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    You Tyler people and your “disrespect” comments... Goodness.
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    Lee wins a few more games than normal this year and yall want everyone to treat them like New England Patriots. Sure you can have success vs Nac and Heath but lets see what they do vs Longview/Rockwall/Mesquite/Horn
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    So that's why your so particular about the band
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    How about you shut the ### up.
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    full episode uploaded 25 mins
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    I don't think you are the only one because there are others who expect and/or root for JT to lose games this yr. The expectations are much lower this yr.
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    Hey i'm new to the party....... but here's my one crazy prediction this year.... i'm going with the upset this week. Burkeville will defeat West Hardin this friday. you heard it here 1st......
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    Coach Lawson told me today that he’s had a change of heart about his offensive philosophy. He’s heard the naysayers and he’s listening. Gonna scrap the slot-t and install the old double wing-t pistol spread pulley bone. Cutting edge stuff here guys. Y’all stay tuned.
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    You think I care about a rating? Coach Traylor and them boys have worked hard to get better each day and I constantly see them getting disrespected on here. Them tables always turn remember that.
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    I think we should drop everyone’s lowest week at the end of the year just for instances like this.
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    How is anything I posted “hate?” Its the truth. They’ve beaten the two teams that will finish at the bottom of the district. They’re a solid 5th place team that has a chance to upset Mesquite and get to 4th but has to prove it first.
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    @Eagle27 was passing through the Omaha-Naples metropolitan area the other day. He stopped in to a local "establishment" and saw this. We were wondering if NatureBOY spends his lunch money in this place. Wooooo!!
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    Did you see the faces of everyone in the crowd when she said "We need to get rid of the babies!" and take off her jacket... the black woman to her left was like "This woman is crazier than we are for listening to AOC."
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    Wait... Is this Barry admitting that another Democrat Trump Myth has been debunked? "Trump is a warmonger! He will go to war as soon as he gets the chance just so he can stay in office!"
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    We played without 5 starters last week. I have no idea how many will return this week. I know 1 won’t return for the rest of the year. The officials ask our coach if he would be opposed to a run the clock game Don’t know what coach Louvier told him because he would not repeat it. That says that no one believes in the Panthers but the panthers and their fans.. so they just have to go out and give it what they have and prove themselves.. always the underdog but they got some bite in them ..
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    That gif just keeps going and going...
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    I’ll give you that NB seems to be much improved this current season, but your use of the phrase “all the time” implies you meant more than this one season
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    If you absolutely don't have to play Whittington, don't risk him this game. Chances are that Texas and OU will meet again in December regardless of outcome of Saturday. I just don't like the idea of him being thrown in there too fast just for 1 game.
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    JT would not have made the post season in 11-6A this year...They've already lost to three 11-6A schools, and there's no way they would beat Rockwall. I really doubt they would've made it last year as well, tbh.
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    The Josh Gibson effect. What that guy has brought to PG is incredible. If you want to see why PG is in its current state, go check out Texarkana Gameday on Facebook, and listen to what he says to the PG team after the Carthage loss. That speech he gave is bigger than football. I am sure other coaches do the same, maybe just not as effective.
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    They'd hate to be the reason QC got a win
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    Good....about time SOMEONE stands up to the Rothschild warmongering bankers.....
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    Wow - what a great game! It was a privilege to be at the game in such an awesome atmosphere!!!! I was very proud of the PG team - they fought hard and until half-way through the 4th quarter the game hung in the balance. Sometimes things get away from you at the end and that's what happened to our boys. But the character and class of our coaches and team showed even in defeat. 16-0 was a great goal but I don't know anyone who will turn down 15-1 if we finish like we are capable of. Focus on the biggest goals now - win District and win State!! To a great Carthage team - my son says your boys were very classy in victory and I was proud to get to play you the last two years. I hope you have great success the rest of the year!!
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    Carthage has been doing this for a while. I’m not sure why some of me fellow PG fans thought that they had to measure up to PG. it’s certainly nice to see us competing with the big Dawgs. What a great game and heck of an atmosphere. Sadly we did not come out of this game healthy. I hope # 8 for the Dawgs is ok. He was awesome in run support. To echo another poster about KGAS Larry Allen, I agree 100% very nice guy and enjoyed talking to him. It gets serious now Hawks! District time.. Let’s go!
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    Hunter Biden joined the Navy at 43/44. Odd enough in the first place. Not only had to get a waiver for his age, but another for his drug use. He wasn't commissioned but for ONE MONTH before he was kicked out for cocaine use. Remember, this guy has a LONG history of drug use. Remember drugs and his wallet being left in his rental car in Arizona. Immediately after getting discharged, Hunter was appointed to the BOARD of Burisma, Ukraine's largest private producer of gas. (By the way - Take a wild guess of all countries that have donated to the Clinton Foundation scam, which one donated the most? Yep, the same country whose oligarchs fund Crowdstrike, the company the DNC hired to "inspect" Hillary's email servers) Anyway, how did Hunter get this job? About two weels before Hunter got this appointment, his dad Joe Biden - then Vice President of the United States - "encouraged" Ukrainian leaders to do so, despite the fact Hunter had ZERO experience or knowledge to qualify him for such a position. Not only was he paid $50,000 a month, but a money transfer of THREE MILLION DOLLARS was made through Latvia, Cyprus into Hunter's accounts in the U.S. The top prosecutor in Ukraine was investigating corruption and getting ready to question Hunter about his deal with Burisma and the apparent money laundering of the $3 million, when Joe leaned on the Ukrainian government and threatened to withhold $250 million dollars in aid from the U.S. unless the prosecutor was fired. Not told to back off. Fired. The prosecutor was fired, the investigation into Hunter and Burisma was dismissed, Ukraine got the aid, and Joe went on TV and BRAGGED about it. In 2013, VP Biden took Hunter on Air Force Two to China where Joe was doing U.S. business, and all of a sudden China sends 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS to Hunter Biden's company. Some of this money went to a company called Henniges, which makes very sensitive equipment for the U.S. military. But get this: Guess who else was involved in Hunter Biden's deal with China? Then-Secretary of State John Kerry's stepson Chris Heinz and famous mobster Whitey Bulger's nephew Billy Bulger. Keep in mind also that Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Jr is COO of a Viscoil, a company that imports oil from the Ukraine and is owned by two felons, one of whom is Russian. And a lead investigator into a $200 BILLION DOLLAR money laundering scheme in (Guess where!) Latvia just turned up dead in his yard. But nah, let's investigate President Trump.
