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    Alto football games would not be the same without the band. I’m a band dad and a football dad. There were folks asking if our band could play at the scrimmages. AND there are folks who come to our games from other towns to see the band. True story. Now, I understand that if it was the Friday night of our bye week and the band decided to do their show at the stadium that we wouldn’t have the same numbers that show up to our football games. We live in Texas and that’s the main show after all! BUT, we do have higher than average support for our band program. They have a big following and lots of folks travel to the Battle of the Band contests in support of them. One other thing I would like to mention is the relationship between our band and athletic directors. Those gentlemen are on the same team and it is evident. I told Coach Meeks when he came here that our band is literally part of the defense. Lol They bring the soundtrack to Friday nights, pep rally etc. The stands are rocking from the time they enter the stadium until the school song after the game. Mr. E (band director) loves football and watches the game and knows when to be loud and when to get quiet. I’ve never seen anything like it. Need a defensive stand? They play the defense dittie. Kickoff time? They are jamming and the football players are feeling it, helmets moving to the music, even dancing. PUMPS them up as well as the crowd. I get a kick out of watching the opposing teams enjoy it and their band and fans dancing and joining in. Just brings the game experience to another level. That’s why Caleb Beames of The Red Zone recently responded to a tweet on Greg Tepper’s Twitter feed that said, and I quote: “Favorite band has to be Alto.....It’s a party every night in the stands.” We have something special cooking in Alto and are definitely blessed by great leadership. As our superintendent said in our Bond Town Hall Meeting the other night: “It’s a great day to be a Yellowjacket!”
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    I don't care if he starts, but give Hale at least five targets and see what he does with them. The kid is for real.
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    Cushing will dominate. They will score every time they get the ball. Alto will go home mad and butt hurt...... This will happen only if Alto fumbles every snap and all their players get injured and the band gets lost on the way to the game...... Cushing has no chance. Alto will get healthy and dance on the sidelines in the 2nd half
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    There is just something about being a visiting fan going into another’s stadium. You build an instant bond with the other Horn fans while you are there. Did it a couple of weeks ago in West Virginia.
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    Alto does put on a great show. As far as what is entertaining, to each his own. It’s a lot like the difference between the spread offense and the slot-t. Some people prefer the tenacity and the old school feel of the slot-t, while others like the wide-open nature of a pass-happy spread attack. (I tend to enjoy any system that is well executed.) It’s much the same with bands. Some people enjoy the precision and hard work that goes into a good military drill, while others prefer the artistic expression built into a good corp performance. I saw both last night, and they were all well done. A good show band like Alto is fun to watch as well, especially considering they are about the only one in East Texas.
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    Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Sting. Our fans and ESPECIALLY our football boys would stroke smooth out without our band. They feed off of their energy.
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    Ridiculous for a band to ever leave a football game, contest or no contest. The Alto Band does not even take off 3rd quarter!!
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    Ol' Red got the boys' coming out on fire. Probably got mad about all the Lincoln Riley rumors.
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    Automatic grounds for a divorce in Texas.
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    Well, naturally. But to be clear, people from Alto DO show up for the Meansting band without another sport involved. They roll out to see our kids win all of our battle of the bands. They are a show all by themselves. And while our football team has had some rough spots in the past few years (Thankfully, we’re on our way back to where we should be) our band has been winning first place, consistently. That’s what I meant.
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    Lynx Hawthorne he will coach for free. keep it clean @NATUREBOY98
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    I don't mind the bands playing at all .... now train horns that's another matter, I think they should be banned! ....
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    It’s usually not enforced until the opposing coach asks for it, and then they usually give a warning. Like almost all Texas High School football rules, it matches up with ncaa rules. The difference is it is strictly enforced at college games. My one and only gripe with that is the fact that they have been inconsistent with keeping football players and coaches from interfering with band performances. Just this year, SFA has had a Tarleton State grad assistant elbow a piccolo player in the nose during the Lumberjack Marching Band’s halftime show. During the BOTPW, the kicker from the Sam Houston Institute of Technology and Science decided to practice field goals during the LMB’s halftime show. If there are rules that keep the bands from interfering in the game, surely they can keep football players and coaches out of the way for the 28 minutes that the bands are on the field.
