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  1. Thanks. They have had our number for awhile. I thought we could have beaten them last year but it didn't happen. Glad to see the program poised for possibly a really good year. Hope we keep progressing.
  2. I have no idea what Texas High is doing with the QB switching.
  3. Good plan.....but Correa ain't staying. You got a better shot with Springer. When this year is finally put to bed the thing that will linger for me is how bad Altuve has actually stunk it up the entire year. From his .205 average to the multiple errors to the atrocious base running. He has played ball from the first pitch of the season like an A ball level player.
  4. Tucker is finally cranking like he did at AAA
  5. Nashville always has a nice program. But this one will get ugly quick
  6. His defense has been atrocious. I'm most intrigued about WTH is going on with Alvarez......... With the bullpen we have now there is absolutely no reason to believe the Astros will do any damage even IF they can somehow make it into the playoffs. I don't see how this team can realistically do anything this year. And with all the anger directed at them I did not really have high expectations anyway.
  7. So sorry to hear of the loss. Prayers for his family and friends. This disease is real and we can only search for the answers to why it is so devastating to some. So touching to hear of somebody so invested in the kids. They are the future
  8. I can't decide what to think about Osuna. I've really tried to dig in the past about exactly what he was accused of. It is a really strange story........ I'm not defending him at all. There is just not a definitive story out there. It may have been much worse for all I know. But any time there are not charges, no sign of a big payoff, and the other party disappears to another country you know it has to be strange.
  9. I hate to say it but he may be one of the biggest busts in Astros history. And I was one of his biggest fans. 2 years ago the sky was the limit for him and Tucker.
  10. But ironically he WAS on the 2018 Red Sox team that was found guilty and punished for the same thing. ......but of course he had no knowledge of that
  11. Did I want Dak signed.... Yes is it the end of the world ? ....NO He can be tagged for 2 years. He has no option but to play his best to get a big payday after that. I like him at 35-37M/yr. At 40+ he can go elsewhere.
  12. Told ya 2 weeks ago they were coming for you. When 5-10% of the lunatic fringe starts getting their way nothing is safe. This has become cartoonish. Changing all the Indian names now. Cowboys used to kill Indians so that is next. Most astronauts were white so we are on the list. There is no end to it
  13. I just don't understand how a few racists (and yeah they are out there) can cause a whole country to hate itself.
  14. Looks good It will be a reminder every time you go by
  15. How's Minute Maid North coming along ??
  16. LOL...... If you think I'm offended you don't know me very well. God I'm ready for baseball season...... I look for the Rangers to keep it closer this season...............................it is hard to fall back 18 games in a 60 game season
  17. yep.....we are gonna erect a statue just like that outside Minute Maid. Better start deciding what you guys are gonna change your name to now that we have found out that Rangers is no longer politically correct.
  18. bwahahahaha.... At this point in time the Astros lost game 7 and the Rangers had already had a full 30 days to rest up.
  19. I'm hoping for a somewhat regular season. Back with teams I know something about and we do have more returning talent that the last few years. I'm hopefully optimistic which is something I haven't been in about 5 years. Hope what I see as potential pans out. I was more than a little surprised last year. If we hadn't lost QB for several games it would have looked much better on paper.
  20. Mav I know you are in medical profession too. Any vaccine that shows up in 6 months I will probably not be willing to take. It takes 6-8 months to grow influenza vaccines each year & that is with a head start. The dangers of rushing a vaccine are IMO greater than the disease (at least at this point in time) You are exactly right in saying we are in a lose-lose situation. There is no right or wrong thing to do at this point.
  21. I'm not sure I agree on Texas High.. We are being elevated by the upset of Lufkin last year. And I think that says more about Lufkin than about us. We have some good potential but I don't see any solid indications that should put us in the top 20.
  22. I posted 3 months ago MLB would protect the Yankees and Boston. I'm sure the evidence has been destroyed........but it was obvious from the start.
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