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    Thank goodness for the leadership we have in the White House the alternative would have been a disaster
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    Congrats to both.
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    They're bringing up what Graham said before the 2016 election ???? I said the same things, but Trump sure has changed my mind. Trump 2020 !!
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    peepee, bobo, and jett are counting on you. Don't let them down
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    Are you all through with your shooting blanks orgasms on this storyMeanwhile Trump disses the Jewish people yesterday when he praised anti-Semite Henry Ford for his “good bloodlines.” The same Henry Ford that Adolf Hitler complimented in “Mein Kampf.”
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    This is the graph Dr. Birx just posted during the Trump Covid Update. She said the first two peaks were Flu B and Flu A and the last peak is Covid. You can see in the graph that it was less serious than both of the other flu strains. Wake up America!
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    People can CHOOSE not to have children by use of birth control is the point.
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    Again, you and your ilk are trying to demonize someone spending billions of dollars of their own money for PUBLIC HEALTH worldwide. Why is that?
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    You did say anyone with a pulse. That does leave a lot on the table.
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    He is definitely not in our best interest. He is not the devil but he ain’t God either. Tool of the Devil nonetheless.
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    Yet somehow he manages to kiss Trump's on a regular basis with extra slobber. Talk about a sad turnabout. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/lindsey-graham-hypocrisy-new-attack-ad-141039044.html
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    Laid not layed.... corporate America gets bailouts because they donate to politicians, Dem or Repub. people should learn to live within their means. I work with young guys that make less money than I do that are building new homes in the $300-400k range. Why? They’re sinking their family. is it the governments place to make sure you are taken care of if you have problems? When this “pandemic” hit it was reported that 70% of Americans had less than $1k saved. That’s dumb. On themselves. Young families don’t need to build a new home, or need $60k boats, 3 vehicle notes, etc....
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    Don't be too hard on Lindsey
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    You still love Henderson’s fight song?
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    I also find the title of this thread hilarious. We already have quality leadership in the Oval Office but some want Biden at the helm
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    Talk about being honest .... Where in the wide world of sports did you get this total fabrication? .... nothing could be further from the truth ... President Trump has done more for poor people than any President in my lifetime, certainly in yours .... you have been brainwashed by the fake news media ... so sad .....
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    Yes. That was also a super reach on “Trump halfway attacked Jews yesterday by praising Ford”. Not a wise post.
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    Learn to think critically
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    #### for brains. Wake me up when Biden has to go to federal court and enters into a consent degree for refusing to rent to blacks and then I might consider him to be a racist.
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    Most Americans in your tiny anti-Trump utopia maybe ...
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    Keep blindly supporting idiocy and conspiracy and utterly ridiculous bullfeathers. I expect nothing less. It gives you something to do. Most Americans are tired of how embarrassing and inane Trump is, though. Don't let that bother you.
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    You might want to use a more recent article.
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    We already know those numbers are skewed tremendously. When hospitals admit to writing Covid on patient sheets just because they get more funding, there’s going to be issues
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    Those numbers are bunk. Have you not heard all the stories from families who've lost loved ones that their deaths blamed on the chinavirus when the family knows otherwise? The way they're perpetrating this fraud a guy could jump off the roof of a 10 story building and he would be counted as a chinavirus casualty.
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    I agree whole heartedly. Then my question to you, how do we justify millions of abortions in the US where many forms of birth control are available? Why don't these people use birth control instead of killing babies?