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    You need to be kicked off this site for your ridiculous critical comments of L-E's Superindentent and coaches.
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    Man silsbee is way overrated that’s why newton put 52 on them. We aren’t over looking anyone but we are very confident. Every team we have played is better than Spring Hill so why wouldn’t we be confident l?
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    ORE CITY REBELS gonna march all over them tigers...at halftime
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    And your point? I never said I was Nostradamus. I predicted a WH win..... and they did.... by DOUBLE digits. I'll give my props to the Tomato Bowl for bringing out the best in the Indians. It always seems to do that. But how many points are needed before it stops being a moral victory for Jacksonville and become a blowout loss? Just wondering.
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    All of you are forgetting one “candidate”. Saw a meme with Warren & Hillary sitting together smiling. Warren says, “Bernie had a heart attack! Looks like I’ll be the nominee.” And Hillary responds, “Only if you survive your accident next month.”
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    cant tell a man something he dont already know
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    Well you know, that's what linebackers do... That's why they the linebackers... Don't take no $hi?+ from nobody.. Lol
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    BREAKING: Aggies schedule Tarleton State in 2020.
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    Dear Everyone, This is his son. It is a very sad time for out family and I would like everyone on smoakhouse to know that my father has passed on to a better place and that he died crossing the street after doing his favorite thing in the world and that was watching me play football. He and my sister were hit by a car and he did not make it but my sister has a broken ankle. I know that he loved this site and many people on it. Thank you all very much and please keep our family in your prayers. I will stay on here for the next couple of days before signing out for the final time. Thank you.
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    This is Carl's (Topcat) son. Me and my sister are both doing fine. She made a full recovery and though we both still have the horrible memories of that night we also have the wonderful memories of our father. Thanks to all of u for all of ur support. My sister is now halfway through her freshman yr in the LE marching band and doing very well in school and life. I recently graduated basic training and ait for the Army Reserves on December 16 and started college at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, TX on January 9th. Thanks again for all your support and prayers.
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    I saw about 3 minutes of her speech yesterday on the floor...I couldn't stand it, had to turn the channel... if she represents her district in the fine State of Texas, those folks in her district are well.....I betcha there's an overwhelming number of unemployed, aren't looking for a job, don't intend to look for a job, are on food stamps, Medicaid and govt. housing.
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    If QC is going to see a winning season in 2020 they are going to have to have some foresight by the schedule maker. So let’s help them out. Let’s go ahead and say that Prairiland and Chisum will Be district foes. Week 1- Roxton or Karnak...Sure they are no longer schools but a wins a win. Week 2- Tyler All Saints, Can’t be afraid to go on a Crusade to get two Wins in a row. Week 3-Huntington...Hunnington is a bigger school but we are going to have to test ourselves for district. But Huntington lost to bye this year. So expect some pillows to lose thier feathers! Speaking of losing feathers Hawkins is our riverboat Queens Week 4 opponent. If IQ points count towards the score this should be a defensive game. Week 5 is Homecoming, and Quitman comes to town. QC could be upset because them one act play boys from Quitman think if they win they will be crowned homecoming queens and all out for the win. Split with Prialand and Chisum, and Queen City is 6-4. What’s your schedule for Queen City 2020
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    You don't think Ken Houston was a stud in high school? ... I would put him up against any defense player listed based on his high school career ... leaving him off this list is laughable ...
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    Watch the video I posted, and all you need to watch is 9 minutes of it. I grew up in the 70's, and no one, not no one was better than Earl with his legend. He didn't even want to play running back, and he could play defense and special teams as noted above. I heard about James Street of Longview when I was growing up, but no one compared to what Earl could do on all sides of the ball. It didn't matter, he was a master of the game of football in East Texas.
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    Yeah that's what AlvinMack, Champ1000, and their other girlfriends keep posting onto my posts. They have a lotta crybaby incidents everyday.
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    I say Dawgs 51. Vandals 21 Only because I guess that Surratt will put in the 2s and the 2s will score but get a lil carried away and let the Vandals get that last 7 points on them. But experience for the 2s is worth 1 TD by the opposing team. So it's all good.
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    Yep and let’s not forget last years Carthage game. This is becoming a pattern with LE.
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    Hey futfan, when are you going to reveal your real profile?? Be brave dude.
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    Why should anyone have love toward Lee?
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    Ha! It almost happened last year if I do recall...And we have almost everyone back? Yeah this is a history making season for Sabine..
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