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    For my friends on here who know me, and prayed for me during my fight with leukemia, thank you from the bottom of my heart.. Wendsday at 4 pm I was diagnosed as being cancer free.. I won, I beat that demon.. Thanks for caring.. Chain out..
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    Your service is appreciated.....have a great Veteran's Day........
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    Hello smoaky friend. Just wanted to say that if you live in the east Texas area and are unable to get out and get the things that you NEED then feel free to contact me and I'll volunteer my service to you. I have a few masks and enough gloves that I feel fairly safe to help you get your neccessary groceries or prescriptions. I'm offering this help for free to anyone here in NEED. If you are needing assistance then please feel free to send me a message and I'll do whatever I can. Do not risk getting outside if you don't have the proper PPE. I'm am fortunate enough that I do and I'm going to use it the best way I can. Its only April 4th and April 30th is so far away. If you were unable to prepare for these hard times please do not panic. I'll help any of you however I can. Thank you. God bless and stay safe.
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    I did my own research from what the CDC has given us:.4% of the US population has contracted COVID-19.The death rate of 30-39 age group accounts for .2% of all deaths from COVID-19.The next age group up (40-49) accounts for .4% of all deaths from COVID-19.In NYC of the 309 deaths of 30-39 year olds, 240 of them had underlying conditions, 40 more they were unsure about. Only 26 died with no underlying causes. Ages 15-24 have had a total of 48 COVID-19 deaths. That is .7% death rate among kids that get infected. Meaning 7 people out of every 1000. And since we are going crazy with stats, I will let you do a little math from the CDC. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htmTake all deaths, subtract covid deaths, subtract pneumonia deaths, that will leave you with influenza deaths. Notice how similar the stats are? And we have vaccines and treatments for influenza. Do we really need to wait for a vaccine to live life again? This crap is literally insane. The media is taking #s and spoon feeding it to the masses. What they aren't doing is telling you the truth. 70% or more of COVID deaths are from the elderly or individuals with underlying conditions. Instead of locking the world up, LOCK THOSE PEOPLE UP! We are killing our country, not the virus, US! Remember the huge transgender push? That was less than 1% of the population forcig us to let boys compete as girls. We are letting the government tell us to rot inside our homes and go broke for about 1/2 % of the US population who just tested positive for the virus. So of that 1/2% of the population, you can see the fraction of a percent up there of the infected. Meaning we are hiding from the 1/2 percent of the 1/2 percent. You liberal scared people, go hide in your hole and live off of scraps. I want to go back to work.
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    If this happens what would Hughes Springs complain about next?
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    Lobos: Last night was a hard loss. I, for one, was in shock after the game, and I'm sure some still are today. But I want to focus on what this team has accomplished. We've witnessed something most of us have wondered for years if we ever would. We saw this team own the states longest winning streak, at 27 games! We saw countless records set over the last few seasons. Even more, we saw our Lobos (most of us in person) bring home a State Championship!! The pride and excitement we have all experienced the last few years, has been amazing! We have a saying in Longview...'Once a Lobo, ALWAYS a Lobo'. I could not be more proud of what our team has accomplished, and I could not be more proud to be a Lobo!
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    I'm not a sheep being manipulated by a politically motivated propagandist media.....its infectious but flu kills a LOT more than this will......all this bs is pure over reaction being fed by propaganda.....
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    Folks we have been privileged to watch historic games and seasons under John King. Y’all should have been watching 82 through 96 and then some. I remember when making it to the second or third round was awesome. I remember beating Highland Park like a drum then getting robbed against Plano. Other that that we just couldn’t go very far. 3 state championship appearances and 2 semifinals in 11 years. That was what dreams were made of back in the day. We are blessed. Thank you Coach King and company.
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    4 teams make the playoffs. Not all will have 10-0 records.... I don't see why people lose sleep over this. Everything will work itself out in the playoffs anyways.
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    It is not going to go away. So we can either close down everything for a long time essentially shuttering our way of life, and risk the collapse our entire governmental & economic systems. Or, we can accept the fact that people are going to get it and just try to do the best we can to be careful and limit the spread as much as possible and move forward with life.
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    The Smollett is STRONG with this one
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    I ain't kneeling to nobody and asking forgiveness for nothing......i kneel only to GOD.....
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    We should compare the agenda and ideologies of the modern american left with that of the nazi's in germany. I think we'll find there's very little daylight between the two.
