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    By all accounts SA should win, but who knows? Tenaha has a whole lot of tradition and experience in big games. Maybe the kids playing now don't have a bunch of experience but winning is ingrained in their culture. Could be an upset? Tenaha 35 SA 34 why not go out on a limb?
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    Wolf man I’m an SA fan, but your post makes all SA posters look bad
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    Grapevine out here in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico says we’ve settled on our QB. Practice has been intense. Everyone is focused. Obviously the tragedy this week can’t be overlooked But hearing the team is pulling together in spite of some pretty unbelievable distractions. If this team can persevere through all this.... and get some wins.... We really don’t need a late December run to label this season a success. Bigger things in life than winning football games.
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    That Tulane game was amazing. Mad props to the Fightin' Towels.
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    Everyone watch out Wolfman is very emotional if u don’t pick SA...if you don’t think SA is as wonderful he will attack your school...sorry we don’t have 11 back on both sides and aren’t expected to compete like yall or should i say dominate
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    Yea y’all will get better, but I don’t think y’all can compete outside the region, didn’t mean to offend u by saying there’s a defense out there that can stop y’all....I’m sorry how bout SA 100 everyone 0 rest of year, give y’all the dang state trophy now! Congrats SA on already winning it!!!!
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    That actually looks quite nice. What's "dumpy" about this?
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    Rain chances down to 10% at 7 PM according to weather.com
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    Alto (3-0) vs. Garrison (1-1) By Brandon Ogden, George Whitley, Hayden Henry, Jack Stallard Sep 19, 2019 When/where: 7:30 p.m. Friday; Bulldog Stadium, Garrison Keep an eye on Alto: RB Vidareous High … ATH Jerrion Skinner … WR Marlon Warren … WR Skyler Atkins … QB Harmon West Garrison: RB Sabastion Porter … QB/LB Chace Rodriguez … RB Ja’Kedric Watts … OL Garner Hancock … DL Canyon Holmes Did you know: Alto has outscored its opponents 95-0 the past two weeks … High has carried the ball 50 times for 387 yards and three touchdowns … Atkins has made 11 catches for 164 yards and three touchdowns, and Warren has nine grabs for 166 yards and two scores … West is 29 of 46 for 481 yards and seven touchdowns. Last week: Alto 50, New Diana 0; San Augustine 36, Garrison 28 Up next: Alto at Corrigan-Camden; Garrison at Joaquin https://tylerpaper.com/sports/highschool/football-preview-winnsboro-vs-mount-vernon-ferris-vs-athens-more/article_88b89df2-db21-11e9-ba2b-7f196e72dfee.html
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    They're a better football team than JT is right now.
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    Its going down tonight. OP is live in 20 minutes.
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    The older I get, the more I feel his presence in my Heart & my Mind; If anyone wants to see how God directs All our lives, down to the most miniscule detail. Things we often take for granted, sometimes turn out to be the key factor that changes our lives. Then, & only then does the “randomness” & minuscule detail reveal itself. Trust God, Completely & then some of those “Why & How” questions start to get answered & you begin to See a part of HIS PLAN.
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    Are you so sure about that ? I have seen His hand, and He has done marvelous things for me. I have felt and heard his breath that make even the trees sing. I have seen His truths made manifest with the scriptures of both the Old and New Testament. You see, I do not have faith in God, I KNOW that He is the Supreme Creator that sent my Savior to atone for me. It's your choice to not know the one and true God. I can live with that, but can you ? In this life you will. No one here can convert you to understand, but I can say I know that our Heavenly Father does exist, and that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to save us all from our wicked ways if we repent in His blood. It is for you open your mind to see with your spiritual eyes, and even if you were blind you could see His hand, but only if you wanted to.
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    With it being so immediate to have to play against his former team, maybe he'll be confused and tackle his own teammate. lol
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    I sure would like to look into that crystal ball you got over in S.A Wolfpup.
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    It’s called video buddy...I support mine plenty but last I checked anyone could give they’re predictions, but now it’s no team in the region walla go it was nobody...why does it even matter what I think? Wolfman is the points police so better say they’re gonna score a lot of points
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    Why do you take everything personal, I’m just giving my opinion, if it’s not SA by 50 you get mad, not one time did I bring up or compare alto...dude this is a sports forum not everyone is on the SA train....never said alto would be there, alto has a new coach in 2nd yr program, no one should be thinking regionals, y’all should big difference
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    Yep, Kodak has been around for Centuries, moron...
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    I think that’s about enough discussion about The Pit for this week. If anyone wants a real solution, call the TISD administration office, ask to be put on the agenda for the next board meeting, and let ‘em have it. I can guarantee you nothing that’s said here is gonna change a thing. This is from an SDC staff member. Keep the discussion on the game. Thank you.
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    Having a defense will definitely make a difference compared to last year lol. If we can just get our secondary situation figured out. I wish I could come see this game. I bet it's going to be awesome. We're playing, what Atlanta considers, a huge rival. Hoping for a good game here as well. Lots of good games this weekend really.
