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    I hear Longview Lobo field Friday at 7:00? Anyone confirm?
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    Your opinion only.......and perhaps shared by some others as well. But by no means provable fact.
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    That's good the teacher let you have arts and crafts time. Now if you're a good boy we will put it on the fridge.
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    Defense just means more in the Southeast.
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    With all the success that argyle has had in other sports surprising the ad/ head coach is the one that can't ever seem to produce titles
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    At least two incomplete passes that were called complete ...
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    This is crazier than the top 4 making the playoffs. The first couple of rounds are watered down already. Taking six post season wins to take the State Championship is also crazy. All about $. I know the kids love to play but all these games put them at risk
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    I'm proud of Morris county all together not often you get two teams from the same district dominate much less two teams from the same county. These boys have made morris county proud and given us something to look forward to coming future seasons.
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    Yes, he looked like Lamar Jackson out there .... that waved off intentional grounding flag on the last series was killer .... I still can't believe they picked up that flag ....
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    Prescheduling regional finals for certain times, dates, and venues for the public and all the football classifications......they are REGIONAL finals. If a game should be moved because of a special circumstance that will be more beneficial, then allow that to be an available option as well between the teams' staffs. But both teams will have to agree to it first.
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    Gonna be a great game between 2 powerhouses. I can't wait till Friday gets here. I'm sure this game will draw a large crowd to boot. I've already told the ole lady that we will be there when the gates open. We will have to play our best game and come out on a mission to beat PG. If we come out flat or play sloppy we are out. The Buckeyes are on a mission right now and the road leads through the Grove. To be the best you have to beat the best. They have earned that #1 seed and it's up to us to get it back. Go Bux!!
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    But you think the game should be played indoors in Frisco or Arlington. So Waco people could be arriving in the rush hour traffic of the metroplex. You think that is fair for the Waco fans but not if Argyle has to drive SMH.
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    Aren't you an OU fan. All of your damn recruits are from Texas. Smdh.....
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    So so far we've got Grandview advancing with a dominant performance of a self-destructing Yoe, Pottsboro pulling out a win in a back-&-forth with Malakoff, and from what I'm seeing Bushland and Brock are tied at 14 with two minutes left...
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    I saw a tweet that Arkansas will have 14 players out with the Mumps. That program needs to clean house literally lol
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    Mitch Trubisky stinks. Dallas will make this kid look like the second coming of Sud Luckman.
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    Technically a losing team so Dallas has got a shot.
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    9-7 Nfc East Champs. Rams only winning team based on that criteria. So yes probably overachieved upset #5 Seattle then upset #2 New Orleans . Lose to #1 San Francisco.
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    Just commenting for future Smoaky historians, here lay the infamous Alto Vs. Joaquin thread. Behold it in all its glory
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    Yoe fans a little on edge, they know they have a very talented team and one of the best QB in the playoffs. They sticking with we taking it one game at a time talk, they are scared Coach Tommy and his Staff are going to mess it up some how. Don't worry Yoe fans Coach Tommy and his boys got this. Go ahead and make your reservations to Jerry's World. Remarkable rebound by the staff and players since the beat down by the Troy. Onward the through the fog and rain Yoe fans.See you in Arlington Tx.
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    Doesnt matter SA will donkey stomp either team by 30
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    I have nothing to say about the game or anything. I just want to be a part of a record Maine Man has spoken
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    Joaquin... Ain’t nobody stopping this train.
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    Same to EF bud. D11 is gonna prove we are the toughest district.
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    Pewitt by 14 tonight. Good luck to both teams and safe travels on these wet roads.
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    I thought the rain was moving out that afternoon. Doesn’t matter football wise just don’t like sitting in it.
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    Good gawd this thread is dead.
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    They don’t know what they’re talking about. Hell some of them get confused on who to root for. Kinda of a week to week thing for those guys.
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    Any Harmony posters other than Stoney?
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    I’d be surprised if it got that out of hand.
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    I agree. I think we win but by a closer margin. Eagles are always well disciplined and well coached.
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    I’m not saying this week. I don’t need Stoney dropping the hammer down.
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    A lot longer than it took all of smoakdom to disavow you Barry, ya troll. You don't get many replies do you. That's sad. And this is supposed to be Thanksgiving. Spending the weekend at the homeless shelter again?? Awwwhhh. No wonder you have so much free time to troll, you must stay on the computer at the public library all dang day. That list of corrupt Democrats is getting longer every day; you better go ask that library lady if she can print it out from your station. Bye!
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    Bro. Its gonna be easy.we already know what's coming.
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    I personally feel all regional finals should have a predetermined date and stadium already set up for the game, not a coin flip type situation that could greatly favor one team over the other. There's enough coin flips already just to get to this bigtime game. I hope the UIL is reading this and will consider this suggestion in the future.
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    That poll sure is proving that there is still a lot of DF haters. Wow. A lot of butt hurt out there.
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    Rudy? He may do jail time before it's all over.
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    The rb was right there on the sidelines. It's on video.
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    But he’s the example you used when the conversation was talking about a lack of development. Texas was soft under Mack brown. They stink under CHARLIE. They’re poorly used/developed under Herman. One kid in a recruiting class that got a mythical “Texas Bump” has nothing to do with development. There are players across the country that get recruited over but yet you are talking about Texas because it’s all you think about. Pitiful.
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    The entire conversation has been poor development. It was you who took the opportunity to hate on a team you love to hate on with a stupid Aggy theory of mythical Texas Bumps in recruiting. Pitiful
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