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    I think he will play some as soon as he can play, but I agree about not needing him until the second round. We need to get our ground game back on track, moving High outside helped the overall offense but hurt the running game. 25 carries for 68 yards out of the backfield isn’t going to cut it against a better team. Carlisle plays hard and is very well coached and has no quit in them, but we are at least 3 more scores better than what we put up. Our defense was lights out again, and made changes at the half to stop what Carlisle was successful with in the first half ( good coaching). I thought 4 for Carlisle played at a high level even with his 4 Ints. I know the Carlisle fans were complaining about the ints., but when you got that defensive front after you it’s definitely not easy. Overall I was really happy with with the games results, JUST WIN, BABY!!!!!
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    I agree 100% he dont need to be in a leadership role at all.and I would kick him off if he throws one more fit or gets out if line in any way. I dont care how athletic a kid is. Id rather lose with good kids, then win with that bs.I want d Lewis from now and the next 2 years at qb.
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    Several of us have done that already, but there's belittling all over Smoaky, but I call it honest criticism just like you see and hear on tv, there's no difference, just like LSU said, too many sensitive heads on here.
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    Bashing of kids or coaches will not be tolerated on this site. You may get away with it elsewhere, but not on here. If it continues there will be some suspensions handed out.
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    I thought the biggest difference in this game was that Waskom’s offensive and defensive lines controlled the line of scrimmage. Also our Freshman FB ran with some authority, he was carrying defenders all night.
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    Kinda makes you wonder...how many times did they cheat before this and not get caught?
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    Well, we may not have beaten those sorry Jets, but we sure as hell can beat them hated Eagles. lol
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    One other thing to keep in mind they put 65 on Paris which is more than PG and Gilmer did combined.
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    Looks like we're getting it back. Maybe they get another score before the half
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    Yes!! We don't want ANY fieldgoals this entire game. Only touchdowns!! Keep your foot on the gas and put 50 on em!! The D needs to stay aggressive and shut em down too.
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    Marion “The Barbarian” Barber. He was a beast and then, poof, he was done.
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    I completely agree that the defense stinks. Anybody can go back to read my posts to see I'm not a fan of Orlando. I think we rely too much on our athleticism instead of good, basic defensive alignment and fundamentals. I also know we are literally hurting on defense. I guess I'm a little confused with your comment about relying on Ehlinger too much. He's the QB. What is Texas doing with Ehlinger that other teams are not doing with their QBs? I don't think Texas is asking any more of Ehlinger than OU is asking of Hurts or Baylor is asking of Brewer. The difference is there is more pressure on Sam this year because the defense is bad. Very similar to Kyler Murray at OU last year. It's college football; QBs run the football when needed without concern for injury. QBs don't take those chances in the NFL because they play 16 games and simply have to make the playoffs. They also get paid a ton of money to stay healthy and not take chances.
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    I’d be worked up to if I got beat by Waskom. JS.....
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    From a man that settled for a tie against Georgia with a national title in reach. (By the way I loved Akers defenses.)
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    Not Me-The coach tried to cheat and got caught, that simple. I feel for the boys but when you are own a team that will cheat to win, and get caught there are consequences to cheating. I feel bad for you ( the kids ) but you are just as guilty as the coach, it's like being in a stolen car, you might not have stole the car but you are riding in it= jail time. The boys should have turned the coach in. Give me a break changing his # so he could play was very deceitful, send a message to the coach and school, they all knew- throw the book at them.
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    We get to the meat of our district and we are wearing dentures. Got 2 games and 3 weeks to fix what’s wrong.
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    They did the same “tightrope” procedure on his right ankle today that he had done on his left ankle last season after the injury in the SEC Championship Game.
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    I agree somewhat. I would have liked to see Texas at full strength. Legitimately they had potential for a playoff spot.
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    Mattress Mac collects on his $3.5m bet. Stros in 7.
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    Found your site on facebook. Great work.
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    It all boils down to two words... “NEVER TRUMP.” That’s the Whole Enchilada, folks!
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    Hope sells. Herman has been slingin it for 3 years now.
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    Polls don't usually sample a big number of people. I been trying to tell people there are dems in carthage but nobody would believe me. I feel like i found bigfoot!
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    Right. I thought about that and wanted to give her that pass but, I refuse to believe that mostly everyone even on the outside knows that we are the Lobos and Grandview is some small school due south of Alvarado. Then she tried to reference Denton Guyer's state championship as if we don't have one. And to think, she clearly admitted that Guyer is her ADOPTED school; not even her actual alma mater. The nut riding and jock strap sniffing in the DFW is at an all time high.
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