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    amazes me how people can actually claim this is political--Use just a little common sense--The entire worlds economy is going to hell. Italy has shut their entire country down. No school, no colleges, no business, and everybody in lockdown. And you believe they are doing this to change our election. That is absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Nobody in Italy gives a rats …. who wins our election Are we over reacting? Yes!! Wild panic as people get in fist fights in Walmart over toilet paper, media causing a lot of the panic but to think the Democrats, the media or anybody else has created a worldwide panic is ridiculous --Too many of you have some kind of God complex with Trump if you think he is that important to anybody in other countries--They really don't care
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    He won’t get it. Some board members got some good looking wives.
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    I was wrong. Earlier this year I posted my 1st and what I thought would be my only post on Smoaky .com. I have read some of the comments about the Garrison situation, and have tried not to say anything, but I guess I don't have enough self control to keep from commenting when someone I know is being criticized. So here goes. 1. I have coached with Larry Prince and I know that he made the decision to move into administration. 2. Larry Prince is one of the best Football coaches I have ever worked with. He was a great motivator, He was very organized, and he was as good with kids as anyone I have been around in coaching. He was a coach who built young men through the game of football. Every kid that played for us would have run through a brick wall for him and I am sure the kids at Garrison would do the same. He was my Defensive Coordinator and he was loyal, hard working, and prepared our kids and I am sure Garrisons kids were prepared very well for every ballgame. He was my assistant one time, but I would gladly work as one of his assistants any day. He loves the kids at Garrison and would have done anything in his power to have helped them have the best season they could have. Sometimes things don't go like we planned, As far as the criticism that I've seen on here. I would say that every year before the season starts, most people think that their town has "great athletes" . Sometimes they do and sometimes they may not be as good as people think. All I know is that someone who probably never coached a down of football, or never diagrammed a play and couldn't if you asked him too, has any business getting on here and being critical of a man who has actually been in the arena and dealt with all the stuff day in and day out that goes with being an A.D. and head coach. In fact I would say that people who are openly critical on forums like this about, the coaches decisions, like the offense they choose to run or the defense they choose to run, do way more damage to team chemistry than anything else. Maybe the season wasn't as good as it could have been because your athletes may have been reading some of the stuff on here criticizing someone they need to have total confidence in. I am not trying to offend anyone, but after 30 plus years of being a coach and about 21 of that being an A.D., my advice to any coach who ends up being a Head Football Coach and A.D. would be to coach the team the way He wanted to, and coach the offense and defense He believed in. I am sure Coach Prince did his best to choose the offense and defense he thought would be the best for his kids to be successful, after all he was with those kids everyday. I will not hide behind a screen name as this is also something I really have a problem with. My name is Andy Evans and I am proud to have had the honor to coach with my friend Larry Prince. I think you would find that most people who played for him or coached with him have the same loyalty to him that I do.
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    I’ve hidden the offensive post and disciplined the member who posted it. That was inappropriate.
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    U.S. Army (Reserves) Military Police 1995-2004...Iraq 2003-2004. Hooah!! It was a great HONOR to serve our great country!!! Let's not forget the families either...they served too.
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    Alto’s non-district Schedule... 3A Westwood (28-20) 2-6 no playoffs 2A Timpson (45-0) 4-5 possible 11-2A 4th 3A New Diana (50-0) 6-2 2nd-4th in 11-3a 2A Garrison (26-7) 4-4 2nd-4th 11-2a 3A Corrigan (40-15) 6-2 2nd in 12-3a That’s a combined record of 22-19 (54%) and 3-4 playoff teams. In non-district alto won by an average of 31.4 points. In non-district Alto scored just shy of 38 points per game while allowing a hair over 8. San Augustine’s non-district Schedule... 2A Big Sandy (70-7) 2-6 possible 4th in 10-2a 2A Garrison (36-28) 4-4 2nd-4th in 11-2a 2A Tenaha (67-14) 4-4 all but eliminated 11-2a 3A Hemphill (49-34) 3-4 4th in 12-3a Thats a combined record of 13-18 (42%) and 2-4 playoff teams. In non-district San Augustine won by a combined 34.8 points. In non-district San Augustine scored right at 55.5 while allowing just under 21. I say all that to say this...these two teams on paper appear to be a lot closer to evenly matched than many might believe. San Augustine our scored their opponents by a slightly higher margin...but their schedule (based on records) was definitely the lighter of the two. The thing that is so intriguing to me about this possible match up is that these two teams are doing it in two totally different ways. Alto likes to run the ball and beat you with playaction won’t you commit to stopping the run. San Augustine is more of a spread you out and hit big plays in space. Neither side will be convinced by anyone that the other is better, and rightfully so. SA has the recent record and well earned hype. Alto has confidence and a dominant defense that has shut down all comers thus far. The last two things I’ll say for now are this... 1) the pre-requisite that both teams have 2 more district games, plus 3 playoff games to navigate to make this match up happen. Shelbyville, Joaquin, Garrison, Carlisle and possibly Harleton all are going to be itching for a fight when their number gets calledz 2) IF this match up happens, I think we can all agree that it will be a regional final worthy of that title. Both the teams will have came into the game undefeated and will not be the least bit intimidated by the other. It has the potential to be exactly what we as fans hope for to determine our 2A East Texas champion.
