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    Did Obama meet with Trayvon Martins family? Michael Browns family?? or Dontre Hamilton Eric Garner John Crawford Ezell Ford No because they are busy with there job. Stop making everything you can about trump. Your TDS is showing
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    Can I be the first to say Congratulations President JETT. I can see the campaign slogan now. “JETT, getting rid of Washington’s one tank at a time.”
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    Biden and Hilary are complicit in there little DC swamp racket. The fact that so many career politician and bureaucrats dislike Trump, tells me all I need to know. He doesn’t play their game. And he doesn’t let them play it either. They hate him for it.
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    Before you run out and buy one of these Barry, don’t. I’ll explain later.
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    Junior high kids do a better job of getting their stories straight!
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    That’s the kind of people that Biden appeals to. Visitation will be 5-7pm. A Closed private ceremony Will be held the following morning at 10am to celebrate the life of Mr. Common Sense.
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    There used to be very clear satellite imagery of the Russian military taking convoys of WMDs from Iraq north up to Syria just prior to the Gulf War ... they were all over the internet and I saw a lot of them when I was in the command center at 8th AF HQ at Barksadle AFB ... those images have since been purged from the internet along with all the pictures of the Hilldabeast's fat cankles .... tru storie .....
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    I’ve been reading through these... whether they are true or not, I’ve gotten a good laugh from both sides with them
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    Oh, I don’t know... MAYBE BECAUSE he’s had to fight the never ending attempt to IMPEACH him from the Left? He has done remarkably well considering the hate being spewed by you, Barry, & everybody else who can’t think of anything he has done to warrant any of it.
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    Do any of you Hypocrits want to tell the group why there is nobody outraged that these Black Lives DIDN’T MATTER? I mean, They WERE BLACK, & they ARE DEAD... Just as Dead as Poor old Georgie... But NO Public Outcry! I WONDER WHY NOT? Why didn’t THOSE BLACK LIVES MATTER??? Go ahead & SAY it... We Already KNOW the Answer...
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    Verbatim: ""Because we cannot get re-elect, we cannot win this re-election, excuse me. We can only re-elect Donald Trump."- Joe B. 3/7/2020" This guy has no business running for president of the p.t.a, much less of the USA, but shhhh keep it on the downlow, Ds, even some on here are in denial, don't wanna crush their dreams, not yet anyhow.
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    CNN and LSDMSNBC couldn't care less ....
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    He met with Floyd's family for an hour or so today.
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    You get more Trumplike in your incoherence daily.
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    You don't think that this is a unique time? Plus, he will be in the state to make $$$$ for his campaign. You are in full blown defense of a clueless, careless jackass. That must be heavy lifting!
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    When I’m blitzed to the gills, I have trouble getting onto my feet, too. And like ol’ Brenda said, that ### is 77 years old & sometimes has trouble mounting her broom.... “shebeah-ite!”
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    Quack and hack. Follow the $$ find the corruption.
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    Golden Girls>Matlock.....but I do love me some matlock.
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    Which is so flawed. I've always said if I was ever given the oppurtunity to coach in college, I would be offering talent over size.
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    People, including politicians, dislike or hate him for his repellent personality, his childish, vicious mouthing, his unfitness while staying arrogant, his complete lack of humility or empathy or decency as a person. It's not about his integrity or his 'shaking up things' or 'draining the swamp'. He shows none of that and has done ZIP of that. In fact, he has made things less ethical by leaps and bounds, and he has had a horrible record of his appointees not being qualified or ethical. If you don't understand that, that may be on you and not him.
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    You got that right! . .
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    I'm all for police wearing body cams. That, however, hasn't stopped some of this. And sometimes the bad officers will sometimes conveniently "forget" to turn on their body cam, or there's a claim that, for whatever reason, it "wasn't working".
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    Colin Powell is a liberal RINO hack. He always supports liberal dimocrats over conservative Republicans.
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    Please sign the petition to rename Longview after the one and only Kerry Strong.... Strongview, TX!!!
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    Deep down most of us with an IQ above room temperature know you will be the POTUS in Jan .
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    Some of the comments were funny, too. Someone saying that the attorney lady was "a living response email".
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    But Biden and Hillary have those characteristics? Come on man . These guys need to evaluate themselves .
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    Lies like always. Also that impeachment was a witch hunt that shouldn’t have happened. The dems were so desperate and butthurt.
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    Great band. Great song.
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    Lol. You pretty much only hate this guy because he don't take no and you callin CarthDawg stubborn? Cmon man!
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    They may have rebuked but using the military to put down civilian unrest is not unprecedented so they are just pandering to a media narrative and Mattes is prostituting himself to sell a book and Powell doesn't need to rebuke anyone after his weapons of mass destruction case.
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    The problem with the right to free speech today is if you do not say the "right thing", be it right or wrong, and it goes against popular opinion, then you are issuing an apology, losing your job, etc.
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    "Folks, I can tell you I've known eight presidents, three of them intimately." —Aug. 22, 2012
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    We only defend him because he is our president. Nice to know you’re glad we have the chance to defend your/our president. For the first time you say something about being glad that trump is president. Who knows? You may come around one day
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    Let the snowflakes cancel their season
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    We’ve had kids at Marshall get D1 offers because they were 6’6 300+... they may have been the 3rd or 4th beat offensive lineman on the team... but, as I was told once by a recruiter at Tx Tech, if they are big enough, potential alone is good enough reason to offer .
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    The social rep they have, would never move my kid there.
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    This kid doesn’t understand that football is his platform. Quit and you become obsolete
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    I think the schools should tell them they’ll support them in all they do, but their scholarship will go to another kid wanting to play.
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