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  1. Dallas will win just enough to pick once again right in the middle of the first round. Picking mid first round is their specialty.
  2. So far in district Texas High's OL & DL have totally dominated opponents. Those (especially the OL) has been our glaring weakness for years. It is nice to see the QB not under pressure constantly. This team turned around completely when Sellers was switched to WR . He was doing fine at QB but is a TOP FLIGHT receiver and is absolutely dominating. The Jr QB is a much better thrower. It has made all the difference in the world. Rotating QBs was driving me crazy in the John Tyler game. The coach absolutely made the right decision and both kids have flourished. I'm so impressed wi
  3. Final Texas High 44 Pine Tree 0 2 shutouts in a row
  4. Texas High up 31-0 at half.....and fumbled once going in for another TD. Pine Tree has 2 first downs in the 1st half
  5. I think in the last 10+ years most of us Texas High fans have learned to let your record do the talking for you. We do have a good team this year but haven't seen PT play so I can't compare. I'm glad the game is at Grim and I like our chances but I won't be doing any smack talking before or after the game. I reserve that only for when we are playing Arkansas High. I am waiting to see how we can handle a different animal of an offense. Should be a fun game.
  6. I'm not the biggest Correa fan. I think he has been suspect in some of his injuries to say the least. But he was absolutely robbed of a Gold Glove this year. I've read the articles pro and con. Supposedly it was done with a computer & not by a vote. But nobody can make an argument on why he didn't win and I haven't really seen anybody try.
  7. I'm just waiting to see how this game goes. Haven't seen Marshall or PT so all I can go on is what I'm reading. We are definitely better than we have been but I have to admit the 1st half vs Hallsville was a little concerning. Defense showed up big in 2nd half but Hallsville moved the ball very easily in the 1st. Sounds like Marshall is struggling a little on offense so I hope we come out early. Should be a good game
  8. Its all good man. If it came across as disrespectful I apologize. Sure wasn't meant to be. Good luck the rest of the season !
  9. You should really reread my post. It was an opinion not being critical. Everything doesn't have to be taken personally. Texas High had turnovers too.....I didn't add points for ours and say it should have been even worse. If you think I have a habit of knocking other teams you obviously have me confused with somebody else. I've never had any problem with Mt Pleasant.
  10. I have more hope now for the next 3-4 years than I did at the start of the year. Even though I think we may/probably will lose Springer this year I can't help but be excited about the talented young arms that have seemingly appeared out of nowhere. If we can just hold one of either Springer or Correa in the next 2 years I like our position. Verlander and Greinke's contract will be off the books after next year freeing up lots of money to add some talent to the Tucker/Bregman/Altuve base. But.......we've gotta get Alvarez back. Having double knee surgery this young is a bad sign. He would be
  11. Kinda agree and kinda don't I wasn't at the game but was listenting. You are correct about the turnovers and the WR sounded impressive. They seemed to have a lot of speed. The score seems a little misleading. MP had a 55 yd opening kickoff return (3pts) and a 90 yd kickoff return for a TD (7pts). They also had a last second hail Mary into the endzone. It could have easily been 42-7. There was really only 1 good drive by MP. Texas High is still not connecting regularly on the passing game. The game just didn't have much flow to it at all. As usual I think MP's problem is sheer
  12. Actually it was 2002 with the 1 loss and Chris Marshall was the QB. I'm pretty sure Mallett was a freshman in 2003 and couldn't have been on that team.
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