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  1. This isn't the old Kilgore. I don't believe they are afraid to pass
  2. Yeah. Truthfully it was. But if LE doesn’t get too down on themselves they will be in a different world in a few weeks They will be fine if they can ride out this schedule
  3. Should be a good game. Texas High is surprisingly (at least to me) MUCH improved over last year. I didn't see this much improvement coming this year. I can't help but favor Kilgore after the way they handled us last year...….but I'm expecting a very competitive game. We'll see
  4. Definitely will. #21 from LE is a big time runner
  5. OK That seems to be earth-shaking to you. LE should do whatever is right for them. These decisions are made every 2 years.
  6. Altuve making an absolute fool of himself and this isn’t the 1st or 2nd time he’s done it.
  7. Astros showing again why I can’t get my hopes up too high this year. They will score 8 runs on a So-so pitcher 1 game and the same guy appears to be Cy Young the next. Despite the record they are just way too inconsistent........ A’s have to be the most underrated team in MLB. I’d just as soon see the Yankees in the 1st round as them
  8. Possibly. But it will inevitably eventually start again. There have been lulls multiple times. LE should do whatever is best for them. Everybody will be swapped around probably again next year so who knows what scheduling will be like ?
  9. And Springer jacks one for a 1 run leads which lasts..........not even 1 out. smh
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