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    Mavchamp, I think I speak for everyone on here ... HUGE thank you for all these BBall and soccer updates... boys and girls. Wow. Huge service, much appreciated.
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    No, by no means are you living in my head. I do not have time for that. You walked into the conversation with your response to my comment about WETSU's comment on an A&M player not being "SEC good". I do not know who is the most ridiculous poster to be honest. WETSU or DB. They both kill me. You want "analysis"? As an alum I have first hand knowledge of the success and failures of Texas football. As a student I suffered through the end of the Akers' era at Texas where they struggled to be .500. While my daughter matriculated at Texas she was there at the end of the Mack era and the beginning of the Strong era. Both of those eras where bracketed with success. Presently Texas is struggling even though they have had highly rated recruiting classes the coaching is still suspect because of an egomaniac as the HC. Will Texas ever win another conference championship much less a NC? Who knows? But at least in recent memory they have. A&M is still the same as they ever were in the SWC, Big 12 and now in the SEC. Their best year in the SEC was with Big 12 players. They were the new kids on the block that had a stud receiver (Evans) that helped a scrambling QB win the Heisman. With that they still ended up second fiddle. Honestly speaking, what is/or was A&M's best opportunity to win a conference championship or NC? Big 12 or SEC? All Texas has to really do is get past OU, which is a huge hurdle for Texas as long as Riley is there and maybe Baylor, but since Rhule is gone hopefully that won't be the case. A&M has to get past Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Auburn. I could care less about participation (conference alignment) trophies. It is win or go home and for the last decade Texas has gone home. The last time that A&M has won anything of significance lets just say that "it has been a while". And when it comes to recruiting and being "SEC good". That is a ####-shoot for everyone. For a number of reasons there are always some stud that just may not work out; it may not all be conference affiliation. It seems that A&M posters on here rely upon conference affiliation and having, or almost having, all of the pieces there to make a serious run. History proves otherwise. Excitement is already there going into next year with a ridiculous record with wins against weak D1 or FCS schools. At least for now Texas does not schedule FCS schools! Just for the record, how many of the "wins" that A&M has since joining the SEC have been against FCS schools? Padding the resume. For now neither Texas nor A&M has any room to boast or make bold predictions. It is like claiming to be the fastest kid at fat camp. At least Texas can remember when they were the anchor leg on the Varsity Relay Team.
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    Never get tired of watching my Dawgs!
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    SFA over Arkansas State 3-2 DBU over South Dakota State 4-1
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    Shutout Rice 4-0 in game 2.
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    Imo anything older than the current players on a team (5 years) is irrelevant. So yes. I’m perfectly good with calling both programs extremely mediocre right now.
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    Can we all just agree you are both mediocre and live our lives?
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    I was kinda excited to beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl 2 seasons ago as well as embarrassing Utah to this year. But I was quickly reminded that Georgia didn't count because they didn't care and well Utah just really sucked. I also thought we had a great chance to beat Alabama in the NC game until Colt got hurt, but my friends on here reminded me Colt was faking it cuz his dad didn't want him to ruin a possible NFL career.
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    There is a storm brewing .... A judicial tsunami is coming .... All ain't hid, can't hide over ..... Coming this summer to a federal court house near you ......
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    JT basketball program is very disappointing. If losing at home on senior night to a team with zero district wins doesn't tell you there needs to be change, then I don't know what it will take.
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    Related to Trump only because they're allies. Not in jail for anything actually related to the campaign or administration. Flynn will walk, stone should get s new trial because of the democrat activist kangaroo court.
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    Lots of indictments and some already in jail, related to TRUMP. So, there is that.
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    Who knows with that one.
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    The wife and I both managed to work, go to class, have kids, and finish school with minimal debt. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't impossible either.
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    Think I'm going to the Houston game tomorrow
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    That's a sad, twisted accusation, from an obsessed devotee of his. When did hard righters decide to go all the way around the bend? Was the strain too much? And who are 'they'?
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    Excellent! So now it's not just A&M living in your head and dictating what you do.... You have great company with db, although you at least went to Texas so I can somewhat respect that.
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    Last night the team manager who is a senior got to suit up and play. He scored 5 points off the bench. Here is a link to the video of a 3 he made
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    Ran across this again and liked Stepp’s talking points so much I had to post it. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!
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    Probably the same reason Harmony wouldn’t assimilate with Gilmer lol.
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    Like most newspapers, Stars and Striped had morphed into a left leaning political publication ... in the mold of NPR .... once a staple for all military news, Stars and Stripes was the standard for honest news reporting .... I read it every time it came out for over 22 years ... by the time I retired in 1997, it was a shell of what it was in its glory days ... now, it's no longer a good source of honest reporting .... sad, but it either needs to be reformed back to honestly reporting the news and events, or just be shut down ....