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    As a breakdown, Alto needs most of all to work on the timing and mental aspect of their game. The misques that they made against us Friday night will eat them up around the second or third round when the comp gets fierce, sharp and crisp is what they need to be looking for going forward. I see no reason the jacket can't be playing in December if the kids get it in their head that they can play with anyone and maybe take it all.. IMHO it could wind up in a battle with SA and the jackets need to be Uber focused going down that stretch... Good luck as y'all start rolling and may luck be in your favor... Chain out.
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    <------------- Reason 1 through 10
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    There are times when we take for granted what we know or what others know. But, the part of Smoaky.com that has always been a major passion of mine is our Historical Section, including programs from both greater-East and Central Texas. This section is listed below and includes a coaching staff information form along with some thoughts from the program's head coach. And, an historical section, year-by-year section of the program's listed. The East Texas programs go back much further, I'm continuing to update the Central Texas year-by-year records and data. And, in that year-by-year program history are some records and stats of individual players, game, season, career. ***This section is ALWAYS available for updates, adding and/or revising records from as far back as possible. So, if you see something that's missing or perhaps not correct, EMAIL, don't DM me, but EMAIL me at [email protected] or [email protected] Smoaky's Historical Section for East and Central Texas Please enjoy because the amount of hours we put into this section is unmeasured and I just hope it's appreciated. Thank you. David Smoak
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    The only 2 people on this forum that were still alive back then were @WestHardinfan1 and @KirtFalcon
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    To all the people who let this election break up families and friends let this sink in, I think the last civil conversations we had occurred just days before June 16, 2015. You were supremely confident Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election; you voted for her with glee. Me, along with millions of others, proudly cast our vote for Donald Trump. Then the unimaginable happened. He won. And you lost your freaking minds. I knew you would take the loss hard—and personally—since all of you were super jacked-up to elect the first woman president. But I did not imagine you would become totally deranged, attacking anyone who voted for Trump or supported his presidency as a racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic Nazi-sympathizer. The weirdness started on social media late on Election Night, as it became clear Hillary was going to lose. A few of you actually admitted that you were cradling your sleeping children, weeping, wondering what to tell your kindergartner the next morning about Trump’s victory. It continued over the next several days. Some of you seriously expressed fear about modern-day concentration camps. Despite living a privileged lifestyle, you were suddenly a casualty of the white patriarchy. Your daughters were future victims; your sons were predators-in-waiting. You threatened to leave Facebook because you could no longer enjoy the family photos or vacation posts from people who, once friends, became Literal Hitlers to you on November 8 because they voted for Donald Trump. I admit that I was a little hurt at first. The attacks against us Trump voters were so personal and so vicious that I did not think it could be sustained. I thought maybe you would regain your sanity after some turkey and eggnog. But you did not. You got worse. And I went from sad to angry to where I am today......amused. As the whole charade you have been suckered into over the last 18 months starts to fall apart—that Trump would not survive his presidency; he would be betrayed by his own staff, family, and/or political party; he would destroy the Republican Party; he would be declared mentally ill and removed from office; he would be handcuffed and dragged out of the White House by Robert Mueller for “colluding” with Russia—let me remind you what complete fools you have made of yourselves. Not to mention how you’ve been fooled by the media, the Democratic Party, and your new heroes on the NeverTrump Right. On November 9, you awoke from a self-induced, eight-year-long political coma to find that White House press secretaries shade the truth and top presidential advisors run political cover for their boss. You were shocked to discover that presidents exaggerate, even lie, on occasion. SHOCKING! Suddenly you became interested for the first time about the travel accommodations, office expenses, and lobbyist pals of administration officials. You started counting how many rounds of golf the president played. Suddenly you thought it was fine to mock the first lady now that she wasn’t Michelle Obama. Once you removed your p###y hat after attending the Women’s March, you made fun of Kellyanne Conway’s hair, Sarah Sanders’ weight, Melania Trump’s shoes, Hope