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  1. MLB will never allow the Yankees to be dragged down regardless of what the truth is. Follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ People will wind up missing before that happens
  2. I'm filing a breach of promise suit. I think Bregman promised they'd be back in the World Series last year
  3. Nobody has done a better job than TB at developing players and especially given the fact they have no budget at all. So I feel this is an excellent hire. I'm all thumbs up on this one. As far as Hinch goes.....I'm undecided. He was the scapegoat along with Lunhow. Yeah he should have stopped it but tell me a manager that will throw his players to the wolves. Everything I've read is he wasn't on board with this and even tried to disrupt it. It was player-driven. But he's definitely guilty and is paying the price himself when the players are even more to blame...…….but nobody is gonna mess with the Players Union. A year banned is a serious penalty. Maybe it is deserved but I don't think this should end his career (maybe in Houston..I get that). This is SOMEWHAT akin to banning a manager for "knowing" his players were shooting up steroids.
  4. I've always thought Correa would leave at first chance. I thought we had a good chance to keep Springer but with the scandal I think many players will leave just to distance themselves from the stigma. So I agree Springer will be gone now too.
  5. I'm not excited at all about Baker...…..but I understand the thinking. Established guy to get through next season. The Astros better crank it up the next couple of years because the loss of 1st & 2nd round picks are gonna bite hard in a few years.
  6. Hilarious that the Dodgers & Yankees seem to be the most upset. The teams with more money than everybody else.
  7. I am not a fan at all of Dusty Baker. I will be disappointed if we go in this direction.
  8. You really gotta admire people who suddenly want to come clean when they are released and have accepted their WS rings.
  9. My problem with this whole this is the players are skating by. MLB admitted while Hinch knew about it he actively tried to stop it, but didn't report it to MLB so he's banned. The players were the driving force here evidently led by Cora & Beltran. I have no clue how much Lunhow knew. You get caught you pay the price. But anybody who thinks they were the only ones doing it is pretty naïve. Like I said......you get caught you are the one that is gonna get the hammer. MLB has already disproved the "wearing buzzer" theories, but the sharks are in the water already so that story will just keep growing. I'd like to at least see the players step up and take some responsibility for their manager getting thrown under the bus. Everybody is praising the commissioner for being courageous......but notice he ain't brave enough to mess with the Player's Union. Nobody gonna mess with the goose laying the golden eggs
  10. You get caught you pay the price. Now let's see how they handle the Red Sox.
  11. As much as I hate to admit it this needs to be adopted. 4-5 years ago I said never never never. But the floating strike zone has gotten so out of control and varies so much from ump to ump something has to change. It is sad but true. It is time.
  12. Did anybody really expect anything different ???????
  13. Astros sign Maldonado to 2 year extension...….so Chirinos is history. Maldonado took less money to stay In Houston.
  14. Miley was as bad as it gets for the last 2 months. I wouldn't have wanted to resign him at league minimum.
  15. I may be in minority but I’m open to trading Correa. Has not took a step forward in 3 years and is injury prone. For the right price pull the trigger
  16. Yep. If Jake could have hit .250 he would have been an invaluable player to keep. Unfortunately his BA was declining every year. He was given every chance. Good luck to him in NY
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