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    At this point, the power structure in the DNC knows for a fact that they’re not beating Trump in 2020. I’m pretty certain that their goals read something like this: 1. Maintain the majority in the House at all costs. This allows them to essentially keep the bulk of the Trump agenda bogged down in gridlock. 2. Try to minimize losses in the Senate. This helps them argue that judicial appointments are partisan and only approved because the senate rules were changed to effectively remove the filibuster, while counting on the media not bringing up the fact that it was actually the democrats that changed the rules. They know Ginsburg is on borrowed time, and Trump getting to name her replacement with a clear confirmation path tilts the SCOTUS to the right for the next 30 years. 3. Try to keep the presidential election from turning into a repeat of 1984. Failure at all of these essentially spells the end of the democrat party for the foreseeable future. A successful, full-on adoption of a conservative agenda would kill any remaining ability they have to exploit the victim mentality that their platform requires. They are fully aware that most people who are financially independent along with willing and capable of protecting their home and family want nothing to do with the watered down collectivism that they campaign on. Socialism requires a class of victims for Bernies of the world to exploit, and a conservative worldview sets those victims fee.
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    ETBU’s season came to a close Friday night with a heartbreaking 3-2 OT loss to the Aggies. The Tigers only lost 3 games all season..... all three to A&M. Two of them in OT. So happy to see little ole ETBU compete with the big boys like the Ags, UT, TCU, North Texas, UTEP, Texas State.... etc. ETBU ends their season at 21-3-1. BTW..... A&M went on to win the championship today, beating Dallas Baptist University 5-3. Go Tigers!!!
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    Everyone of these Conspirators should be rounded up, bound for a Trial and if Convicted, Hanged by their neck until dead; One at a time, with Schiff going before Nancy... followed by the Ring Leader, HRC.
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    I think SNL finally got one right :
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    @MrBuddyGarrity told you... I don’t trust this team
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    Uh, what happened to Colonel Jessup at the end of that movie? Something right and lawful. Just imagined if Trump had testified at any point of the impeachment proceedings.
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    Who has time for silly slanted loaded nonsense on a rainy Sunday when I can nap?
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    I prefer a firing squad.....
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    Since you libtards get a kick out of putting on my post, here’s one for ya. away
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    PG will have the big 3 on the D Line but don’t forget about the D1 LB. He will be the best player on the field every game that PG plays. PG will be in the finals again next year. They will meet up with Carthage for a re match of week 6.
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    I really tried to watch it .... actually made it for almost an hour .... the biggest problem is they are a bunch of libtards and it's hosted by a libtard network with libtard people asking mostly softball question .... nobody is ever really put on the spot and forced to answer the tough questions, and many of the biggest issues aren't even addressed because they have no rational answers except we are going to give away free stuff and their response about the republican side of the issues is just their standard " they are liars and racists and want dirty air and water and want everyone to die" ..... It's not really a real debate .... they all want to take us over the cliff and destroy our economy .... just in different ways .... When we get to the general election with whatever libtard gets the dim nomination ... the republicans have to demand fair and balanced moderators ... not 90% liberal network sponsorship .... Fox needs to also CAN Chris Wallace .... he might as well be working for CNN or LSDMSNBC ... Brett Bair and Britt Hume need to host the debates that are on Fox ....
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    Agreed - why isn’t he on his way to Leavenworth? It’s time to put people away.
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    I think his tweeting is great ... it's his way of talking directly to the American people ... unfiltered ... exactly like Ronald Reagan, except Reagan didn't have twitter ..... if he had it, there is no doubt he would have used it .... I just wish he was a better communicator .... could you imagin if Donald Trump had Ronald Reagan's communications skills? ....
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    Looking forward to baseball season. I’m going to Minute Maid at the end of the month to see Texas play LSU and Arkansas. Texas will likely start freshmen at 3rd, SS, and 2nd.
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    Stoney, Didnt realize that he is ranked #1 in the State. I know he's a stud, but that seems a little suprising. I'm guessing they will redshirt him and put some weight on him. He seemed to regress a little from his great Junior season. Hopefully, he makes it and can become a starter after Mond. Seems like a great kid!
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    40+ years on a battery... Meanwhile, I have to buy a new battery for my riding mower dang near Every year.....
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    That’s true but she pees like you instead
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    I know Mr Nichols personally been around him for years.... hes one of the best sups there are... not only is he a great sup but one of the best people you could find. Came from great family and whoever he hires will be a great hire for the job... the man knows what hes doing. Whoever he hires will be fortunate to have someone like him as their sup as well.
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    For someone who travels to Waller, Magnolia, College Station, Conroe for games, your not getting better traffic and there isn't a direct route to Waller or Magnolia. You Google it from Longview or Tyler it's closer to 4 hours one way and you better hope the traffic isn't bad. Those areas are growing down that way and it will not be adding 45 minutes to an hour over DFW to your trip, it will be 1 1/2 - 2 hours. It's 2 hours plus from Lufkin to Waller or Magnolia. With one of the El Paso teams opting up to form a 4 team 5A DI District, Abilene Cooper can now slide over to the DFW in a District. That will keep Longview and JT from sliding South.
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    Reason why I was always against pre-split in top two classes. Peeps wanting 'fairness' but never stopped to think about the travel. Longview to Houston for a district game is pretty damn insane. Dallas is nothing but Houston? Look man I have a B.S. in Geography, I can easily come help them figure this stuff out without making it rocket science lol
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    See, here’s an example. They put an emoji picture of one in reaction to my above post - - .
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    Initially sounds absurd. Initially, Bernie sounded absurd, but look at him now. Chinese Communism is only one step past Bernie. And many Dems on the west coast are already pushing it. Here’s Antifa in Seattle, I think. And our yellow dog Democrats are okay with it. Beyond belief.
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    Sad! But, 11 MILLION FOX watchers slobbered and gasped at his every moment of word poetry. Wonder if that hurts his reality show/casino/mobster heart to not draw in a big audience.
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    I may be wrong but I truly believe the Freshmen and sophomore classes along with a strong JV team that coach Preston will build a heck of a defense. I also believe the Dawgs play for number 8. The O line will once again be dominate. 11, 74, 75, and keep an eye on number 55. As a sophomore he came in on all extra points. He is a very large young man. The Dawgs could very well average 300 pounds on the line again.
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    With such a miserable collection of candidates, not any time soon. To me, I see Dem voters looking down in a septic tank trying to pick out the best looking excrement.
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    Sweet dreams, Cupcake; When you awake, Donald Trump will still be your President...
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    Nope, Barry is my Prime Suspect; Nobody Hates Her President as much as her...
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    Thursday before the first morning. few more open Friday, more shops open by Saturday
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    He isn't beholding to people like normal politicians and isn't afraid of the political consequences like every other president in my lifetime .... he acts when he believes it's the right decision for America ... so far, he's done pretty darn good in my opinion ....
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