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    I did my own research from what the CDC has given us:.4% of the US population has contracted COVID-19.The death rate of 30-39 age group accounts for .2% of all deaths from COVID-19.The next age group up (40-49) accounts for .4% of all deaths from COVID-19.In NYC of the 309 deaths of 30-39 year olds, 240 of them had underlying conditions, 40 more they were unsure about. Only 26 died with no underlying causes. Ages 15-24 have had a total of 48 COVID-19 deaths. That is .7% death rate among kids that get infected. Meaning 7 people out of every 1000. And since we are going crazy with stats, I will let you do a little math from the CDC. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htmTake all deaths, subtract covid deaths, subtract pneumonia deaths, that will leave you with influenza deaths. Notice how similar the stats are? And we have vaccines and treatments for influenza. Do we really need to wait for a vaccine to live life again? This crap is literally insane. The media is taking #s and spoon feeding it to the masses. What they aren't doing is telling you the truth. 70% or more of COVID deaths are from the elderly or individuals with underlying conditions. Instead of locking the world up, LOCK THOSE PEOPLE UP! We are killing our country, not the virus, US! Remember the huge transgender push? That was less than 1% of the population forcig us to let boys compete as girls. We are letting the government tell us to rot inside our homes and go broke for about 1/2 % of the US population who just tested positive for the virus. So of that 1/2% of the population, you can see the fraction of a percent up there of the infected. Meaning we are hiding from the 1/2 percent of the 1/2 percent. You liberal scared people, go hide in your hole and live off of scraps. I want to go back to work.
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    This whole shenanigans about locking down the country had nothing to do with “health”. It had everything to do with saving face since we are one of the world leaders in medical research and treatment. What has being in quarantine done? Nothing except shut down the economy and delayed the inevitable. People will continue to get sick. People will continue to die. The percentage rate on that is very very low. This 25% stuff is horse too. Open it back up at the risk of the employer, workers and consumers or don’t do it at all.
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    Has to be the least corrupt, and certainly most investigated person on the planet. Yet still, nothing but conjoured up allegations from his detractors, that quickly fade away as soon as they're put under any real scrutiny. Instead of realizing the error of their ways and accepting reality, they simply concoct a new fairy tale. Rinse and repeat.
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    Hey Bub! Just a heads up....If LoboFan07 tells you it's Christmas, go decorate the tree. The guy knows his stuff and does more research then the rest of us all added together.
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    They are called opinions for a reason. This is a message board where everyone posts their opinions. The majority of posts are made up of opinions. Just in case you forgot, the definition of opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. So, you can go back and pick up the mic and hand it to the next person because your opinion was not a mic drop opinion and for sure did not justify a mic throw!
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    There’s no doubt Abbott knows the importance of HS Football in Texas. Since we’re currently in an “open up” process of stages, if it goes well I think there’ll be a good chance of opening schools. And if schools are open, I can see no reason why you couldn’t have HS Sports. There’s as much contact in the halls of most schools when the bell rings, as there is on any football field. Also, studies (Stanford & USC) have shown that there’s a lot more people who have antibodies (were asymtomatic & didn’t know they had it) than anyone realized. Based on that, a large portion of our population may be immuned. I know many of you will disagree, and that’s okay. Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic. Maybe I’m just tired of gloom & doom.
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    Thank you Rachel Maddow
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    And she had the audacity to mention the #MeToo. What a bunch of hypocrites. Speaking of Pelosi, saw this today.
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    I just watched the CNN report of a video before the knee to the neck and the guy looked pretty compliant other than talking about a black man being treated wrong... which is all talk... who gives a crap what he says when you have him in handcuffs right? Even if he ran away, how fast can you really run without your arms? But the CNN lady then says "The fact that this happened to yet another black man in America..." It bothers me. You are taking one thing and turning it into a complete other issue. If the man did commit forgery or attempted it, should he be arrested? Yes. Was he arrested because he was black? No. It is because he committed a crime. Was the crime committed because he is black? No. It was committed because he was trying to cheat someone out of money. It is a moral choice. Not a black or white choice. This **** drives me crazy. Not everything is black and white, but we sure as hell love making it that way.
