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    It only took a pandemic to get the state to do the right thing regarding testing. Maybe a retirement present for you, WH?
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    amazes me how people can actually claim this is political--Use just a little common sense--The entire worlds economy is going to hell. Italy has shut their entire country down. No school, no colleges, no business, and everybody in lockdown. And you believe they are doing this to change our election. That is absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Nobody in Italy gives a rats …. who wins our election Are we over reacting? Yes!! Wild panic as people get in fist fights in Walmart over toilet paper, media causing a lot of the panic but to think the Democrats, the media or anybody else has created a worldwide panic is ridiculous --Too many of you have some kind of God complex with Trump if you think he is that important to anybody in other countries--They really don't care
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    Gotcha now. Dallas mayor announced during the news conference the city council would be meet to discuss mitigation measures for those affected today. How will you accomplish this? This wasn't something anyone planned for. You have no money at any level of government - local, state, or federal to compensate those who've lost income. There is no reason for stores to be out of items when you can put everyone infected on one bus out of a state population of almost 30 million. My opinion, and mine only, is we as a society have come to expect the world to be risk free. When something comes along, we panic and overreact.
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    We are looking at the possibility of doing virtual school longer than just the next few weeks. My thought is that basically where kids are now, passing or failing, is probably where they will end up, at the HS level. Hoping we get back into school, honestly, soon as safely possible. Our kids need us, I believe.
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    Most late night tv has been garbage since Leno retired.
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    How do I change it?
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    At ground center there is supposedly only one new infection for the Wuhan virus. https://www.chron.com/news/medical/article/Asia-urges-vigilance-to-maintain-hard-won-15133560.php . Trust in the Lord God, and you will not fear His hand will take care of everything. I'm still not concerned with being infected, but with the how idiots are treating this virus.
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    Hunter should soon be staying in government housing .... with bars on the windows and doors ....
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    I was talking about me, being a school teacher/athletic trainer, and that only. This overreaction to everything is a drain on the entire economy. Look at the stock markets... if you invested in anything other than groceries, butt wiping paper, or Purell, then your retirement/investments are screwed. I was looking today... something like 40 people in our entire state have been infected... we are freaking out for the less than 1%. Quarantine them, then let us live our lives.
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    Depends upon the district. In one district I worked in, we used Google Classroom. It was awesome. Especially the grading part. I know that my district right now is checking to see the "home internet" percentages. Every teacher has to call their student's families and ask a series of questions to find out if online learning is feasible. The wave of the future. But come May, we probably get back into the classrooms, and by first of June we are giving "waived" STAAR tests.
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    All our students at my school have Chromebooks issued, and we do have a lot of online classroom offerings as a part of what they do, including Google and Nearpod and Pardeck, too. However, at least 30% of my campus doesn't have home Internet, so while we do issue some Hotspots, we are having to look at options like driving buses with WiFi out into some neighborhoods and encouraging students to get to at least our parking lot outside the buildings. Most do have phones, but not all can handle complex programs. It can be really hit or miss if having to do it long term. This may really show the difference in the haves and the have nots out there in the state.
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    She's happy that it's destroying the economy and people's lives all for the sake of science and the medical framework in our country.
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    If I’m Deshaun Watson, I’m playing out my contract, make it known I’m not willing to be tagged and force them to trade me or walk in free agency.
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    Great questions Barry. I read it as that requirements for advancing in a grade are being waived. I think that for seniors the districts are going to be left with that decision about graduation. But I think the other high school students will have to get their requirements, meaning that those freshmen that miss algebra or biology this year will have to do it next year. Like you Barry, I think we need to get back into the schools as soon as possible, with it being safe. I know people are telling others to study at home, but reality is, many folks won't and their only shot at an education is for them to be in school.
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    I do need some clarification, too. Will seniors who need a test automatically have it waived? When will those who were going to take the tests take it next, or are we waiving it for them? Summer would be a nightmare and waiting until the retest normal month of December could be very problematic for those who have struggled. Supposed to get clarity this week, and, yeah, not only do I doubt the state flushing the money spent, but there are federal mandates.
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    Just the tip of the iceberg. Will be the majority of states before long.
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    I have lost the will to live...Corona has taken away everything and then this?!?!? Bill O'Brien is now my mortal enemy...
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    Lol I said it early this morning on Facebook the Texans would be stupid to trade Hopkins so it would happen. Hours later Trader Bill provides the comedy.
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    Somebody check on @topher805 and @WestHardinfan1.
