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    Too bad there is no rule for begging and crying to get a dub. Y’all are pitiful.
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    i didn’t realize a member of the documentary team dressed the same exact way as the head coach LOL
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    MV school board and Superintendent should have never hired Briles. Its been a show from the beginning, from the way the hire was handled on the day of graduation till now
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    If everyone would consider all the band scholarships that Alto have received since Mr. E gotten there. If the scholarships were going to their kids, they might change their mind. Been a lot more band scholarships handed out than football scholarships. Just another door opened for the kids to get an higher education! Think about it
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    My quess would be Amie from Waskom. He tackled everyone every play. Lol
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    Hard to say. Depends on coaching staff. Some get credit for tackle if they touch the pile. my guess would prolly be #70 from Sabine. @Bclove05
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    Sawftt as a baby's behind .... you could tape eggs to the front of their helmets and they would still be there at the end of the game ... tru storie ....
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    Haha. The Associated Press is full of communists. Their polls are not credible.
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    Hawthorne is the smoking gun IMO...remember the other 2 transfers were ruled eligible.. But also keep in mind people moving to Allen, Aledo, Duncanville, Lake Travis etc rarely move in senior year...mostly its early in HS...so they sit a year regardless...thats how you game the system...bring em in early establish residency then you are good to go
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    Surely not......Kerry Strong would get this turned around.......
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    That Briles cat can coach. Will still win enough with what he has.
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    I totally get that point for sure. I can’t imagine how an experienced and qualified coach with any knowledge of the situation would want this job.
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    he never will. he is lost. when he resorts to insults over comments about a team after a surprising and decent performance by a bottom feeder, it shows just how lost he is.
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    if there's this much evidence the school knew then I would think the DEC would have made Mt Vernon retro-actively forfeit...so my question is if there was all of this evidence MVISD knowingly misled or gave bad info to the DEC why didn't the DEC go forward with the forfeiting the Hughes Springs game and let the UIL SEC decide on that also???
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    And MVISD didn't have knowledge of it, don't forget to mention that!
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    Witch hunt fit his 'agenda' and is now butt hurt that said 'witch hunt' didn't fly his way. Get the broom and sweep that nonsense out of here 64
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    they should....at the time the players were eligible....I don't think itd be fair to make them go back and forfeit those games
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    Defensive Player of the Week Photo courtesy of Beverly Milner Harmon West of Alto was named as the Jacksonville Progress Defensive Player of the Week on Monday. In the Mean Sting's 29-7 victory over Price-Carlisle West racked up 10 tackles, three tackles for loss, a quarterback sack, a fumble recovery and two interceptions. Alto cruised past the Indians, 29-7 to remain undefeated (7-0, 2-0). https://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/sports/defensive-player-of-the-week/image_b06a7fb2-f432-11e9-aa5d-87dec590f7ab.html
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    I'm gonna be honest, if EF upsets PP, it will come from within those boys, not Ford, they should have a players only meeting and figure something out. Back in '87 under Benny Mitchell, we came togther and had a players only practice one time, coach Mitchell wanted to see if we would focus within ourselves for one practice and yes it worked, we went 8-2-1 lost in the first round to Winona, but it was productive.
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    It ain’t George P.’s to Sell..... Like all other Bushes, He can go to Hell.
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    And the Big Green Marching Machine got their record breaking 70th, 1st division. Go Lobos!!
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    Coach Griedl said on the radio coach's show that he thinks this was the last year for Marshall to play Longview. It doesnt benefit either team and it isnt much of a rivalry game anymore.
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    I have kids that played football and also were in band, plus daughter was in color guard. Enjoyed watching both. I'm all for the bands playing during the game. Like other have said, it adds to the atmosphere of the game plus it's the only time they get to play besides band competitions. The only time I've ever seen a coach complain about a band was our coach, when our band played while we were on offense (director had no concept of football - he was only there for one year IIRC). Before I went to competitions I thought they would be a snooze fest; I was wrong. Probably has something to do with whether or not your kids are performing, but I was impressed with what a lot of the schools could do. I have seen Alto's band at a couple playoff games, and they are excellent.
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    As a breakdown, Alto needs most of all to work on the timing and mental aspect of their game. The misques that they made against us Friday night will eat them up around the second or third round when the comp gets fierce, sharp and crisp is what they need to be looking for going forward. I see no reason the jacket can't be playing in December if the kids get it in their head that they can play with anyone and maybe take it all.. IMHO it could wind up in a battle with SA and the jackets need to be Uber focused going down that stretch... Good luck as y'all start rolling and may luck be in your favor... Chain out.