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    I figured this would be the popular opinion. However, it has more to do with what @CarthDawg77 said above than any of this. Democrats thrive on inner-city votes, the minority vote and the poor vote. They sell, and sell it well, that Republicans are the ones making you poor and oppressed so vote for me. That draws in the African-American and Latino minimum wage worker. So inner-city slums where people cram into houses just to pay rent are more susceptible to virus and bacterial spreads in their own household. Also think about inner city work... highly populated office buildings where people are 3 ft apart separated by 5 ft makeshift walls. Also making airborne illnesses easier to spread. Pre-COVID-19 Times Square was basically Mardi Gras every day. Same for Broadway. Everyone lives in high rises... meaning they are all traveling the same halls and exiting the same lobbies. Don't even get me started on the filth that is New Orleans, St. Louis, etc. Also, what comes along with low socioeconomic populations is cleanliness. (This is basic sociology guys, I am not pointing at individuals). Poverty stricken households tend to bathe and sanitize less. Why? Water bills, cost of soap etc... So many factors that just cause a toilet bowl and bad consequences. Republicans have overwhelmingly won the support of the working middle class in most of the nation. This means people who live in the suburbs outside of the big cities, entrepeneurs, outside workers, etc. They can pay bills, live in mid-sized decent homes. So while we will pin this on Biden and the Democratic party, this is on everyone. We continue to allow people to live this way (and we should). It is a product of the clear lines that parties draw to try and win the popular vote to hold their office.
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    Congrats to both.
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    Damn you’re 5X more like to yourself to death than die of the WuTang Virus
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    hard for either to be elite when both refuse to play teams like carthage when they don't have to. the community of henderson should be embarrassed by their coach and his NOT wanting to keep an awesome rivalry going.
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    Well politics has interjected itself into H.S sports unfortunately. The left is attempting to change our way of life because they lost the 2016 election. We can solve that in November and move on. But I do understand what you are saying.
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    The "hate Trump" dimocrat politicians are trying to string this out as long as possible, until after the November election if possible. They are counting on canceling any debates because their prospective nominee is a far better candidate for the nursing home than the White House. This whole lock down nonsense is designed to hurt our economy and President Trump's reelection ..... I don't think it's working .... most rational people see right through it ..... the dims could care less about high school sports ..... this is all about political power .....
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    Who are you to say that? Do you know how the immune system works? Did you realize people over 50 are the ones most at risk ? Do you expect quality of life to be great staying at home? Do you go to Walmart/Kroger or any higher populated area? Don’t let this be worse than the virus. Take precautions and live life. Stop watching CNN.
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    Show up if you would like or stay at home if that's what you choose. Let the fan(s) decide what they feel is right.
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    Ummm, what happened to these “boots” in the video that you shared?
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    I went and mowed my moms yard and weeded the yard for her, helped plant a few spring flowers and just spent time with her, her birthday was on the 6th so we had a big cookout for her and kinda did mothers day and birthday on the 6th of May... fun times
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    Few more months of this clown and then he's gone
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    What's sad is I hear people like you that are crying about the unemployment rate, but want to keep the lockdown and shutdown going to further harm the great strides that we had made with the economy. It will bounce back under Trump, but it will be mediocre if Biden is elected. It's pretty pathetic for this writer to be blaming the virus on Trump, when they are saying now that it could have been in the States in November when China, The WHO, and the CDC said nothing of the sort. They are the one's that destroyed the economy he built.
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    @LOL Son we live in a world that has walls, and those have to be guarded by men with keyboards. Whose gonna do it you, you lieutenant @LOL? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for NatureBoy , and you curse the Mods. You have that luxury, you have the luxury of not knowing what I know, that Lion70’s suspension while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence while grotesque and incomprehensible, to you, saves lives. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you talk about parties; you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall! We use words like honor, code, loyalty, We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something, you use them as a punch line. I have neither the time,or the inclination, to explain myself to a man, who rises and sleep under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner, in which I provide it. I'd rather you just say 'thank you' and go on your way. Otherwise I suggest you pick up a keyboard , and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a darn, what you think you are entitled to.
