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    If this site damages a program then they got a whole lotta more issues to worry about.
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    This is one Gunter player I’m proud of and I’m sure there all this way. This young man waited around to speak to our coach and congratulate him and tell him he’d be praying for him. THIS is what high school football is about.
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    I am going to tell on MYSELF....back in 197%$#@@....when I was a senior.....kid brings a M-60(firecracker) to school....shows to all of us and asks"What we going to do with THIS???....wrong question.....I went to my car....got some firecrackers pulled out the fuses....made a LONG fuse....went back into the school....found one of our "buds" that smoked and "borrowed" a cigarette....tied everything together....went into the boys bathroom...had those OLD steam heaters and we lit the cigarette and dropped in the heater.....went to class.....5 min. later BOOM!!!!...WOW it sounded VERY LOUD!!!!....THEN the principal came to OUR English class and said (NAMES HAVR BEEN CHANGED to protect ME)...."I NEED TO SEE MR. SMITH MR. JONES AND MR. WILLIAMS IN MY OFFICE NOW!!!!!!....BUT we didn't go to his office...we went straight to the Supt. office....who was an old Korean War AIR VET ACE!!!!!!!.....we walked in he was NOT HAPPY.....told us to follow him...took us to the Bathroom...was completely destroyed.....glass on the floor...BIG crack down ALL 5 STANDUP urinals.....and the heater....well the heater was sitting between the "sit downs" between #3and #4.........he asked WHO was going to pay...told him..."I guess who ever did this was going to pay".....Supt turns to ME and asks SIR where is the steam heater?....I said between #3 and #4....he grabs me by the shirt....and pulls me to him all 6'4 of him and ASKS "and do you know WHO was in #4 when that THANG WENT OFF???!!!!!!!....................................I WAS!!!!!!!!!.....$287.17 WAS MY 1/3......TODAY....WE WOULD HAVE BEEN PUT UNDER THE JAIL CELL.....never to be heard from again......but at class reunions.....EVERY TIME!!!!!.....Hey unibomber!!!!
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    You know decker reads smoaky and probably wouldn’t like you putting his name out there like that, true or not. With all the support that’s been generated for the other guy, I don’t think he’d like sitting in the stands feeling like an outcast because you ratted on him.
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    This is probably what happened. I haven’t lived in Jefferson in years, but I am sure things haven’t changed. Little Johnny played select ball instead of Dixie youth baseball in Jefferson. Little Johnny was told by Mom and Dad he’s the best and going to the pros one day. Little Johnny went to high school and got a new coach who wasn’t Dad. The new coach tried to help little Johnny get better. Little Johnny didn’t like feedback or coaching because he was the best. Little Johnny went and told mom and dad he doesn’t like his coach. Mom and Dad are probably on the school board or close friends with people that are. So the baseball coaches were told they wouldn’t be back next year.
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    Ya'll can come to our parade.
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    Ok guys, I’m getting kind of tired of hiding posts for bashing kids. No disciplinary action will be handed out at this time, but I know who has pushed the limits so far, and the next time you cross the line, you will get a vacation. These are not college kids on a scholarship, and they’re not in the NFL. You have been warned.
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    Hey dingleberry, learn how to spell Tenaha or dont sit on our side in the first place.
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    I’m enjoying it. We got one guy talking about squirrel hunting with a Rambo starter kit. We got another guy talking about a team losing tomorrow. It’s awesome.
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    I beg to differ with you on that statement. Newton left a lot of points out there Thursday night. They barely overthrew two wide open receivers that would have scored TDs early in the game and had another TD called back Newton could have very easily scored 3 or 4 more TDs in the game, not so with Gunter. This could have easily been a 60-16 type game ... this is the stuff that doesn't show up in your statistical "formula" ....
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    Today a basketball team that was staying at the best western in franklin texas woke up to eat breakfast. Coming down to the breakfast area they see someone sitting down eating.... It was nfl qb drew brees.... They didnt rush him and didnt bother him even though they were in awe... They left him alone... After he was done eating he was so impressed with the way they carried themselves that he offered to take a picture and give autographs to the whole team.... The way you present yourself and your school has a big impact on others... These kids will never forget this moment in little franklin texas
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    This is from last years game. Watch the chain gang down marker guy. Lol
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    ^it's cool . The culture is sick. Not just here. 7 killed in mass shooting/suicide last week in Australia where there are very strict gun laws. Honduras leads the world in violence and murder rate. Very strict gun laws there too. I don't have any answers. I choose to carry. Never want to be in a position where I have to use.
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    If you're suggesting sweeping changes and reforms to the foster care system, advocacy and ethical contraception education for at-risk youth, funding for helping unwanted children find families and pragmatic solutions to give people a hand-up in pursuing their goals... I'm on board. Let's help these folks help themselves. But you'll never be able to convince me that infanticide is a solution. I'm sorry, man.
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    Yeah, problem there is that the real dc was in the box and not on the floor, Nelson is just who you saw. That was Gandy’s defense not Nelson’s. He’s a helluva clapper, just not a coach. He wasn’t even the best, most qualified coach on staff. Gandy just didn’t go to the right bbq’s
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    For the record Todd Peterman's problems at DeSoto weren't race related...they were school board politics related which is not uncommon...if Todd Peterman was black he woulda had the same issues he had at DeSoto....Todd Peterman is a football coach and didnt play politics and it upset some folks who thought they might lose school board seats..
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    Amen guys! Christmas is a time to think about the amazing gift that God have us in the form of the Word made flesh. An incredible sacrifice made on our behalf! God Bless you guys! May y’all have a great Christmas season!