Hicks’ death stare; you helped fuel a rumor started by a bottom-feeding author that U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley slept with Donald Trump. You thought it was A-OK that Betsy DeVos was nearly physically assaulted and routinely heckled. You glorified a woman who has sex on camera for a paycheck. You have learned all kinds of new things that those of us who didn’t willfully ignore politics for the past eight years already knew. For example, we already knew that illegal immigrants were being deported and families were being separated. But suddenly now it's a bad thing. I wonder why......... Some of your behavior has been kinda cute. It was endearing to watch you become experts on the Logan Act, the Hatch Act, the Second Amendment, the 25th Amendment, and the Emoluments Clause. You developed a new crush on Mitt Romney after calling him a “sexist” for having “binders full of women.” You longed for a redux of the presidency of George W. Bush, a man you once wanted imprisoned for war crimes. Ditto for John McCain. You embraced people like Bill Kristol and David Frum without knowing anything about their histories of shotgunning the Iraq War. Classified emails shared by Hillary Clinton? Who cares! Devin Nunes wanting to declassify crucial information of the public interest? Traitor! But your newfound admiration and fealty to law enforcement really has been a fascinating transformation. Wasn’t it just last fall that I saw you loudly supporting professional athletes who were protesting police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem? Remember how you fanboyed a mediocre quarterback for wearing socks that depicted cops as pigs? But now you sound like paid spokesmen for the Fraternal Order of Police. You insist that any legitimate criticism of the misconduct and possible criminality that occurred at the Justice Department and FBI is an “attack on law enforcement.” While you once opposed the Patriot Act because it might have allowed the federal government to spy on terrorists who were using the local library to learn how to make suitcase bombs, you now fully support the unchecked power of a secret court to look into the phone calls, text messages and emails of an American citizen because he volunteered for the Trump campaign for a few months. Spying on terrorists, circa 2002: BAD! Spying on Carter Page, circa 2017: The highest form of patriotism! And that white male patriarchy that you were convinced would strip away basic rights and silence any opposition after Trump won? That fear has apparently been washed away as you hang on every word uttered by James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper. This triumvirate is exhibit “A” of the old-boy network, and represents how the insularity, arrogance, and cover-your-tracks mentality of the white-male power structure still prevails. Yet, instead of rising up against it, you are buying their books, retweeting their Twitter rants and blasting anyone who dares to question their testicular authority. Your p###y hat must be very sad. But it is your daily meltdowns about Trump-Russia election collusion have been the most entertaining to observe......... After Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel, you were absolutely convinced it would result in Trump’s arrest and/or impeachment. Some of you insisted that Trump wouldn’t last beyond 2017. You quickly swallowed any chum tossed at you by the Trump-hating media #### CNN-MSNBC-New York Times-Washington Post about who was going down next, or who would flip on the president. For the past few years, I have watched you obsess over a rotating cast of characters: Paul Manafort, Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, Carter Page, Reince Priebus, Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Sam Nunberg, and Hope Hicks are just a few of the people you thought would turn on Trump or hasten his political demise. "WE GOT HIM NOW! DRUMPF IS GOING DOWN!" But when those fantasies didn’t come true, you turned to Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels for hope and inspiration. It will always be your low point. Welllll........that is I *think* it will be. Each time I believe you’ve hit bottom, you come up with a new baseline. Perhaps defending the unprecedented use of federal power to spy on political foes then lie about it will be the next nail in your credibility coffin. The next several weeks will be tough for you. I think Americans will learn some very hard truths about what happened in the previous administration and how we purposely have been misled by powerful leaders and the news media. I wish I could see you as a victim here, but you are not. I know you are smart; you chose to support this insurgency with your eyes wide open. Trump 2020!!!
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    This whole shenanigans about locking down the country had nothing to do with “health”. It had everything to do with saving face since we are one of the world leaders in medical research and treatment. What has being in quarantine done? Nothing except shut down the economy and delayed the inevitable. People will continue to get sick. People will continue to die. The percentage rate on that is very very low. This 25% stuff is horse too. Open it back up at the risk of the employer, workers and consumers or don’t do it at all.
