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    Nobody in 4A played a tougher schedule than L-E
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    I can't believe he was only 79 ... he looked about 90, 15 years ago ....
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    Agreed, I do not think there is anyway you can say Argyle’s WR corp was as good as Lampasas’s WR corp was this year. That Lampasas offense was awesome, and their defense held Carthage better than LV did. That’s why I ranked Lampasas as #2 behind Carthage and LV #3. Lampasas was the only team to actually threaten to beat Carthage this year.
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    People seem to forget that many of the immigrants coming to the USA are trying to escape communist policies, so its understandable that they would have an aversion to the now open radicalization of the Democrat Party. It appears that many of these are Catholics and they have values.
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    So, FOX, Breitbart, WND, the American Thinker and talk radio? Oh, and the right wing version of the 'dark web'?
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    Haynes, but I think Mond's experience gives him the job. With better receivers he'll do better.
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    The team hasn’t played great, but it’s been nice seeing how Jimbo plans to use Achane. Smith has had quite a few touches from the backfield and it has looked natural in the offense. Even a couple of good plays out of 2 back sets with spiller in as well. Achane is a whole extra gear above Smith so I’m very excited to see what he can do.
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    Aggies very fortunate to not have to face Sanders at QB for OSU. I'm embarrassed that this is OSU's back-up.
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    I heard that, and what's been weird is after he was released by the Patriots we didn't hear any stories on the two women that have sued him or made accusations. We have heard of his tweets to the Patriots. I'm thinking those two women were simply scorned women.
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    At least y’all ain’t complaining like on other sites.
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    I have 5 kids. I work, I pay bills, we eat. My wife also has 5 kids, pays bills and eats also. I would love to show welfare families how to do this... and when I do, I want their welfare checks as payment
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    Same to you and yours......and to all the Carthagenians out there. Without teams like ours in the mix every season.....4A wouldn't be near as interesting as it really has been now for the past decade......even when it was previously known as 3A before the jump-up in classifications across the state. We should all be very proud of our product and the kind of competition we have created here in our own backyards........it's just absolutely the very best I've seen in my whole life at this level. I've been around football my whole life and played in a very competitive region against Cuero and Refugio back in the 70's. I had to cover Arthur Whittington in the secondary.....LOL. I did a good job of it too......just ask Cuero "oldies". But this football at this level in today's game is just astounding and mind-boggling that we have in Texas.......the very best there is. And I'm thankful to be part of it on this site and every season at the games. God Bless America and football in Texas.......Happy New Year and Amen.
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    SCOTT SURRATT!!!!!!!!
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    Buttplug has two chances, slim and none .... and slim left town with Betoff ....
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    Temple would NOT have been one of those teams.....
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    Reagle - are you really lecturing me about homer comments? It’s not my place to convince you the Lamp WR group is better. You can go look up their stats and watch their highlights if you want, or not. The Argyle group was good, the Lamp group was better, but Dixon was best. It’s ok. Happy New Year!
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    Jadon Maddox from Bridgeport. Beat Dixon in the 100 at state in 2019. He got 3rd as a sophomore in the 100 at state. Has football highlight as a WR videos on the internet. Do your homework first before instead of your homer comments.
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    You being deliberately dense and purposely trolling, Dalton, doesn't excuse that I haven't advocated for any drug to be made more readily available or 'around kids' but that treating addiction with treatment can be much more effective than just locking people away, as it doesn't end drug dependency (and drugs ARE in prisons) and there is an impact on the families of those convicted that can be mitigated if there is mandatory counseling and treatment in their communities.
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    Only for sure game for carthage is Marshall will have to wait till new district come out before trying to fill the rest I'm sure pg and gilmer will be on it if we go south like most r predicting
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    IMO, LE needs to replace Argyle, LV and Carthage with some 3A D1 teams to build confidence going into district. Also to stay healthier.
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    That's right CarthDawg but liberals like that falsify everything
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    Toughest schedule.......1) Considering just 10 games or playoff games as well ? .........2) Are you taking how good the team itself is or not - Examples > Is Carthage playing Gilmer as tough as L-E playing Gilmer ? Is P G playing Gilmer as tough as L-E playing Gilmer ?
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    Republicans must be getting a little nervous about him, bringing up a plan from months ago. And, our approach to drug addiction and use is an ineffective means to the end of only fattening the wallet of private prisons out there, with a great need to offer drug counseling and treatment, rather than just locking up users. He isn't talking about violent offenders being set free.
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    The Indy bowl may have been the worst bowl game I have EVER seen...
