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    Mav, no need for all the stats, I agree that the Mavs have been a sold program. And I know demographics and enrollments have changed. Everybody enrollment and demographics in East TX have changed. Even Longview and JT. Despite what you think, Longview enrollment has actually slightly decreased over the past 20 yrs, although its starting to go back up. And both JT and LV black population have had significant drops. As much as I understand this can affect a program, I just watch Carthage beat you guys two yrs in a row with half the enrollment. I feel like you are giving in to a mentality of accepting the new status quo, when you say that Marshall shouldn't play LV anymore because the scores are blowouts. Im a competitive person, if I got beat bad by some one close to my peer group, I wouldn't take my ball and go home. I would want to keep playing them to try to get better. And the Pine Tree comment literally went over your head. Of course I know Marshall has to play Pine Tree because they are in your district. The point of my comment is that beating Pine Tree seems to be good enough for you, when really beating Longview should be the goal...(whether you think you can achieve it or not). Nothing against Pine Tree because they have improved alot, but lets be honest, you don't have to be that great to beat Pine Tree at this time and the fact Pine Tree has beat Marshall twice in the last 20 yrs is kinda bad. by the way, I realize JT is probably not much better than Marshall this yr.
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    Gotta get the frosh in now. It's obvious the issues with drops aren't going away. Need someone who's gonna come down with the ball.
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    I understand your points, but the only way to get better is to play better competition. Yes JT got blown out against LV (the Trinity game was a decisive win but not a blowout), but you get better going forward. You may think the LV game didn't help but actually it does. If you play stronger faster compeition, it makes you get stronger and faster. I remember as a kid playing against the older kids in the neighborhood in basketball and getting beat down everyday. But every week I came back, I got better and better and those games got closer and closer and it made me much better against my peers. If I would have been playing kids on my level or below, I would have never improved at the rate I did. I knew I needed to practice more and harder. Get stronger, etc. The improvement is gradual and comes down the road. You start playing lower and average teams, your team will become complacent. also, better teams usually have better coaching staffs. So playing better teams also helps to coaches identify their flaws. I have seen many people on smoaky complain about their teams weak non district schedules, because it didn't test them or show what flaws they have. That is what you get when you play teams you know you can beat. You wan't to play teams that show you what you need to work on. and one final thing, when you get to a certain level, its hard to schedule teams. Alot ot teams have this same mentality of only wanting to schedule teams they can beat or be competiive with. Some times, a coach is left with no choice but to find who is willing to play them.
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    Thoughts on this one. Anybody know the status on Medford this week? A Kilgore win would just about bury Henderson, however a Henderson win opens everything back up. This is always a great East Texas rivalry game. I think it comes down to who is healthiest at kick off.
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    I know I'm probably in the minority, but not a fan of the running clock.
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    Thanks for making my point! The thing stopping the schools that struggle in certain sports or activities has nothing to do with how they are classified. It’s all in the local mindset and community support. In other words, if the people there really wanted to field a competitive football team, they could, just by making it a priority and spending the proper amount of money and resources, hiring a quality coaching staff, etc. We don’t need to let Texas high school football fall victim to some social engineering experiment just so certain schools “get a chance to win.” They have the same chance as the team they’re lined up against.
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    That may be a true statement but didn’t you guys give up 41 to Tatum a week ago ? I know it’s because you guys keep saying how much speed Tatum has but believe me when I say that WR has just as much speed at the skill positions. Their OLine will be as good as Tatum as well. I also think WR has a better defense so if you give up 41 again Sabine will lose. PS I still think Sabine wins but just like against Winny you won’t put up the 56 or 42 points you predicted and you will give up more than 14.
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    It may be so, but I don't think they'll steam roll the bux this go around.
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    Thought the same dang Thang... Lol Would throw a gif in there but I ain't on my playa fone.. Js.
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    This is a hard one to call. I'll take the light blue Raiders 28-24
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    you can slap them on the butt... but only if you are on the same team...
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    Having seen both play and baring a extreme melt down by HS, they’ll beat the brakes off HKS
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    You got it 98crush, haven't heard much from the purple people eaters!!! Dawgs do their talking on the field not in the parking lot!!!
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    Boss came by and asked what I was doing. . Told him I was smoking.. Lol
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    AMC is leading Lamar Consolidated 28-0 at the half. No shock there. I think Lamar loses to Huntsville.... and probably Katy Pat as well. Whoever wins the Lamar/Katy Pat game will likely be (8-2) and travel to the 9-5A district runner up. Whoever losses that game will come to East Texas to face the 9-5A champion.
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    Boys will be ready. They’ve had this one slated since the 1st summer workout.
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    , what it TT!! Crawford don’t play!
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    This is exactly what I’m been trying to say!!! Why would you wanna beat on teams you know you can beat! You gain NOTHING! I rather go 0-4 in the preseason and have state contending runs than to beat up on pine tree and some of the local teams and don’t even know how good we really are. Look at TH Started 3-1 played that cupcake schedule everyone thought they were better and look at them now 0-3 and possibly gonna miss the playoffs.... JT 0-4 tougher preseason schedule and now we are 3-0 and have a chance at a district title..
