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    My opinion is they were getting worn down because of lack of depth. Now I am not disagreeing with what TDJ89 is saying about not being physical enough. I also think they can get tougher on defense as well. They have a few soft players on defense that are not interested in coming down and making contact. But they do have some that are physical, but the entire defense has to be physical and have that mentality and they have a few that just don't. If they can get those few to get that mentality, I think the defense improves a lot. I think they will improve some with added depth they are getting back this week. They have just had quite a few players out that would have helped on defense and depth. And 2 that are coming back are pretty tough and physical from what I have heard. So may start seeing some changes with that side of the ball. I have also heard a couple of position swaps on defense that will make a difference with the toughness of the defense.
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    The loser is probably in the dumb Big 12 Championship game as well.
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    Right, if Joe Shmoe is coaching there it’s on the backpage. UIL met Wednesday and ruled against three schools and players transferring for athletic purposes, including one at Tenaha, but we see no press or Smoaky Court on it
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    Well thank you Barry. It’s nice to know I give you a little comic relief. Here’s another meme which I find humorous. Perhaps you will too.
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    <------------- Reason 1 through 10
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    Let’s keep it civil folks. We both want a win for our team.
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    So much for the tolerant Left. Btw, for all our misguided liberals, this exemplifies the word Anarchy. And, once again, it mirrors the activities of the Nazi Brownshirts. For those of you that slept through History, read this. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sturmabteilung
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    Let’s do this LOBOS!!!! Game day!! BEAT HORN!!
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    That is sad especially to the kids that earned it. Get rid of the NCAA. The punishment doesn't fit the crime.
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    Jackets need to play board and physical. Should take care of business but still need to work on some things. Have to correct the fumbling before it comes back and bites us
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    Maybe Briles should have been looking at a TAPPS school or one in California that allows this kind of stuff. There's lots of places in the USA where transfers are allowed without much of any rules in place. Even in a city school in a metro area like Houston, Austin, or Dallas he would have a better chance than a small town school in East Texas......that's asking for trouble as you can see now. He should've known that!
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    It was not one kid, it was five kids kicking and stomping one L-E player. I was there and witnessed the incident, too.
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    How many of them have Russian and Urkrianian ties? This collusion stuff is getting out of hand.
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    If mv is in the slot, check the sidelines to see if Mr Briles is standing on it, bet he ain't.. Lol
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    We've been marching towards Mount Vernon with pitchforks and torches for hours. Where have you been? It's so much further away than all the other school districts in D7.
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    They won’t.. they’ll beat y’all though.
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    You haven’t been paying enough attention to the QC offense week to week have you
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    Yea, I was pretty sure y'all weren't a one-man-show. If i remember correctly, during last year's ND-EF game #5 was either playing hurt or was gimpy. But still played good. I've also heard great things about him from last yr and so far this year.
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    IMO the EF QB #8 Wilkerson is just as good as #5 Smith is on offense and is just as fast.
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    I clearly said outside of LSU... My statement is more towards the like Saturday of osu and WVU gave them pretty good games and neither has shown a lot this year. Especially WVU. My point is, Everyone points towards that LSU game and that is the only measuring stick you guys want to use. When I point out the defensive struggles they showed vs WVU and osu and question whether they are a top 10 caliber team because of it, you guys act like I’m a monster. Yes they played LSU well and that’s a good game. Yes they also looked like a poor defensive team against WVU last week. I’m sorry I’m willing to point out flaws in your mighty longhorns but they are there. We will see more of what they are about after this weekend. I don’t think that’s being unfair in the slightest.
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    Outside of the best game played so far this season.....Texas hasn’t played anybody.. LSU is arguably the best team in the country yet you argue Texas hasn’t played anyone.
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    negatory, I don't like you either. Everybody trolls here, maybe this forum should be moderated a little better as I've been suspended for exactly what you've done on this page. I do understand it takes a lot of time to do, but It's definitely needed. It's the very reason I don't post here that much anymore. I know the guy personally along with some other posters here, You don't get along with everybody. Truthfully youre one of the more hated posters here, but please keep thinking youre so well thought of. Having said that, I'll prolly not log on again or prolly get permabanned, but oh well.
