong too. They got to much pride for that.
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    Well if you do away with football,then do away with all sports or maybe they need a new school board,let the kids play and the coaches coach.
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    Replace football and insert public education and now we understand the rise in private, home and charter schools.
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    Poor look my butt. These are the idiots clamoring for a neverending invasion, so give em what they're asking for. I say do it Mr President!
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    This. Absolutely agree. There's also just the issue of how it'll affect the Cheerleading, Drill Team, and Marching Band programs if football isn't a thing at the school. All 3 of these programs benefit significantly from just simply having a football program.
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    I can't speak to the contents of wnd but i visit breitbart regularly and i challenge you to find a single comparable example of breitbart engaging in fake news propaganda the way the nyt has.
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    dirtybird go back to sleep Tatum/GW GW/Tatum WR Whiteoak Sabine Minny Winny
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    yes, the stronger/higher level (pressure) the job the fewer candidates you should have, because they will weed themselves out prior to applying. the candidate should in the process start to question the wisdom of going through the process because if they haven't "crossed the bridges" at any other levels where they've fought off the wolves then it'll be tough to even make it through "the process" appropriately if the school is actually dotting i's and crossing t's. I would think should be a successful HC smaller to close proximity in size or coordinator of same or bigger that's had success and is wanting to make that jump.
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    Wet Rust White Oak Gladewater Sabine Minny Tatum Winny
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    No, but it is infinitely more obtainable in most applicants eyes. L-E is seen as an upper tier job and that usually limits the candidate pool.
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    Nope I'm an all about football guy.
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    Almost as funny as wackjob Waters making herself look stupid on the student loan issue. Almost.
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    What you never hear from the libtards wanting "Medicare for all" is that for people already on Medicare, it only pays 80% of the cost .... individuals are responsible for the other 20% and that is usually covered by a private insurance supplement. So, the dims want to eliminate all private insurance ... that means the government would have to not only pay 100% of the cost for all the "new people" added to Medicare, but the other 20% for the people already on Medicare ... this is lunacy ....
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    What Coach Surratt makes is between him and Carthage and has nothing to do with the LE job.
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    What’s worse? Robotics champs or bass fishing champs?
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    This scares the out of ol’ Stoney. You don’t try and make something smarter that can use their feet as hands and whose strength is far superior to us. That’s how you wind up in a loincloth screaming at the top of your lungs “get your filthy paws off me you dang dirty ape.” That’s not a good look for Stoney. Stoney ain’t had a ab workout in 17 years. Forget Skynet and Terminators. Planet of The Apes is the real threat.
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    The only non-Rockets jersey I ever owned. Whenever I realized I wasnt going to be a post up guy like Hakeem, I wanted to model my game after Dirk. He had a sweet jumper, but the hair was the selling point. Definitely did a lot for the NBA and the Hall will be calling soon.
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    Just a shot in the dark, but I will agree with the above prediction.
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    Don't forget Robotics won The State Championship last week!
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    Dirk played a huge part of it becoming cool to be a Mavs fan. As bad as the 90s were, Dirk made the new millennium that much better. He played the game the right way. He was the rare athlete in today’s social media cesspool that kids could look up to. The 2006 Finals screwjob by the NBA hurt but seeing the greatest individual playoff run performance ever end by beating The Big 3 was amazing. When you build the Mt. Rushmore for Texas athletes Dirk’s more than earned his spot on it.
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    What you want a medal??
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