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  1. Oh I agree about the headline reading. This statement was compelling, and a very good read. I copied & pasted it to group texts of friends.
  2. She gets in her feelings if you trash talk too much. She can dish out, but can't take it. And she'll cry to "people" too when she gets zingged.
  3. Or UFL (Unpatriotic or Ungrateful Football League). Or NAFL (Non American Football League) Or WAMSWDCWYT FL (We Are Millionaires So We Dont Care What You Think Football League). lol I could go on and on, but...comment not available.
  4. I did. Are you implying it doesn't deserve an Amen?!? Just curious.
  5. I must've missed something. It mentions she was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. What was the deadly weapon? Did she have something in her hand, or have an object?
  6. Daaammmnnnn!!! She got knocked the bleep out!!! If I was that student's parent....comment not available.
  7. I also agree with the first paragraph. I agree with Danny's statement regarding the second paragraph. My point was...you said you support the LBGTQ because they are American citizens. Is the LBGTQ community only an American thing? Do you support the LGBTQ types that are from Great Brittain, France, Spain, all over the world? Not sure if you just misspoke, or that's what you meant. Just was curious and thought that statement was interesting.
  8. ... I guess I'll have to take your "word" on that. For whatever that's worth. Don't be spouting your family resume'. Nobody wants to hear that. So you support them because they are American citizens huh? Interesting.
  9. Don't watch stuff "y'all" post. Especially not tiktok. Never seen American Beauty. But I noticed you didn't deny my post.
  10. So.....Bunny, Peepee, Auntie, JoanJett, BoPeep. 2.5 of these are gonna be voting for President Trump, huh? Cool!!
  11. Can you please add to the poll: "I don't care who wins this game because they are all a bunch of disrespectful, unpatriotic, overpaid babies!!" I would appreciate that very much!!
  12. YES...the ONE Ore City vote was ME. Had to. It's my alma mater.
  13. Yea, that was a while back. I haven't forgotten though lol. And? Once again, that makes me racist huh? You can feel however you want, cause I don't give a damn. Also said on here during that same time, that we are ALL racist to a degree. So put on your racist cap too. You ain't innocent...none of us are. Yea, IT IS, WHAT IT IS.
  14. What about Obama's comments
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