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    Chiefs versus either team out of the NFC will be a pretty good Super Bowl. Give me the Chiefs to win the whole thing.
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    Demond Demas is AWESOME! Demas is probably the most elite player A&M has had since Johnny. Dude is going to be really good, and legitimately is a freakish athlete with speed and outrageous leaping ability. I am ready to see him play.
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    I haven’t read anything that has slighted him. If you have then I strongly suggest you ignore it or cast it off as a CNN report. Jay is absolutely amazing. He is double teamed constantly and has different fresh defenders ran at em throughout the game no one from any team has stopped em yet. Sville has a solid cast around him but ultimately they will go as far as he can carry them. Sville has some injuries and a few short comings this year compared to last year’s team but Jay is doing more than an adequate job in making up for it. He has a bright future for sure...... The funny thing to me is he beat Jon Tyler, Cushing, Tenaha, Timpson, Joaquin, Carlisle, Cayuga all in the same night....
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    I would like to see the list of coaches who won a state title without any talent? That is one of the dumbest criticisms of a Coach that I have ever heard. “Yeah well he only won because he properly harnessed the talent of the team he was coaching and achieved the highest possible goal available.” If you have been coaching long enough then you are in on the secret. Football is about the Jimmy’s and Joe’s more than it is about the X’s and O’s. There is a reason the same schools are always the best, and it’s not their scheme.
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    And his true colors are even more clear now.
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    He's a prime example why they need term limits.
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    It would be a rematch of SB 1. How great that would be to have that match up on the NFL's 100th season!
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    Tennessee folded tent after that 17-7 lead. I got GB winning the nfc.
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    You and I both know, their plan to take guns has nothing, zero, to do with safety or stopping killings, but everything to do with subduing the masses and implementing their socialist will.
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    Hey at least he cited a different source. 2 sources is just good journalism
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    I'll pass. At least our troops got the support they needed and the people at the embassy did too. Had this happened during the last administration, they would've been left twisting in the wind and the embassy would have been overrun. "Treated for concussion like symptoms...". Again, a small price to pay given the missile strike was in retaliation for taking out a man who's responsible for so much death and mayhem. Give my regards to your family who's serving over there. Their service is appreciated. I've a feeling they're taking the news of these concussions much better than you are. I'll let you get back to your washington post digestion. Have a nice day.
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    Well the first report showed no US injuries and they targeted a base where US troops weren't present seems like it was different story..... I posted this to show our support to the Americans who were impacted by the attack.... I have family members who are stationed so its scary when these things happen...so you can take your last statement to your response and shove it up your ###....
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    Per Mark Berman just an hour ago: D’Eriq King (@DeriqKing_), who is transferring from @UHCougarFB, says he has yet to make a final decision on where he’s going: “I haven’t committed to anybody yet. I’m still looking at my options. I visited Miami. I liked it, but there are other options I’m still trying see to..” https://t.co/E4kz2xypWR
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    His stated logic, his rationale, that we don't have the supposed needed resources to care for refugees is nonsense, that they are above average contributors to our state, so that leaves us with that???? That our state, one of the most diverse states in the country has enough 'foreigners'? Please explain your thoughts.
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    We dont really care what the libtard propagandists at that bird cage liner think about anything.....Governor Abbott is 100% absolutely correct to keep any more foreigners out of Texas......
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    Off to Miami. Tate Martell will never see the field lol.
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    You underestimate the power of whining baseball parents.
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    No offense to the perpetually offended, but Bo Derek is my first and only thought every time I hear to word "cornrows".
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    No somehow he would be eligible to play just wouldn’t count towards this years scholarships. I think maybe he spends the first semester as a walk on and then gets a scholarship the following semester. I’m not really sure. And I’m not sure he is a candidate for that, I just don’t think you take this kid if you think it’s even 50/50 with Evans. Evans is qualified so we know he will be somewhere, and really only 3-4 teams are in the picture right now.
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    Heard talk of Crownover blue shirting which means he doesn’t actually take up a scholarship this year it would be for next year, meaning Evans might still be in play also.
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    The last spot in the class imo will be Jackson at DT. If Evans wants in, I think they find a way though. Not sure how but I just have a feeling there’s a plan in place.