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    King isn't at 133k like he was in 2018 and prior. Well above that now. Him and Surratt are neck and neck. And King may even be getting another raise. But yeah, not having to do AD work is a plus.
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    If we're talking P5 or non Power 5, then of course, I agree. I think we all look at talent level and say, 'I think that kid would do better at a smaller school. '. What I don't agree with, is saying that a kid doesn't have the talent for a particular P5 conference, but does for the rest. I think that's ridiculous. Remember, Texas A&M 's best season, to this point, was with a team assembled in the B12.
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    If you’ve ever been to one of these games you would understand. The atmosphere is something else. Not to mention how hard both sides play. Win or lose it is a great game for anyone to watch.
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    Before I completely laugh at that comment, let me simply ask this.....what exactly is an 'SEC level player'?
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    Reminds me of this older clip :
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    I'll bite on that one, because THIS is where you are really clueless and purposely oblivious. Trump started down the road toward impeachment 30 years ago when he became an amoral, unfit, mobster, with corruption to his core, and he continued that through the campaign and accelerated without hesitation through his time in office. A leopard doesn't change its spots.
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    You can yourself blind, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are against everything having to do with the man.
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    “They” are those who Began this Impeachment even Before Donald J.Trump even took The Oath Of Office.
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    Certainly not obsessed,!its just that it is too easy to get under y’all’s skin. Never seen such a group so full of themselves. And you all think that your opinions are facts.
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    Ummmm....no, not concerned about A&M’s recruiting. 80 years of history tells me that it does not matter. Even during the FedEx years of recruiting for A&M nothing could still be done with the talent. Texas is down right now, I get it. In fact, if you look at their history in its entirety it has many peaks and valleys. However you wish to look at it Texas is more significant than A&M.
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    Looks to me like they are removing a religious litmus test to serving in the Air Force, but then that may just be my observation. Definitely doesn't bring nausea that they did it.
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    Friends, Former Groveton/Northwestern State standout football player, Wade Williams passed away yesterday in a plane crash in Louisiana. Please keep his family in your prayers. 5 Williams brothers, including Wade, played for the Groveton Indians. He is a devoted husband, father, son, friend and teammate. I had the pleasure to coach him in Groveton.
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    So, are you saying that of all of the SEC defensive players that do not make it to the NFL or even start are not SEC ready? I guess all of them should transfer then.
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    Freaking dimwit presidents starting with Slick Willie and their libtard general officers starting politicizing everything in the military .... started with don't ask don't tell ... discipline of the younger troups started eroding and one thing led to another socialization of the troops .... Hell, when I was an airman slick sleeve back in 75, if someone that outranked you and told you to start painting the curb, you damn well did what you were told, or else!! ... no longer with this touchy feely bunch of pansies ... before I retired in 97, you had to take time and explain everything to see if they agreed with you ... a damn Chief Master Sergeant having to make sure you didn't hurt some wet behind the ears recruit with your orders, which basically became a suggestion .... he needed to understand and agree with you .... had to be careful not to hurt his feelings .... I have been retired for 22 years, I can imagine how bad it is now ... all we need is a Crazy Bernie or Pocahontas Commander in Chief .... yea, that would be the ticket .....
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    Cool. You'd think that'd mean you'd stick to Texas threads and not post bs straw man arguments in this one if you "weren't concerned". But you don't. Actions speak louder than words. Keep your obsession alive and going. It suits you.
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    No news there. You wouldn’t get nausea if they assassinated President Trump, would you?
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    “They” are people who refuse to accept that Donald Trump is The President of The United States Of America; Not Hillary Clinton; “They” are people who do eveything they can to disrupt his presidency with endless B.S. impeachment instead of doing the people’s work & providing for the Common Good of the Greatest Nation on Planet Earth.
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    “They” are people who Conspire to overthrow the Office of The President of The United States in an attempted Coup d’etat. “They” are Communists who seek to overturn the Will of over 63 Million Voters who Duly ELECTED him.
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    Yes, those convicted were process crimes due to a dimturds manufactured hoax .... AG Barr and Prosecutor Durham should not only throw out all the convictions against Stone, Manafort, Flynn and others and indict the REAL corrupt cabal .....
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    I'm glad they are playing again, but I don't know if I would consider that a "great" match up. Gladewater has not won that game in like 20 years.
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    “They” are deranged Trump haters such as yourself, Barry.
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