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    I don't think over 40,000 deaths in less than 2 months could be labeled as "stupidity" but that's another conversation. Almost every country in the world has had some form of lockdown....so we aren't special in that respect. But.....even with those (still rising) numbers..... I think we will have football by fall. However.....I have a feeling that high risk populations (older and the ill) will be asked to stay home longer... but I think the general population will be out and about normally. So crowds will be smaller.....not as many grandparents in the stands. I'm willing to bet by July things will be pretty much back to normal FOR MOST....but not all. And of course all bets are off if we see a second spike this summer. And it's not completely unprecedented...... before UIL came into existence in the 1920's..... High School football was cancelled across the state in 1918. And while not statewide... many schools had partial/cancelled seasons during World War II. I'm betting on football this fall....even if it was to start a little late....and I don't even anticipate that.
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    This was the best 2a game I have seen played in East Texas in a while. None of that 7 on 7 touch football some schools play. Just plain old physical football. Two teams not just trying to outscore each other but actually hitting, tackling, and making them earn every yard. I want to thank you both for an entertaining Friday night.
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    Father, I come to you today not to ask for anything for myself, but to ask that you give Pease of mind to a thousand young men who are about to finish up their high school career in football. FATHER i ask that you touch thier heart and soul, give solace to the fallen and grace to the Victor. Father I ask that these young men leave it all on the field and that they give the glory to you. Father please protect the player, and all who journey to watch them tonight. Lord I ask these things in the name of my savior JESUS CHRIST, and the dove of Pease.. Amen.
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    Been a fun week. Pretty cool folks in the J. With that said, tonight is about the kids. Many (17 on our side) will be strapping up with hope that it’s not the last time. Lots of parents and family members hoping the same as the inevitable draws closer and closer. Nothing lasts forever whether you win or lose. I pray for traveling grace for all and a heart full of fight for every single young man on both sides. A good team goes home tonight while the other gets to keep chasing the dream. See y’all there.
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    So now the game and the associated thread are so epic, we have a thread about the thread about the game. God bless David Smoak!
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    Texas Army National Guard 2001-2009
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    US Army 1992-1996. Wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. I would not be where I am today without it.
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    That'll be me sir. US Navy USS George Washington 1999-2002
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    And let me tell you about a DE prospect in the 2030 class. Tough, aggressive, excellent genes. He's the biggest kid in the third grade at Hudson PEP... which is weird because he's only a 2nd grader.
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    Thanks guys. I feel better now.
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    Longtime teacher and Coach Dennis McLaughlin passed away yesterday after a long hard fight with cancer. This man touched countless lives in his 30 plus years at Carthage High School. He was a loving Father, Husband and one of the best teachers and coaches I have ever been associated with. We are all better to have known him and for those that played for him or who were taught by him we are even better. Please pray for his family and for the football team as they are all carrying heavy hearts this week.
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    Game Day. Beat Rockwall. Just a reminder that the website, next week's GT (against bye), audio, region II overlook and the Lobo wrap will not be posted until Sunday or Monday this week. Off to get married. Bring home that W for me, while I'm gone, LOBOS.
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    This is unrelated to football, but I wanted to give a pat on the back to the EF community and all the surrounding communities that have donated to the go fund me account for the Williams Family. Goal was $10K for the family and in 24 hrs. they are at a $9,230. Great job folks! I wanna give my condolences to the Williams Family. I can't begin to imagine the pain you must feel and we are deeply sorry for your loss. May GOD comfort you and keep you. If anyone out there would like to donate, the link is www.gofundme.com/f/williams-family-memorial GO JACKETS!
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    You know, you can talk about strengths and weaknesses of teams, districts and regions all you want. Turnovers, missing QBs and injuries or how good you were the year before until your blue in the face. Doesn't matter. It is and has been and always will be, the last team standing at the end. They are the Champions. It doesn't matter about all the other stuff, all the if's and but's. No one cares. The only thing that matters in the end, is it will always go down in the UIL record books, that the last team left standing was the best of of all the rest, because they navigated through all the perils and foes to get to the top. They dealt with all the circumstances that destiny laid before them and came out the other side as Champions. That is the way it's always been done, there is no other way that I can see.
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    Forgive me when you get over this. Saw it on Facebook and it made me chuckle
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    To the youngsters coming out tonight in their first varsity start, it's gonna be fast and the lights and sounds are gonna be awesome and sometimes intimidating, soak it in and enjoy the show, time is fleeting and it's all over before you know it, give everything you got and if you make mistakes, put them behind you and play harder, remember your keys and schemes you practiced all week, and most of all... ENJOY THE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS...
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