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    "An elephant is afraid of a mouse ... I'll give the bulldog the benefit of the doubt." New Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach already has plenty of thoughts about the mascots in the SEC: https://t.co/pSKBDw9AYu https://t.co/WnpTtJvqe4
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    No doubt. But not many places are like SLC
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    Someone should print off a bunch of those and send them out...
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    Greenville boys upset #3 Sulphur Springs tonight, 41-38. GVL is now 24-4 on the season.
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    Then they should receive their purple hearts. Wait, they didn't have any flesh wounds, but had concussion like symptoms and were shell shocked. It sounds like to me they want to be Beetle Bailey's or Sad Sack that used to be in the comic strips section.
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    And, for now, his political, wrong move has been stopped. Refugees and what they bring to Texas is significantly positive and doesn't prevent anyone else getting what they need. https://www.dallasnews.com/business/commentary/2020/01/19/abbotts-message-texas-is-tapped-out-when-it-comes-to-refugees/ Commentary Governor Greg Abbott’s flawed message: Texas is tapped out when it comes to refugees By rejecting refugees for 2020, the governor undermines the state’s pro-business brand. But a judge has blocked the action for now Refugees, such as these workers at Elliott Electrical Supply, contribute more in taxes than they receive in benefits, according to a study on immigrants in Dallas. Statewide, refugees in Texas have over $4.6 billion in spending power.(Jeffrey McWhorter / Special Contributor) By Mitchell Schnurman 6:00 AM on Jan 19, 2020 Is Texas tapped out? That sounds ridiculous, given the state’s deep pockets and world-beating economy. But that’s essentially what Gov. Greg Abbott said when he closed the door on refugees in 2020. “At this time, the state and nonprofit organizations have a responsibility to dedicate available resources to those who are already here,” Abbott wrote in a recent letter to the U.S. Secretary of State. As a result, Texas cannot accept refugees this year, he wrote, but it “appreciates that other states are available to help.” Not so fast, slacker. Last week, a federal judge temporarily halted President Donald Trump’s executive order allowing states to opt out of the resettlement program. For now, Texas must continue to accept refugees, the same way it has for decades. That’s a good thing because refugees are fleeing dire straits, and once they get here, they make valuable contributions to the economy and culture. Nearly 178,000 refugees lived in Texas in 2015, according to one study, and they paid over $422 million in state and local taxes. Their estimated spending power was $4.6 billion, second only to California. Under the Trump administration, the number of refugees has fallen sharply amid concerns about their financial costs. Trump capped the nationwide total at 18,000 in fiscal 2020, down from 30,000 last year and 85,000 in 2016. Local numbers have moved in the same direction. Last year, just over 1,000 refugees settled in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, according to the Refugee Processing Center. That’s down from over 3,000 in many previous years. ADVERTISING Immigration has long been a strength in Texas, providing much of the fuel for the great jobs machine. Without the newcomers, it would be impossible for the state to keep growing jobs at roughly double the national rate, a local economist has said. To many, rejecting refugees — who are invited here after a long vetting process — is the same as rejecting immigrants in general. And such a policy undermines the “pro-business” brand that Abbott and others have worked so hard to build. “Why is this a priority?” Chris Wallace, CEO of the North Texas Commission, said about Abbott’s decision. “If refugees are a problem, we certainly haven’t seen it here.” His members include local employers, cities and chambers of commerce. They favor more immigration, not less, and he said they were perplexed by the move. “The optics are not good,” Wallace said. “This makes us look like we’re not a welcoming state — and we are.” He doesn’t believe the backlash will be as bad as it was with the bathroom bill, a 2017 proposal that alienated the LGBTQ community and prompted scores of employers to speak out. Refugees account for a relatively small share of the workforce — about 1,000 refugees came to D-FW last year, when the region added over 120,000 jobs. But many companies spoke out publicly against Trump’s travel ban in 2017 because it threatened workers and their values. So it’s difficult to predict the reaction. About 35,000 refugees live in Dallas County, according to a study by New American Economy, and they tend to work in manufacturing, health care and retail trade. Locking out refugees today — when the state’s economy is booming and companies are worried about attracting talent — makes Texas look small and mean. Especially when it was the only state to opt out. In contrast, consider the response from another Republican governor, Gary Herbert of Utah. “We empathize deeply with individuals and groups who have been forced from their homes and we love giving them a new home and a new life,” Herbert wrote to President Trump. Refugees in Utah