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  1. Magic number down to 4 Tucker has been unreal the last 3 months !
  2. Unfortunately I don't even consider Marshall a rival. And I don't mean that in a bad way. They are a team I always follow and on most years the team most feared in the district (not counting when the Lobos were here). It is really a downer because I don't feel we even have a true rival. Used to be Ark High, but even that doesn't have that feel to it any more. And I've got a feeling they have no plans to play us again after a 2 year absence
  3. one of these days I hope somebody can tell me why this is considered a rivalry game
  4. I don't predict games. MP always has good athletes but they don't have the depth because of sheer numbers. That is hard to overcome. It would be a major upset if MP could come into Grim and take this one.
  5. Near impossible at this point. Good luck though
  6. Feel sorry for MP having this happen on Homecoming Week. Really a let-down for a lot of students. Best wishes for quick recovery for Ark High players.
  7. I think this team has everything it needs for a serious run EXCEPT for a shutdown starter. I can't see us matching up past the 1st round and outpitching what we will face. Pitching gets you to and wins the World Series.
  8. My bad. Rereading your post that is obvious
  9. I was not there, but speaking with people that were they thought the Forney QB was horrid. They said he had receivers wide open and was missing them terribly.
  10. Because you continually post angry against Texas High. PG has been the dominant program in Texarkana up to last year for almost 5 years. Numbers don't mean everything. Your point that Texas High having the most #s is valid. But when you post it as a response to everything it is a little overkill.
  11. I'll always take a win, ugly or not. But the sloppy play and penalties have got to start to be corrected
  12. That is the whole point of this farce. And that is fine. Just say it. It is one of the oldest rivalries in the state. I know all about the numbers. Arkansas High has nothing to lose. I've been wanting to schedule Longview every year for the last decade before we were in a conference with them. IMO we would be 0 for whatever but that isn't always the point. I won't even comment on BN saying nobody has ever made important decisions except for him. I gave him 100% credit for making Texas High credible after his arrival. I also didn't have any regret at all when he left.
  13. The only thing that got squashed was Ark High @ Paris and were saved from being squashed by Texas High
  14. BS They played on the road in Paris the next day after the cancellation
  15. I agree. Tyler got 3 from a QB fumble and 7 on a great catch with our DB falling down. I feel like we left at the very least 10 points on the field but the false start penalties was the only glaring problem. Very fixable
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