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  1. TTman7

    Rivercrest vs Chisum week 1

    I'm not starting any mess. It was a sincere question. I didnt realize they were still Rebels. I HOPE THEY KEEP IT TOO. My alma mater was Rebels too (and still is thank goodness).
  2. TTman7

    Rivercrest vs Chisum week 1

    So Rivercrest's mascot is still Rebels huh?
  3. Dang!! Emmitt Smith is 51? Happy Birthday Emmitt!!
  4. TTman7

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    Ivy League...in the early days. 4 teams I believe...one of the 4 won the NC for like 25-30 years in a row.
  5. I agree...they dont have an excellent farm system like they did in the days of trading for A-List guys. But they still have some decent prospects. I dont want to give away what little we do have for rental A-List type guys. I want another SP in the mold of Minor & Lynn. Guys that'll give you consistent quality starts. Plenty of guys out there that fit that description. Also like to have another consistent bullpen guy. That'd make me happy as a fan.
  6. Yes Sir. HOPEFULLY they'll get some help at the trade deadline. Just dont want JD to give away the farm & future.
  7. Wow... Really didnt expect this win prior to the game. I'll definitely take it though. We've got our ace (Minor) pitching tomorrow night. I'm hopefull for the same result that Lynn gave on Thursday.
  8. Chavez is the SP for the Rangers tonight. He's had a good year. Was great out of the bullpen most of this season so far, and was recently put in to the starting rotation. Been kinda inconsistent as a SP so far. Hopefully he pitches his A-game tonight against the Astros.
  9. @Wild74...cheers fellas
  10. Yes he has. Could've been alot worse game if he hadn't stepped up.
  11. Lance Lynn has pitched great tonight. Hopefully he can finish out this 7th inning, and let the bullpen (hopefully) finish off this game.
  12. I hear ya!! I don't blame you one bit.
  13. So...we're having a discussion on a baseball thread...talking about a basketball player...and you think about a football player. Hhhmmm...makes sense, I get it. LOL
  14. C'mon Wild!!! Don't mess up the Legend's name. Geesh!!
  15. Still ALOT of game to be played yet.