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    If this site damages a program then they got a whole lotta more issues to worry about.
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    Off subject...but we all need to take a moment and just give thanks for how blessed we all are. Here we are on Smoaky talking about games played by kids...we did not just lose our homes in a hurricane...we are not fleeing war...we are not starving. Be thankful. I will now get off my soapbox...............
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    Update on DJ Horton What a mighty God we serve!! He is out of surgery!! Everything went well and he is currently in surgical recovery waking up. The surgeon said that DJ was very blessed!! Also said should be about 12 week recovery. Could have been so much worse but prayers are working.
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    I have to admit, the ride since Smoaky.com launched on July 2, 2002 has been amazing. I didn't know if we would make it one month, much less one year, and now sixteen years this week. There have been over 50,000 people register with Smoaky.com over the years, many remain active and I hope you'll continue to support this website. Some members have been on since Day One, some have come and gone, some were here for a week or a game or a topic, many have remained loyal and I can't thank you enough. My family and I, our admins and moderators and you have turned this into a go to place for news. I'm still blown away by how many stories we've, yes, WE'VE (including you!) have broken over the years. The fun, feedback, human interest stories, passion, trash-talking, some nice, some a little much, but in the end we all have one common goal. WE love Texas high school sports and the many other topics that we discuss in the forums sections. Smoaky.com has to be the greatest high school football networking, ever and you're THE reason. I have been honored and privileged to read, watch and listen to the incredible sports fans, starting off with tremendous fans in greater-East Texas and then we added regions during each playoff season. And, when I moved to Central Texas in June, 2010, I asked, "Why not grab the mid-section of Texas too?" And, we did...and it's been so much fun along the way. As we start the stretch towards another football season, I am asking for your feedback, good, honest, legitimate, proactive and helpful feedback. What do you want from me/us/Smoaky.com? Podcasts? What...? What else can we do? I'm about to add a couple of reporters to help keep up with stories and pin them at the top of the forums section and onto the homepage. As my responsibilities at ESPN-Central Texas have increased, I have found myself almost drowning trying to give you what you want. Please respond on this thread, but please, if someone suggests something, don't react negatively, react, but let's all think through what else can be done. If you would rather email me your thoughts, feedback and suggestions, send to [email protected] or [email protected] Thank you for an amazing sixteen years of full-throttle amazing! David Smoak Owner-Smoaky.com
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    I just want to add my two cents to Quick and ANTI. I have been on both sides. Green Goggles Lobo fan and after being let down time and time and time and time again I see exactly what Quick is saying. We all look at the Lobos in the best perspective with HIGH hopes. Then the fire gets put out. It took me years to get over the South Garland loss, and taught me a lesson. Green Goggles got taken off. I still believe in our Lobos and want a State Championship just like we all do. It takes a good team( not great) and a lot of things to go your way and a lot of luck to win a State Championship in Texas. We have had the teams. Not the luck. 1998 was a very good team. Top ranked in the state and deserved. They beat Duncanville in Preseason who went on to win state. That was a heartbreaking year too, but not a bad team at all. What I’m saying is this, it will take winning one to get this program over the hump just like Allen, Katy, etc.. Lets look at why so many Lobo fans are skeptical, our old district. Lufkin, Longview, , Marshall, John Tyler, Tyler Lee, Pine Tree, Nacogdoches, Texas High. The only teams from that district not to win a modern era state championship. Pine Tree , Nac , and Longview. Some great teams and talent but no title. We are tired and weary and reserved sometimes. That is ALL of us, Me included. 07, Wolf all of us got down on the Lobos at times and King as well. We can’t control the players, coaching or luck, but we can control the atmosphere, the noise the excitement. Set the tone Lobo fans. We have the team this year, I believe we have the coaching. The luck will be what it is. We all love the Lobos. At least the true Lobos love our Lobos. I hope it all comes together for all our fans, players and coaches, we deserve it. These kids want to win it for themselves, but they want to win it for Quick for ANTI for all the former Lobos and family. So lets be Lobos, we all bleed green from the Mustangs to the Bears to the Dragons to the Eagles to the Lobos. Lobos against Everyone!!! Except Our own family, the Longview Lobos. Beat Mesquite then Everyone.
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    Congrats to the young men who are the Huntington Red Devils. In what was a tight game Huntington held on in the last minute to preserve their 21-14 lead against Tarkington and with the win will be moving on to the post season this year for the very first time!
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    Please read this article about 2 of the Jefferson players. It’s an amazing story of strength and perseverance. Some of you Malakoff fans might even find yourselves smiling when #24 makes a tackle or when #6 makes a great run. Just because they are still alive http://etsn.fm/jeffersons-malik-cannon-tybo-williams-overcome-summer-shooting/
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    My little brother was on the 98 championship team. life was taken too early in traffic accident in 2016 RIP John John
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    Y'know the cliche of the coddled arrogant student-athlete who's able to get away with anything and doesn't deserve all the attention? Let me introduce you to the antithesis. Kamden Perry. He is everything that's pure and good about the game. Give him all the hype. This kid is golden.