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    Sabine 3-0 Mineola, Gladewater, W O Gladewater 2-1 W O, Sabine, Tatum Mineola 2-1 Sabine, Tatum, Winnsboro West Rusk. 2-2 Tatum, Winnsboro Winnsboro 2-2 West Rusk, Mineola Tatum. 1-2 West Rusk, Mineola, Gladewater White Oak 0-4 Gladewater, Sabine Who gets in, who’s left out, What’s your final standings?
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    TABC - 2019 Preseason 6A 1. Duncanville 2. Morton Ranch 3. Beaumont United 4. Dickinson 5. Steele 6. Guyer 7. Waco Midway 8. Waco Ellison 9. Lewisville 10. Summer Creek 11. Laredo Nixon 12. Allen 13. Westlake 14. Bush 15. Vandegrift 16. Permian 17. North Shore 18. Euless Trinity 19. Waxahachie 20. Dallas Jesuit 21. Austin Bowie 22. Atascocita 23. SA Brennan 24. Klein Forest 25. McAllen Rowe 5A 1. Lancaster 2. Wagner 3. Timberview 4. Manor 5. Sulphur Springs 6. PA Memorial 7. FB Hightower 8. Wyatt 9. Northwest 10. Highland Park 11. Lone Star 12. Brewer 13. Red Oak 14. Midlothian 15. Rider 16. Austin LBJ 17. South Oak Cliff 18. Burleson Centennial 19. Kimball 20. Colleyville Heritage 21. Shadow Creek 22. Texas City 23. Laredo Martin 24. Nederland 25. CC Ray 4A 1. Faith Family 2. Yates 3. Liberty Hill 4. Argyle 5. Dallas Lincoln 6. Dallas Carter 7. Decatur 8. Silsbee 9. West Oso 10. Connally 11. Estacado 12. Fulshear 13. Sinton 14. Clint 15. Palestine 16. Pleasanton 17. Paris 18. Waxahachie Life 19. Burkburnett 20. Taylor 21. Dallas Pinkston 22. Navasota 23. Wilmer Hutchins 24. China Spring 25. WF Hirschi 3A 1. Dallas Madison 2. Brock 3. Cole 4. East Chambers 5. Randolph 6. Crockett 7. Shallowater 8. Coldspring 9. Atlanta 10. Grandview 11. Tatum 12. Peaster 13. Jefferson 14. Abernathy 15. Malakoff 16. Hallettsville 17. Santa Rosa 18. Childress 19. Commerce 20. London 21. Wall 22. Franklin 23. Marion 24. Van Alstyne 25. Academy 2A 1. Shelbyville 2. Gruver 3. Martin’s Mill 4. Hearne 5. Tenaha 6. Muenster 7. Grapeland 8. Port Aransas 9. Clarksville 10. Thorndale 11. Floydada 12. San Perlita 13. Post 14. Broaddus 15. Wheeler 16. Flatonia 17. Tahoka 18. Yorktown 19. Big Sandy 20. Stamford 21. San Augustine 22. McLeod 23. Dallas Big Sandy 24. Windthorst 25. Slocum 1A 1. Slidell 2. Graford 3. Jayton 4. Nazareth 5. Oakwood 6. Borden County 7. Lapoynor 8. Laneville 9. Neches 10. Eula 11. New Home 12. Paducah 13. Texline 14. Saltillo 15. Shamrock 16. Lipan 17. Leggett 18. Rocksprings 19. Irion County 20. Moulton 21. Rankin 22. Spur 23. Springlake Earth 24. Ector 25. Hermleigh
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    Now Alvarez, that is how it is done, go back to doing that
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    We’re still studying up on the trash talk.
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    Kinda reminds me of the crazy guy on Independence Day.
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    The world would come to an end.
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    $20 says he commits suicide by the time he’s 30; She needs to be in prison for life.
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    She's a centrist Democrat. Compared to the rest of the DNC field she's practically Barry Goldwater.
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    How could we forget Kerry Strong!!! What Kerry Strong wants, Kerry Strong gets! So it is his if he wants it.
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    QC screwed up by not hiring here, hopefully Lone Oak wouldn't do the same. People are really missing out on a chance to better their school. Remember people we are here for the kids!!
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    Listening to the star local media is cringy sometimes with how hard they ride their local teams nuts lol. At least when we had ETSN they had kept it real and realistic about what they thought could happen each game. The dudes can’t help they can’t help they self, they want that poteet, north game so bad I think they going crazy . To bad they finna get they heart broken. But anyways Them dudes at star have completely taken JT out the district title picture like as if JT didn’t win the whole district last year lol. That’s fine though we just have to remind them who run the show in this district.
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    Houston in 5...........I mean by 5
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    That's probably a fake page you created "Barry". Veterans support Trump, not Democrats.
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    At this point Alto is just trying to stay sharp and healthy for 3 more weeks to get going full bore again come playoff time.
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