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    Have they put a pitch clock in yet? There needs to be 10-12 seconds on a timer started from the time the pitcher receives the ball from the catcher. If the batter wants to hit he needs to have his helmet, batting gloves and crotch adjusted and awaiting the pitch when it’s delivered. Standing out of the box doesn’t constitute time out. Only the ump can award time and it should be limited to once per AB. Games shouldn’t last 5 hours
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    I’ve been married for a long time and my wife and I have managed to only get pregnant when we wanted to. There are measures one can take to prevent it without the government paying for your monthly supply. If they receive welfare they can buy their own condoms. But they won’t. Give them more money to buy contraceptives, they won’t buy them. You can’t make somebody take a pill they don’t want to take, especially when getting pregnant gets them more government money. You see where this is going. You’re trying to solve a problem by violating somebody’s rights (taking a pill or not) when you should be focusing on doing away with the rewards of their actions. Quit writing checks for anything over 2 babies and they’ll quit having them. If they don’t it’ll be on them to take care of them, not the taxpayers. But a liberal can not grasp that idea
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    Bill Gates’s wife, Melinda Gates has been quotedsupporting population control via expanded access to contraceptives. Ms. Gates discussed contraceptives in an interview with late night television host David Letterman, saying, “it only takes one generation for them to be fully uptake, and for them to see the birthrate decline. And once they have consistent access, women will use it, and what they’ll also do is they’ll do it covertly without their husband knowing it.” The couple’s foundation has also given at least $81,009,329 to Planned Parenthood and its affiliates from 2009 and before to 2018, according to records taken from the foundation’s website. Quit paying welfare to unwed mothers for being baby factories and you’ll see the birthrate decline. No pills needed.
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    State Senator Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, wrote a letter this past April, signed by every Republican on the Texas Senate Education Committee, asking Morath to expand the Texas Virtual Schools Network. The letter aligns with Taylor's closing comments on education during the 2019 legislative session which were made well before the pandemic. There's big time change coming friend to the classroom and school building and how public education is delivered in the future.
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    I really did think of you when I read the story’s heading; it was a bit “over the top” like many of your own comments,(which you are completely free to make, by the way) so I tagged you in my own post. Kirt, nor myself got butthurt when Barry Laughingstock tagged us in his post about Obama & Creepy Joe not being charged by Barr for their duplicity in unmasking General Flynn. Might want to grow some thick skin if you are going to post in the political forums, lad.
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    If they pass anything, which they shouldn't, it should be a clean bill without all the dimturd wish list bull ... publish it and let the American people see what's in it first ... #nodimocratpork
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    OK Blaverty. You have had 3 days to dispute my claims that you say are false. Which ones are false? Surely you can debate facts. Don't let down your 3 followers
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    You wanted facts lol
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    Two threads YoungKirt? Really? NB, I have a lot of respect for your passion and your principles, but I am not one who believes that all that do good, do it for insidious and evil reasons. I do think that the Gates family truly wants to spend their fortune on seemingly unfixable problems, like hunger, poverty and health care, worldwide. The right attacks people like them and George Soros in over the top attacks, yet leaves alone the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and groups like ALEC who spend their billions on right wing causes. Why no shots at them by Alex Jones or QANON or the Dark web?
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    The democrats idea of voter suppression is anything that makes it hard for them to stuff ballot boxes lol
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    Story of the Longview program, tbh.
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    Will be a great addition to the DF staff. But will be a big change in bosses for him. Will be interested to see the things he learned from Surratt and how he makes it his own. Hope this happens. The offense will be disciplined.
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    He's a definite upgrade ... his first official act should be firing FBI Director Wray ....
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    F##k Bill Gates.
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    Your so lost its almost sickening, we can see you missed the point but carry on..... SMFH
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    doing good so far in arkansas and oklahoma. hope they can start to make some progress in texas. lots of east texas talent that i wish would go to the hill.
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    I came across this tonight, and it was true then, and it is true today : If we do not accept the existence of a Supreme Being; that God is the source of moral law, what more do we have to offer than Marx? On what basis can we morally resist tyranny? I say to you with all the fervor of my soul that God intended men to be free. Rebellion against tyranny is a righteous cause. It is an enormous evil for any man to be enslaved to any system contrary to his own will. For that reason men, 200 years ago, pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. No nation which has kept the commandments of God has ever perished, but I say to you that once freedom is lost, only blood – human blood – will win it back.
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