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    Well, I saw Longview for the first time this year and have to say, it's good to see such a diverse attack. Longview has needed a "true" quarterback for years. I feel this was the piece of the puzzle that kept them from really competing, against the larger schools across the state. Now they truly have a complete team! Go get 'em Lobos! I will be there supporting you the whole way! Win that Championship!!!!!
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    Spearman, 4th seed with a 6-4 record beat Cisco, #1 seed with a 10-0 record. That's why. Let it be decided on the field. Why people complain about more football is beyond me. I always hated the 1st round bye. It was replaced with the 4th seed. Stay home if you don't want to watch.
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    One game at a time until it's your last one for the season. Every team has won great games and lost the heart breakers. These are high school kids playing a game, in the end they have given their all. We are just proud of the opportunity to support our chosen team. Win or lose, I will be their until the game is over. Who cares which team is superior to all other teams, it takes an extraordinary effort to claim a Championship while out lasting all worthy opponents. Carthage has had success, but we have no control of our future. I will attend the state game regardless, it's a tradition that my 15 year old son and I started several years ago. May the best teams win. Go Dawgs!!!
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    Longview controls it's own destiny. I know any team can get beat on any given night, that's been proven to us way tooooooo many times. That being said, Longview can beat anybody if we don't beat ourselves. The comment from TFF,(Horn won district and look where it got them) can be said for a lot of teams every year in all divisions. If we play to our potential, limit turnovers and in-opportune penalties, we can beat ANYBODY!!! Everybody knew this year's team had potential several years ago, but with Haynes driving the boat a SHIP might be in the near future!! IF, IF we- the Lobos don't let it go to their heads and play with a purpose like they did against Horn. GO LOBOS beat North!!!!! P.S. I will love the Lobos up to the day I leave this would, championship or no championship. Love my Lobos!!!!!
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    This against Silsbee.. Don't see Newton being took to Woodshed
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    Only ONE rule needs to be made about train horns IMHO: NO HORN WHILE THE BALL IS IN PLAY. Otherwise they need to keep their nose out of it. I've seen teams sound it on kickoffs to distract the receiving team. Bush league. Other than that...... booster clubs should be able to support their team however they see fit. JMHO
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    ^it's cool . The culture is sick. Not just here. 7 killed in mass shooting/suicide last week in Australia where there are very strict gun laws. Honduras leads the world in violence and murder rate. Very strict gun laws there too. I don't have any answers. I choose to carry. Never want to be in a position where I have to use.
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    If you're suggesting sweeping changes and reforms to the foster care system, advocacy and ethical contraception education for at-risk youth, funding for helping unwanted children find families and pragmatic solutions to give people a hand-up in pursuing their goals... I'm on board. Let's help these folks help themselves. But you'll never be able to convince me that infanticide is a solution. I'm sorry, man.
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    I want to thank all of you for your prayers. The support and love Our Nephew has received from all over East Texas has been amazing. The Road will be very long and hard for years to come for this young family, but I believe with the love and support I have seen for them not only from direct family members and friends but from all over God is good. A little about Chris, He is a paramedic, A vol. Fireman in Arp and recently graduated from the police academy and is a police officer in Longview. Chris is 24 years old. On Monday he was doing yard work when he noticed the shed next door had smoke coming out and went to check it out. When he opened the garage door flames back drafted and immediately covered Chris in flames. His fiancé', My niece (also a paramedic and RN) heard him screaming from inside their home and came to his aid finding him engulfed in flames. He was life flighted to the LSU burn center were he is now and is expected to be for the foreseen future. This young couple is one of those we all hope our kids grow up to be. Good, hard working, honest caring, young folks. I'm asking that all you take a moment and hug your family tonight and friends. Things like this horrible event you hope never happens to anyone and then it walks in your front door. You just never know. Our family is heartbroken over it but strong as well. Our community and so many have came to help this young man in anyway they can and we can't thank you all enough. If you see a sticker that says Vannoy strong think of Chris and say a prayer for him. God bless you all and old jj will be back when the time is right.
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    There’s a bigger picture here. The fact that the kid felt/knew it was okay to even show the coach the video is disturbing.
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    Are we free to question anything with anyone on this thread before I go any further? I'm just curious as to why HC Nelson's word means anything when I know what I know and NOONE can show me facts to disprove what I know and many others around our town and even surrounding areas know. It's mind-boggling to even speculate what has happened her much less have to deal with it 1st hand. I've been a TIGERS fan since I was born. That was 1980 for those that dont know. I was there in 1983. Do I remeber? Heck naw, but it's still embedded in my blood. I've been there for 5 of 6 Titles here in the real TitleTown. I've watched good, bad, and down right horrible seasons, but I'm still here. I and many others just wanted an honest, right, and qualified AD/HC. Answer me this..... How in the hell is Dennis Alexander not more qualified than 95% of Texas HS coaches? That's #1. How was Horn not selected out of the final 2? I'll tell everyone why... POLITICS.. That's why ladies and gentlemen. SIMPLE.... I just want what's best for DAINGERFIELD TEXAS AND THE KIDS #DontHateMeCauseYouAintMe #NowWhat
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    Issue probably isn't as much what he did to get it suspended (if that's what happened) as why he didn't tell them. But he was hired 2 years ago as an assistant, so this should have been an issue then too.