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    AD Bjork confirms new uniforms. Supposed to have been revealed at the Spring Game. Due to its cancellation, the ‘Rona and the manufacturer the reveal has been pushed back indefinitely. Give me this look here. No bevel. No shoulder stripes. No black , grey or glow in the dark. Just a clean look that says A&M.
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    It’s not just Texas A&M that is having to do that. I just feel like offense is prioritized in TXHSF. Some kids in Texas need to stop being average RBs and WRs and be good LBs and DBs.
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    Dave Campbell's made it sound like the interim tags have been removed. Maybe @MattStepp can clarify.
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    5 states already have been using it exclusively, and 21 others use it in some situations. Trump is not afraid of fraud. Trump is afraid of turnout, and you are doing his hysterical bidding.
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    So your thought process is to replace him with a corrupt lifetime politician that is struggling with dementia. Real smart
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    It’s my job as a parent to take care of my kids. If I take them to a foreign land Illegally I shouldn’t expect That government to help me take care of them. But you think I as a taxpayer should be taking care of their kids because they made the choice to be here illegally? There’s proper channels to become a worker or citizen in the US. They should do it the proper way if they want help or aid. It’s their responsibility to take care of their kids. Liberals always want to spend everybody else’s money. Do I sound a little inhumane? Maybe so, but illegal’s kids aren’t my responsibility. I shouldn’t have to pay for them. If you want to be some kind of bleeding heart humanitarian knock yourself out. It shouldn’t be too hard to look around and find an illegal family. Then tell them you’re going to give them $100 a month to help buy their kids milk. Then be the humanitarian and go to their house every month and give them money out of your own wallet. Problem solved. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about spending my tax dollars for me
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    Again, you and your ilk are trying to demonize someone spending billions of dollars of their own money for PUBLIC HEALTH worldwide. Why is that?
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    ... and now back to the Barry we all know.
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    I expect this too. Much like the flu. We take precautions and continue with life....if our government allows us.
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    Lmao. A Biden aide tweeted that? You think that guy can string a sentence together?
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    "The governor has been clear that as the state of Texas conducts more tests, we will see the raw number of cases rise," Wittman said. "However, the [rolling seven-day] average positivity rate has steadily declined from our high April 13 [of a bit more than 13%] to around 5% today. Our hospitalizations remain steady, and Texas has one of the lowest death rates per capita in the nation." https://abcnews.go.com/US/texas-cases-covid-19-increasing-thousands-reopening/story?id=70720497
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    Under 25 years old . You are more likely to die in car on the way to the game or getting struck by lightning than getting the Covid 19. Sooner or later facts will prevail and we will stop living in fear.
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    Someone with a CDL lol.
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    THat picture above is my neighborhood right now. We regularly visit homes in the neighborhood still under construction to see what we could have done, what we might do, what their house will look like compared to ours... Should I be shot for doing this? Should I be put under "citizen's arrest" for looking? We are on the same side on a lot of things, but this is f-in ridiculous.
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    Does this mean Reagan Roy will do a series on the Bears?
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    So her Only Qualifying characteristic is “Black?” Gender is questionable.
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    He likes that spoon fed biased media ####. Prolly doesn’t even choke on it. It prolly slides right on down like a slimy oyster
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    Her first excuse is the best one, the one that the Democrats would never use when Kavanaugh was being attacked. "Due Process"--liberals whined when anyone asked for "Due Process" for Kavanaugh--but Uncle Joe is expected to get it. HYPOCRITES--ALL LIBERALS
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    I may have posted this before, but it’s so good, I’m putting it here. Representative Dan Crenshaw, R-TX, clearly explains the lack of Leadership in the House, in no uncertain terms. Probably be the best 1 min & 14 seconds you spent today. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6153151432001?fbclid=IwAR22Df2yMKtzwmHsmJm9djtITS2sHYenQ79QfXxLNpxvwoIecqrc2Qh5K5w#sp=show-clips
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