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    "Pride in their program" you say? Any chance you're a liberal? Maybe they're putting their focus elsewhere. It's up to them to decide what's most important for Tenaha. Not sure if you're from Garrison, but Tenaha shows on TEA as the Academic Growth getting a C, Garrison shows a D, San Augustine shows a F. Looks like Tenaha has priorities straight. If you think they don't, maybe you should move there, get involved, and show them how it should be done. I'm guessing they've got it well under control.
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    Why don't we stick to the subject at hand.. THE GAME! If any of you that's complaining about Tenaha's facility wants improvement, feel free to donate!
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    That's when the young people and those with class should be aware of this and offer up their seat to the older folks. If it's such a problem, perhaps someone on the visitor side that cares enough about it can organize the seating at the next game. You have to see/focus on solutions instead of problems. Doubt too many people really care. Sitting in a lawn chair is likely better than bleachers anyway.
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    Not only does it imply that Briles and MV are cheating, it implies that the entire Texas high school football establishment is corrupt and full of win-at-all-costs coaches. In my 40+ years of being associated with the sport, I’ve only met one such coach. I’m not saying Briles is squeaky clean, I’ll leave that up to people who are more concerned with MV than me. But it boils my onions that this twit used his keyboard to throw something as great as high school football under the bus.
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    Tragic . . I pray for that family and extended Marshall family. May yall have comfort in this time of need.
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    How many of those touchdowns qc has scored this year has been against their opponents scrubs? How many td’s have they scored against the 1s? At the pace they are going they may break some records for points given up this year as well as holding the states 3A longest losing streak.
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    I liked all their hit singles and videos, but Drive was my favorite. It's still on my regular playlist today. Such a soulful pop song. R.I.P. Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr.
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    Two teams headed in the right direction, and being Kilgore HC, I will have to give them the nod. I wouldn’t be surprised if TH take it in a close game.
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    Ok, honestly, we shouldn’t win this game. BUT, we will. Here is how it will play out. We’re going to pound the run down your throats for 4 yards a pop. Nothing special. Might break a few, but for the most part, slow and steady. 6-8 minute drives. Y’all may force a couple punts first half, but we’ll get it back by turnovers. We’ll capitalize on the turnovers, and y’all will spot us a lead. Then, our boys are going to start talking mad trash. Dangerfield is going to get salty, and start trying to fight.. late hits.. etc etc.. we further capitalize. At halftime, your wonderful head coach fails to make adjustments needed to tighten up yalls game. Our boys continue talking trash. Your QB and head coach get into it on sideline because he can’t hit a short pass and the coach’s play calling is terrible. He turns it off and starts launching 60 yard incompletions, and we continue to tic toc the clock with our, at times, boring offense. We win, probably by less than a touchdown. Maybe even less than 3. But Bears do win.
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    Carthage wins but Gilmer puts up a fight.
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    Well damn! We had our opportunities just couldn’t capitalize on them! However, them boys getting better EVER game!
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    The high powered offense we were accustomed to seeing at Baylor? Baylor ran the spread sir! Mount vernon is running the slot t hurry up offense that Briles ran in his high school coaching days!
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    I have yet to run down Tenaha. Perhaps Newton should go play their playoff games there instead of using our facilities. You can then see 3/4 fighting for a spot on the fence because they only have 3 rows of bleachers to sit on.
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    They have the big fancy state of the art gym...charter buses...they charge for parking....it goes on. No reason for that field to be like that.
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    You need to be updated on your tetanus shot at least before you go..
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    Solutions? Cares enough? The solution is for Tenaha ISD to provide safe and adequate seating on the visitors side. You are mistakenly under the impression it's up to the visitors to "figure it out" .... I would think Tenaha ISD would have enough pride in their program to fix what has been a substandard and unsafe situation for far too many years ....
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    If the district stays the same then starting next year there will be five Top 15 or so caliber teams and one of them won’t make the playoffs. CH being down some has kept that from happening already. While a lot of districts’ 3rd place team is .500 and 4th place team is like 2-8 or 3-7, this district’s 5th place team will be almost good enough to be state ranked and would win a lot of districts, but sitting at home for the playoffs.
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    I'd fire about 4 coaches, bring in some good ones and I bet I'd have a winning record.
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    Let me add Alvin, that I wouldn't fire the coaches that were willing to change but only the hardheads.
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    That is a profound statement. Everyone should read it again. Barry’s Post is proof of that. Barry is probably a well educated man, but yet him and his ilk accept everything spewed out by the Leftist media, or bought and paid for scientist. What is it about liberals that makes them such sheep? It’s a head scratcher for sure. If anyone knows, let me know.
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    I've been on here for years...now people like you are coming out of the woodwork. I'm gonna talk smack on here...you should know that by now! come tell me that at the game...I'm not hard to find!
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