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  1. Astros resign catcher Jason Castro. I’m not a fan of this move and shows how the Astros have neglected the catcher position in the minors
  2. I agree. Everybody loves Jake. But you have to hit over .200 to be a regular starter in MLB But I for sure want him on the team. Just not as an everyday starter.
  3. In a shocking & very rewarding turn of events Brantley has signed a 2 year extension with the Astros !!!! What an exciting turn of events
  4. I didn't get that anywhere either. Not sure where that came from. Texas High was very good this year. But I was just saying I didn't see any way we could beat Carthage.
  5. Texas High could not have beaten Carthage. Period I don't know of anybody here that even would say that
  6. No doubt Crosby’s win over Huntsville in a dominant performance shows they are a legit contender to win it all. And I hope they take it. Definitely pull for whoever beats us
  7. On 12/11/2020 at 11:45 PM, Mavchamp said: 2. I was a little shocked at how THS struggled with Lake Creek in the first half. But the final score was about what I expected. Tigers are going to have their hands full with Crosby. But it's definitely winnable for them I'm not sure I'd call that much of a pick And I didn't pick this game for my team either. Our secondary was always our weakest point. I was very surprised we couldn't run at all when we needed to. I thought we had a 50:50 shot, but in reality Crosby was much better. It is hard
  8. Always easy to say after the game what you knew would happen
  9. Dear Kirk Jalen Hurts is who we thought he was. 3rd round talent
  10. I have said the entire thread the better team won. Texas High didn't rate themselves so the continual references of over-hyped and over-rated are kinda silly. Your beef is with Dave Campbell's or whatever rating service put them there. And for the record 1 did see 1 instance where a Texas High player tried to "fight" as you say. That being said I watched 10 games this year and I could point to players on both teams in every game that were "chippy" or over aggresive. I gave Crosby all the props and credit for winning this game. They WERE the better team. The fact that thi
  11. I don’t really think that. We didn’t have the secondary to stay with them. They were just better. When u say we were overlooking them I don’t think that is giving them their proper respect
  12. All the kudos to Crosby. We left points on the field but they were much better team. We had no running game at all against them. Their team is loaded with offensive playmakers
  13. 49-21 late 3rd. Crosby is just the better team.
  14. Crosby 35-14 at half. We have no answer for their offense
  15. 28-0 Crosby in 2nd. They are much better than we are. Especially offensively
  16. I second the congrats to Nac. You guys fought your way into the playoffs and drew one of the toughest draws you could have had. Don't let it be a downer on a good season
  17. Yeah they went for it twice but it was one of those too close to punt and too far for a FG. Neither the passing game or the running game was especially effective all night. I give LC's defense a lot of credit. QB did not have near the time he usually does. In the 2nd half the defense just flat shut them down giving us continuous field position advantage. I think we just wore them down. Our defense rush was just relentless in the 2nd half. We fumbled the kickoff to start the 2nd half and just pushed them backwards their entire possession. They never recovered.
  18. ditto. Thanks Mavchamp Your updates were greatly appreciated !!
  19. Our district put up a pretty good fight tonight. Knew Nac was up against it. Thought Texas High would win especially being at Grim. Thought PT and WH had a 50:50 shot. Glad to see at least 2 advance.
  20. Texas High DL just killed it in the 2nd half.
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