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  1. Once again, you've mixed me up with someone else you've pestered with. My questions (that you never answered) weren't about the election, courts, fraud, etc. I have no narrative. I've simply done to you what you do to others...and you didn't like it, got in your feelings, and ran away from it. Btw, Merry Christmas.
  2. Yep, very questionable on father. Would still be good to see entire situation, uninterrupted, for me to give a final opinion. But, he still resisted so pepper spray was reasonable. Son/driver was legit according to what I saw/heard in that short video. Traffic stops are a detainment, so handcuffs can be applied depending on the officer's discretion & situation. All traffic violations can get tickets. In Texas, there are only 3 traffic violations that you CANNOT be arrested for: regular speeding, open container, and texting while driving. Once again, just my biased view of
  3. Yea, he's freshy alright . We've still got plenty of "old" posters on here. They haven't croaked yet.
  4. Hagar, notice how he never answers questions and will turn it back against you with a question? Interesting.
  5. Like I said previously....You couldn't answer for statements you made. Couldn't provide any evidence. Got in your feelings and ran away. You got called out and didn't like it. That's fine. Noted for future reference, if applicable. Run professor, run!!
  6. Good. You admit it. I'll do what I want, son.
  7. Yep...that's what it SEEMS. I said it was questionable. I'm not agreeing with it. We didn't see the whole incident. Btw...when did the father get pepper sprayed? Meaning, when during the incident?
  8. All politics aside (for now ): I wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. Spend time with your family & friends and relax and rejoice life. And I hope you stay safe and well.
  9. Like alot of articles & videos, this was a only a short snippet of the whole story. With that being said... The incident with the father is questionable. But, again we don't see or know the whole story. The part with the driver/son...based on short clip shown, I can't disagree with it. Tinted windows, it's an officer safety issue. Most people don't realize that on a traffic stop, you are being detained by that officer. So follow lawful orders. Pedestrians/Bystanders follow lawful orders and there's nothing to worry about. Regarding statements about police power trips
  10. The most controversial presidential pardons in US history https://nypost.com/article/most-controversial-presidential-pardons-us-history/amp/
  11. See...that wasn't hard now was it.
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