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  1. Seems like every season... - Dallas lays an egg and loses to an inferior team that everybody thought they should beat. - Dallas plays lights out and beats somebody that everybody thought they would lose to. The 'Boys will step it up next week on offense & defense. Cowboys win. Something like 24-17.
  2. Yep. They've been way too inconsistent. Showed flashes of greatness and then they get gashed. Never know which D is gonna show up.
  3. Nope. The D needs to get their head outta their tail.
  4. Alright, we need some of that Dak magic in the 3rd qtr and put this game outta reach...and have the D shut down the lions. Then feed Zeke.
  5. Don't be skeerd!! Let your nads swing this week!!!
  6. New Diana has a split AD and Head FC. The head baseball coach is the AD. Been that way for two years now. Of course, everybody knows/thinks of ND as a baseball school. But the football program has had some "success" in the last few years.
  7. Congrats Bulls!! Good win and way to represent District 11 as the Co-Champs!! Who yall got now and when/where?
  8. Congrats DF Tigers!! Way to rep District 11 with the W!!
  9. Man, you're a sicko...is Juarez/El Paso "rubbing off" on you?
  10. Cool...keep it up brammers. You got this!!
  11. Dang!! Good game. Sounds like DF needs to change it up when they get in the redzone...find something that works.
  12. TDJ, how's it looking? ASO playing well, or is DF just not playing good?
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