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    Prep Football Previews: Alto to go for win No. 6 vs. Big Sandy By Jay Neal [email protected] Alto Yellowjackets (5-0) at Big Sandy Wildcats (1-4, 0-0) 7:30 p.m. Friday at Wildcat Stadium in Big Sandy What To Watch For — Alto has been unstoppable this season and that doesn't look to change on Friday...Defensively, the Wildcats have struggled and have allowed 43.4 points per game while playing teams much less talented than the Mean Sting...Big Sandy's lone win came in Week 2 when the Wildcats beat Alba-Golden, 60-34...Alto is 4-0 all-time against the Wildcats. https://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/sports/prep-football-previews-alto-to-go-for-win-no-vs/article_06feb7da-e9fc-11e9-8474-0378a670c51e.html
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    Oh really? Hhhmmm Yea, they definitely WERE NOT the District Champs in 2017. I forget who was. Btw...check out a poster that ND had made up last season. Pay attention to the team that's in the background.
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    Prayers for the Lowery Family. THE SKY IS CRYING. Spud
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    Some sad news to report as former head coach and administrator Toney Lowery passed away after a heart attack. Lowery was an administrator at Arp (twice and most recently), Newton and Graford. He was the head football coach at Union Hill, but also an assistant there and at Redwater and Caddo Mills. Memorial Service at Arp Emmanuel Church on Saturday, 2:00pm.
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    Opie, The District committee has cleared these players twice already. We dont know if any rules have been broken or not.
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    I'm assuming based on the Comments on here that you guys think they have zero chance for the State committee to reinstate the players next week. Cant help but notice most of the posters are in MV'S district and have a vested interest in MV losing these kids.
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    There hasn't been much respect for the three new MV kids on this forum all season long. They have been demeaned and mocked and ridiculed and have had so many untrue things posted about them. One particular poster, who doesn't even live in MV's district, seems to have made it his personal mission to talk bad about them nonstop, and then usually a lot more join in. I just don't get it. I have wondered for weeks now what is wrong with a person that would make them say things like that about kids and also women. Obviously, it speaks to the person's character, but, really, what does a person get out of it? Who knows...
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    when rankings start determining who gets to the playoffs, I'll be concerned about them. Until then they are just conversation starters.
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    Aaahhhh I forgot D1 plays before D2. It really makes no difference, because I'll be there the entire time, regardless of if any of these teams make it or not.
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    In grade school would be the best time.....LOL.
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    Eat a snickers District 11, you act like the PAC-12 when you are hungry.
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    Good Response here Darkhorse. You nailed it !!!!!!!
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    I don't think Kirbyville football has gone to garbage because of Coach jones in just 2 years if this is what you are trying to imply. I also disagree with you about the PG coach seeing Jones as a problem and getting rid of him. The problem was not solely Jones. PG coaches just can't handle Jones old school style of coaching which is not babying the kids, holding them accountable and not being fake like the new coach. And although Jones was at PG, he was not the head coach of football so if we are talking about why they weren't as good is because there were other head coaches, whom I know Jones did not agree with their way of coaching either, and they weren't very good. But that blame is on the prior head coaches, not all jones.
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    You are correct about Coach Phillips as a pitching coach , No doubt. Too much Credit? I don't think so. Did you get to watch Kirbyville the last few years? Not near the # of talented players down @ Kirbyville, but they worked their butts off and made deep runs in playoffs. This bunch will continue to get better under Cowboy. No Coach Philips down there, Just hard work and determination , grit and grind. Those Kirbyville players are learning from the best.
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    Craig Jones is a great high school coach, with that said I think you're giving him a bit too much credit. John Phillips his pitching coach was a big-time bonus. The current staff really hasn't let up at all. Six trips to Austin may not happen again, but Jones was blessed with some incredible talent. Bill Marchant and Rick Fowler were also incredible high school baseball coaches in Texarkana, and there's been others. Don't get me wrong, I think coach Jones was incredible, and I call him friend.
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    Excited for the game too. Hoping for a win for my Panthers. Praying for safety for both teams.
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    Well I mean, it's not like y'all didn't see it coming. I mean look what happened when he got hired in Canada. He just doesn't set well with people anymore. Maybe y'all have moved on, but most haven't forgot what happened at BU. People can say what they want, but the only person that knows what's true and not, is the man himself. I couldn't ever like Briles at BU though, even before the scandal. He beat my 'Horns. It's kind of like us getting beat by PG now. They used to be the red-headed stepchild lol.
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    So what you're saying is, instead of trying to fix the things that we all know are wrong that actually get reported to the media, we should just let it go because so much stuff does get swept under the rug? If you don't want everyone looking at your school, don't hire a coach with arguably the shadiest past of any coach living .
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    Gone for the year for kicking a player ? Man you are harsh. I can see a one game suspension for kicking or punching or fighting but not a whole season..
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    Typical Gilmer fans, over confident as usual! I wouldn't overlook SH tonight, we just might surprise your precious Buckeyes!
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