become productive employees, responsible citizens and contributors to many civic institutions, Herbert said. They also welcome other refugees — “thus generating a beautiful cycle of charity.” He acknowledged there are limits to how many refugees could be accepted at once: “However, in Utah, we are far from reaching that limit,” Herbert wrote. Almost 2,500 refugees resettled in Texas last year, roughly five times more than in Utah. Texas officials also must deal with people illegally crossing its southern border. Abbott cited that challenge — and the fact that 100,000 migrants were apprehended in May 2019 — as part of the rationale for rejecting refugees this year. But he wrongly conflated two issues: the border crisis and refugee resettlements, said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum. “In the minds of the public now, there’s no difference between immigrants and refugees — they’re merely ‘the other,’ ” he said. It’s the wrong message, especially for business, Noorani said. And it carries extra weight coming from Abbott. “On the economy, Texas has been an example for other states to follow,” Noorani said, citing Texas’ rapid job growth and low unemployment. “But it makes no economic sense to do this. He’s making life more difficult for the business community.” It costs money to settle refugees in the U.S., and federal programs cover most of the expense. According to a study by researchers at the University of Notre Dame, refugees receive more in benefits for relocation and social services than they pay in taxes for their first eight years in the U.S. But over 20 years, the balance shifts. On average, adult refugees pay $21,000 more in taxes to all levels of government than they receive in benefits, the study concluded. “There’s a large body of research that shows the positive economic impact of refugees,” said Mark Greenberg, senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute. They have high rates of employment, are more likely to start companies, and income levels rise steadily over time. Rejecting refugees could put Texas’ pro-business reputation at risk, Greenberg said: “Companies are looking for hard-working, qualified workers, and policies that stand in the way are not helpful.”
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    Wonder if Barry would feel the same if a lib was in office and said the same thing?
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    "Greg Abott is wrong about refugees..." brought to you by a guy who's wrong about basically everything.
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    If it was close enough to cause concussions etc, to damn close IMHO..... but that's just me, obviously some ppl differ
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    Pretty sure the parents of these brave men aren't thinking that
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    Saw a survey yesterday of African Americans that said that 80% consider him racist and very much want him to get out of the WH. Picturing Breitbart headline: 'Huge Percentage of Blacks Don't Hate Trump'!
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    Who said they did?????? And dismissing that there were some injuries for political reasons, demeaning them, is sorta baffling and sad.
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    Guess We will see if This was A good hire think it was a hire just because he had a state title under his name. Didn’t go so well for Hallsville of thinking of same thing I’m afraid same thing going happen in Gs but hope not. After talking to some of the people of mineola about when he was there he just had talent to carry them they said he didn’t do much coaching. Still think some of the higher coordinators that applied might been better higher but we will see soon when he gets in office see what he brings with him!
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    I wonder how many of our Democrat friends on here are in favor of this.
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    If a few concussions is the price to pay for taking out a terrorist who's responsible for deaths and injuries much worse than any concussions, then it was worth it. You're just looking for something to complain about.
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    Refugees automatically qualify for Medicare and the government practically throw money at them for business loans they don't have to even start paying back for 10 years, if ever ... that's why you see more and more convenience stores and hotels owned and operated by towel heads ....
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    Well put DAWG91. I don’t particularly want a concussion, but compared to being put in a body bag, a concussion is relatively minor - unless you’re a liberal trying to find something to whine about. Well hell, let’s just impeach Trump because some soldiers got concussions.
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    Thank you Kansas City for eliminating the 9-7 team and giving us an interesting Super Bowl.
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    Were I one of their parents and heard they were injured and all it was was a concussion, I'd be happy. They are in the military, after all, and given it was supposedly caused by the iranian missle attack, it could've been far worse.
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    Recruits are addicted to promises of hope lol.
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