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  1. To the few that still doubt this is real. You are about to find out. Buckle up. Reality is less than 2 or 3 weeks away even in our “relatively” remote area. It is here. And it is already alarming if you are seeing it from the inside
  2. Ain't that the truth. The numbers are increasing exponentially. It is not 50 or 100 more a day. New York's health system is about a week from being overrun. It is gonna spread throughout the whole country. This is bigger than some people seem to want to admit
  3. I'm in healthcare too. This is just starting. It is gonna come in waves as different sectors of the country get "seeded" and then 10-14 days later it takes off. Its gonna be a rough summer. Everybody stay safe.....and take this seriously
  4. Guaranteed money is ALL that matters. Years & annual salary are all window dressing
  5. If it was observed by someone in authority and not stopped then that is more disturbing than the stupidity of teenagers. Oh well....…..I don't doubt that version of the story. You can always find a handful of kids in a herd mentality do stupid things. Sorry it happened
  6. If Mavchamp said it happened I believe it.. If people start saying it was a large orchestrated group I don't believe it. I've been attending T High games a long time & I've never seen any animosity directed at Marshall
  7. Ya really go all nuclear about Highschool kids chanting you #### at the end of a game ? I wasn't there & sorry if it happened...…..but sounds like a typical high school kid reaction.
  8. MLB will never allow the Yankees to be dragged down regardless of what the truth is. Follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ People will wind up missing before that happens
  9. I'm filing a breach of promise suit. I think Bregman promised they'd be back in the World Series last year
  10. Nobody has done a better job than TB at developing players and especially given the fact they have no budget at all. So I feel this is an excellent hire. I'm all thumbs up on this one. As far as Hinch goes.....I'm undecided. He was the scapegoat along with Lunhow. Yeah he should have stopped it but tell me a manager that will throw his players to the wolves. Everything I've read is he wasn't on board with this and even tried to disrupt it. It was player-driven. But he's definitely guilty and is paying the price himself when the players are even more to blame...…….but nobody is gonna mess with the Players Union. A year banned is a serious penalty. Maybe it is deserved but I don't think this should end his career (maybe in Houston..I get that). This is SOMEWHAT akin to banning a manager for "knowing" his players were shooting up steroids.
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