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    Thought I would share this again. It's been a tough road for Coach Johnston.
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    Hawks already winners By Bill Owney December 20, 2017 Four falls and half a summer ago, I had an epiphany. After interviews with Josh Gibson, the new coach of a team that won five games in two the two years prior, plus watching practices and talking with players, I sat down and wrote the season preview for the 2014 Pleasant Grove Hawks. Extra time and effort went into this because something had piqued my interest. Arriving home late, I explained to Beautiful Blonde Bride that I was dealing with something of consequence. “It will take a few years,” I told her, “but Josh Gibson is going to win a state championship at Pleasant Grove.” That I saw this coming does not mean I am smart; it just means I was paying attention. Prescience of this sort comes to us after we assume responsibility for managing processes and people. Enough years of burying oneself in the minutiae of things, and one begins to recognize patterns that lead to predictable results. Over the years, I’ve tried to analyze and explain a wide array of topics, including a lot of football. Mix in nearly two decades in the classroom and my theories about what makes for highly functional teams and effective teacher-leaders had begun to synthesize To be sure, the young coach’s energy, passion, and ambition were refreshing and delightful, but it was how he went about his business that virtually checked off all my boxes. If something – a business, a classroom, a sports team – is successful, it is because someone purposefully and consistently sets and enforces standards, and nurtures calculated risk-taking. In turn, a culture of mutual respect and accountability emerges. So it is with Josh Gibson and the Pleasant Grove Hawks, and it is not just on the football field. Not only have the players bought in; so, too, have the coaches, who are given the respect and freedom to reach for the top. In almost every sport, a winning culture allows youngsters to grow, to achieve and, as a result, to win. A question teachers hear in a job interview is, “What is your theory of education?” In the summer of 2014, I paraphrased that question and was immediately given a list of four core values that guide coach Gibson. Relationships: At some point during his or her first semester on the job, a teacher hears, “They won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” That’s where Gibson and his staff start work. “We’re going to develop relationships with these kids where we love them and they look at us as father figures,” he said. This is a time-intensive endeavor. I hear Gibson and his staff talk to their players about girlfriends, study habits, core moral beliefs, and the coaches listen to the kids. I studiously avoid eavesdropping private communications, but I see many a conversation between an animated youngster and a coach nodding his head and making eye contact. Discipline: This isn’t about putting a bunch of rules on the wall, though Hawk athletics has some clear, non-negotiable ones. Rather, this is about creating a highly structured environment, which kids – even adolescents – crave. Every practice is planned. Every contingency has guidelines. “I think we turn over every stone,” Gibson said. 3. Belief: Not hope, belief. “Belief comes when the kids put in a ton of work. We teach them that the more work they put in, the better the return on their investment.” Off-season conditioning, participating in non-curricular activities, such as 7-on-7 football in the summer, playing pick-up basketball and volleyball games all summer, playing select ball – all are de rigueur at Pleasant Grove if you want to get into the game. Champions are not born; they reach their goals one step at a time. “We focus on the growth of the individual,” Gibson said. “That’s why we’re here in education, is to help kids grow. Every time they take a step forward, we celebrate that growth and encourage them to take the next. That’s why we keep getting better and better each week of the playoffs.” These values reverberate throughout this special football team. Go read our stories on the various components, the linemen, the linebackers, the secondary, and the skill players, and you will hear the echoes of every one of these values. “No one outworks us,” is an oft-repeated quote. “Our trust in each other helps us get through adversity,” is another. Frankly, I have never seen such an unselfish group of youngsters. A season such as the one the 2017 Hawks are having is a gift to be treasured. In truth, no one can guarantee what will happen at Cowboy Stadium Friday afternoon, but I can assure you that when that bus crosses back into the city limits it will be filled with young men – future educators, doctors, lawyers, professionals of all stripes – who will be better husbands, fathers and citizens because of what they have learned the past four years. In that sense, we all win. Bill Owney A veteran journalist and educator, Bill Owney is a 1980 graduate of the University of Florida. Writing awards include APME honors for investigative reporting, the Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Award for public service reporting and numerous awards for editorial, column and news writing. He served as publisher of the Atlanta Citizens Journal and Pittsburg Gazette when each paper won sweepstakes awards from the Texas Press and North and East Texas Press Associations. He spent 15 years as a public school teacher and is an adjunct professor of English at Texarkana College.
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    I also want to give credit for the refs this past Saturday. We went crazy on those refs from the Fort Worth chapter following the KC game. So feel it's only right to give the Houston chapter props for a very well called game vs Lp.
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    Emotion.... pure and simple....as a fan of lobo football for 20 years all I can say is ...WOW! First the atmosphere before the game, hours before was just lots of people happy, full of energy ...kids playing ... people talking about the game ahead... Black, white and Hispanic ! All together as one! Longview! Everyone was Green to each other . To some football is more than just a game . It’s an escape from life, the stresses of being human and living in today’s world . I know for me personally football has been a savior to me in some ways. I will never forget the memory that the lobos, the Lobo fans and my kids and friends gave me yesterday . It was truly an amazing day to be a Lobo fan. As the game ended andctears of joy truly filled my eyes , because I knew I had atleast one more week of these Lobos to enjoy. Thank you to All who made that day a great memory! GO LOBOS!
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    "...at least not well" I didn't say you were not from Gunter or don't go to the games and support them - which I do as well. We won. Everyone saw the scoreboard. That's the only talking that is necessary. No need to follow that on-the-field performance up with an insult. The rest of us have congratulated New Diana on a good season (because it was) and moved on to Canadian.
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