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    LE had the worst schedule in Texas: Texas High, Arkansas High, Carthage, Atlanta, Argyle, Waco LaVega, PG, Gilmer, SH, Pitt. 3 played for state titles with 2 being champs, Texas High beat Lufkin in round 1, Arkansas High played 3 rounds. I think during the season LaVega, Argyle, Carthage and PG were all ranked #1. With that being said LE should never be 0-10
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    Lampasas had a lethal core of WR's..#1, #5 and #6 were all big , fast and ran great routes...add in the QB and that offense was tremendous
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    just trying to have football discussion, without becoming hostile again, takes the enjoyment out of it for the both of us. You’re overgeneralizing this, in my opinion. Did we have plays where we got stuffed? Yes. But it wasn’t play in and play out like you describe. Most of the time, except for that Alto game, we had drives that got going going, but they were shot by penalties. I think against Joaquin we had 4 or 5 drives get shut down by penalties, and against Timpson it seemed to be every other drive. also, in every single offensive system the defense is gonna get to the ball carrier one way or another, so using that language might make your argument of the defense collapsing around him might sound more convincing, but it’s fluff language at best. The 30-40 yard pass you’re describing was thrown maybe 20 times all season. What do you propose to do you do when the defense sits on short routes and you’re throwing the ball? just eat it and punt, or at least try and get the ball out there so your receiver can make a play, or force it into a tight window? Also, you’ve still yet to answer my question. But when you do, keep in mind your drag route is covered by the defense sitting on short routes, your back over the middle is gonna get tackled as soon as he gets the call against zone coverage we saw all season (Crockett and SA manned up because they can) as well, and the slot-t gets blown up by backfield penetration, so the slot-t doesn’t work, because if you thought teams blitzed us before, sheesh. Also, your I formation argument might work, honestly. I’ll give you that. But running a pro-style system (unless you mean power I?, genuinely curious) comes with its own complications in that it’s much more complicated because it’s a lot of formations, so if you thought our offense was vanilla, that one would’ve been much worse. All in all, I don’t think anybody is going to argue that this was a good season, I think the coaches, kids, and fans have a right to be disappointed. But to place all the blame on the coaches, who I’m sure could’ve done things better at some points in every game, that’s just a fact all the way across the board, up to the NFL, is just baselessly pointing fingers. I get it, you have faith in the athletes at Garrison, as do I, but I’m trying to be objective as well. Also, what did you think of the split back veer we saw in the last two games? I think we were going to get a heavy does of that in the years to come if the coaches stuck around.
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    If there’s a better concession stand out there show me. Until then this one wins.
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    His actions were fruitless. There are lots of sleeper cells in America and the liberal immigration policies the Democrats set up are responsible.
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    Pleasant Grove will have 5 guys of the front 7 on defense that will win a lot of games for them if the other 17 starters are just average 4A players. And of course those 5 can play offense as well, so P G will definitely be a top 15 team and probably a top 5 team.
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    Can think what ya want to! Right job, right $$ comes along. He gone!
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    Barry Norton was lucky to have him for that first title.
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    Ben has eyes for Surratt’s oldest. That’d be cool! Ben’s a stud!
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    That’s awesome Hawknation03. Hey, did y’all know Surratt was down in the tunnel encouraging your boys as they took the field yesterday afternoon just before kickoff?!! Who all are y’all losing off this year’s team?
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    And I may be wrong about this, Gibson does not strike me as a materialistic person I mean money and possessions so I’m not sure if you can dangle dollar signs in front of him. I think he likes a challenge for sure but this man cannot and I mean cannot speak about these kids and not get emotional. He spews love for these boys. He’s had me crying a time or 2. What a blessing to have this man and the PG coaching staff so involved in shaping 2 of my sons! Truly thankful!
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    Really sloppy 1st half by the Grove but held that high scoring Wimberley offense to just 1 TD that came in the closing minutes in the 2 nd half. 3 turnovers by Pg kept Wimberley in this Game but PG played a really good second half. The seniors shed a lot of tears at the end. You could tell it was bitter sweet. I want to say thanks to the most successful group of seniors in Texarkana. What a run and y’all were a blast to watch. A fitting end to an incredible journey!!
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    Coach Gibson and the Pleasant Grove Hawks. A class act and a class program. Congratulations.
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    ET always. Whierd how we all bond in the playoffs. Hope it never ends
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    Good read here by former Texas governor Rick Perry. The mayor is on to something....https://www.brennancenter.org/our-work/analysis-opinion/follow-texas-model
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    Especially since his plan virtually mirrors the Texas plan that’s been around since the 77th state legislature met. Drug courts are reducing recidivism not only in Texas but nationwide. These pretrial diversion programs are a proven success.
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    You argue with everyone dude now go find a fencepost
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    Carthage barely makes the playoff. Interesting seeing Van do something. Gilmer always a player.
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    He's not going anywhere anyway after that dust up in his city. He cant even count on his local electorate and Bernie n Warren are not viable outside of new england
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    Good job Carthy and there's ton of women that have kids for no other reason than to get that big welfare check. They're on permanent holiday and us working folks are paying for it while they laugh at us.
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    Brennan center, a well known leftist propaganda outfit.
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