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    McKinney North Vs. West Mesquite- GOTW for the district. Either team winning wouldn't be a shock. Want to say MN's offense will get them the win. But WM's defense is stingy. Going to go with MN to get up a battle with JT in 2 weeks. Mesquite Poteet Vs. Wylie East- Poteet by a lot. Sherman Vs. Texas High- WInner keeps their dim playoff chances alive for another week. Loser is in trouble. I take the Tigers for the home win. John Tyler- BYE Lufkin Vs. Tomball- LP by as many as they desire Waller Vs. Magnolia West West by a landslide Magnolia Vs. College Station- CS gets back into the win column WIllis Vs. Caney Creek- Caney Creek- Toss a coin. Who knows. Forney Vs.Ennis- Ennis has Corsicana coming up.... they win easy this week. Terrell Vs. Kafuman- Another coin toss. Terrell get the win. Royce City Vs. Greenville- RC has district title aspirations. Greenville looking for their first playoff birth in almost 20 years. Bulldogs get the win. Sulphur Springs Vs. Corsicana- Gonna be ugly for SS. Tigers win comfortably North Forney- BYE Marshall Vs. Jacksonville- Close game at the half. Marshall pulls away for a double digit win in the second half. Lindale Vs. Whitehouse- Lindale gives WH their first loss in district play. Eagles want a piece of the district title. Hallsville vs. Mount Pleasant- MP gets their first district win. Pine Tree Vs. Nacogdoches- PT cruising right now.
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    One of the local papers said unofficially Big Sandy had under 50 yards of offense. Some folks I know said Alto might have ran 30 plays the entire game but probably had 400 yards of offense. Either way, Alto won comfortably. Good thing about the SA-Alto comparison...as long as both teams keep on winning we’ll all get to see it in person!
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    Oline has been very impressive...being that it was the biggest unknown to start season!
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    Alto pulls away in final half to trounce Big Sandy, 41-14 Progress staff reports photo credit Savana Dover BIG SANDY — Alto didn't play its best game of the season on Friday night, but the Yellowjackets still were able to open District 10-2A-I by caging the Wildcats of Big Sandy, 41-14. The Mean Sting (6-0, 1-0), unofficially, held the Wildcats (1-5, 0-1) to under 50 yards in total offense. The Alto defense kept Big Sandy's offense off of the scoreboard in the final half. Alto, who is 5-0 all-time versus Big Sandy, will host Price-Carlisle on Oct. 18. Carlisle shutout Cushing 34-0 in its conference opener on Friday. https://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/sports/alto-pulls-away-in-final-half-to-trounce-big-sandy/article_b7374cb0-eca0-11e9-8520-4bc6f27674d0.html
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    This is what happens when politics comes into play. It has showed the last two yrs we have put kids at QB just because they like the kid and their parents not because of talent. When traylor was here the best kids played, heck we sub like we are playing basketball I have never seen it in my life. It’s really starting to show that our OC has always been someone who translate the signals instead of calling plays.
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    Yea they did. Which he would’ve been the starter if it wasn’t for the new kids. But he couldn’t have thrown the ball any better. There were many times he would hit the receiver in stride right in the hands and they would drop it. I’ve never seen the starting Qb but imo this young man did a really good job. Jefferson just played with lots of motivation and jumped all over them early and never let up.
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    You need to get over yourself!!! By your statement you have no clue what I'm talking about, but keep chimming in. Maybe it'll make you feel better, but I doubt it. Some people just want to gripe.
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    Coaches didn’t lose it. B’ville played well. Tigers didn’t play bad. Many costly penalties put the Tigers behind the chains on offense. Tiger run defense is down this year. Tigers have several WR but lost some really great players to graduation in key positions..... It happens at a small school. Tigers aren’t far off and I expect them to be in the playoffs. A down year for the Tigers is a few losses here or there..... That’s a successful year for other programs. Tigers have set the bar high
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    Champ77 just sent me his top 5. 1. Sabine 2. Sabine 3. Sabine 4. Sabine 5. Sabine
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    No doubt Newton wins this game, but not as bad as people may think, at least not as bad as last yr
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    Lincoln Riley boycotts Freddy’s Steakburgers and Frozen Custard
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    Best defense we have ever fielded and our offense is starting to click. It was easy the last time we won it why should this one be any different.
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    Trash Rankings!! You mean to tell me Sabine is not in the Top 25 being 6-0...Maxpreps have them at #5 before their win against Winnsboro
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    I hope the weather is perfect for West Rusk..Don’t think I can go another year to hear the excuses about playing conditions.. in case you didn’t know Sabine has almost the same team that beat West Rusk last year that gonna beat them this year.. Last year score was 23-7, This year will be 42-14 Sabine wins.
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    Where’s the DK posters? I figured GrinNbearIt would be already flapping his gums. Care Bears don’t win another game the rest of the year.
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    You were one of the people that picked us to lose to poteet because of how bad we played in the preseason last year..
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    No I was talking about pack when I said he picked against us, like most people did. Some people really thought we were gonna miss the playoffs last season. Some think we still are this season.. not saying it’s you
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    You talk like Sabine is the best team in the state or something. You guys are good no doubt but you might want to enjoy the success y’all have had so far and humble yourself a little because there are still a lot of games to be played.
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    Kilgore wins. Henderson doesn't have defense to stop Kilgore offense. However, the offense will run better with Medford. Rivalry games are great but the best team doesn't always win. I will take the Dogs by 14.
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    Good thing about Sabine is the last two district games have been won without our starting RB. He was suited up for Winny but really never needed him, I see him getting some reps in the WR game.
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    How big and good is WR O-Line? Because Sabine D-LINE is the best in district
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