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    https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/03/15/exclusive-von-storch-turkey-removed-nato-migrant-aggression/ Shouldn't have been in NATO anyway.......
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    We swapped to Suddenlink, the cable subscriber in our city, and get everything except the MLB channel, which ####, but at least we get Fox Southwest now. Our bill went from $260 to $71 per month.
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    They offered me $10 because I missed the state Championship games. I switched to Direct.
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    Read something today that said if the Chinese knew about the virus in November then we are at the tail end of the virus in this country. Stating the strong flu season we had this year was probably the Wuhan and we didn’t know it. Meaning quarantine is useless. Just something I read today. Not sure if true but it does pass the smell test to me.
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    Other countries do care who our president is. What that has to do with this virus is beyond any logical comprehension. If people are looking for Americans to be the poster child on how we should treat anything, they should look at how much of a jackass most of our citizens have looked Like when it comes to anything that can be remotely linked to politics since the 2016 elections. Also as an athletic trainer who’s sole purpose in the school district is to provide the best medical care within my scope of practice, I am of the mold of “rather safe than sorry.” We’ve treated MRSA and Impetigo outbreaks in the school where common sense tells you to shut it down for a couple of days and clean. Parents lose their minds for missing 3 days... But, in the end, it fixed the problem. If shutting down life for a few weeks is a fix back to normalcy for the world, then hell yeah, pay me to spend more time with my own kids.
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    IDK what #6 has to do with anything. Anyway...One thing you cant allow to happen is to have a schoolboard member pressure an AD to play the board members kid. I've seen this first hand. The coach stood his ground and the board was split on whether to keep him or not. We fought and kept him, but he decided to leave because he didn't feel supported. Also, there seems to be a mindset of some kids and parents that their child should get to play just because of seniority. No kidding. I've heard kids and say that they will wait until their senior year to play, so they can start. Who teaches a child that. Kids that put in the time and get better should play. No matter the classification.
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    I know we cant get Corona testing kits in rural Texas counties. So we really don't know how many people have or have died from it. Europeans and Asians have kits, and are handing them out like candy in their countries.
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    It’s funny how they’re besties now. Dubya and Michelle are pretty touchy feely too. They’re two pigs that eat from the same trough. Trump is hated by the Democrats and hated even more by establishment Republicans. That’s why I like him so much. Hope people wise up and get out to vote him in for another 4 years. Funny how they all questioned his mental state and then put a guy suffering from signs of dementia on their ticket. Sickening.
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    Shouldn’t blame Obama, but it sure as hell isn’t Trumps fault as well.
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    I would go back to the draft before I paid Prescott $30+ million a year. He's not the QB I would want to sink that kind of money into ... I really don't think he's worth it ....
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    I'm not a sheep being manipulated by a politically motivated propagandist media.....its infectious but flu kills a LOT more than this will......all this bs is pure over reaction being fed by propaganda.....
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    From the outside looking in..... 1. Numbers- Too few athletes coming out for football. MP may have the smallest roster in the district. Two way players. No room for injuries. 2. Be patient with new coaches. A few times I felt like MP was running off coaches too soon. Give them time to get a program built. MP didn’t fall into a ditch overnight. They won’t climb out of it overnight. 3. Demographics. You can’t ignore the change in demographics at MP. It’s a majority Hispanic school now. I do not buy into the idea that Hispanics can’t/don’t play football. It’s a lie. The truth?: SOME coaches don’t recruit hispanic athletes to play football like they do whites and blacks. JMHO. But seeing the success of MPs soccer team year in and year out..... the athletes are there. 4. Bad Alignment luck- Being in a district with Texas High, Longview, Marshall, Sulphur Springs...... for the last 20 years hasn’t helped.
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    https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/hunter-bidens-overseas-protection-cost-taxpayers-four-times-more-than-secret-service-details-for-all-of-trumps-children-combined/ Why does that thug get Secret Service protection????
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    Exactly correct...where was all the doomsday reactions when Obama and Biden did absolutely NOTHNG for FOUR MONTHS as over 1,000 people died and over 50,000 people contracted the Swine Flu????? The media is all in to ruin the incredible economy we have going...THATS the reason for the CKICKEN LITTLE reactions.
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    No doubt, but when this effort fails, just like all the others, they'll find something new to stir up hysteria over. No way that this is gonna drag out for more than a month at most. At some point, as was the case with the russia collusion hoax, ukraine etc etc etc, REALITY will have the final word, and people will find they've been once again duped by the demmedia, and go on about their daily, normal lives.
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