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  1. Better than....WINNING 4 yrs ago. Ok.
  2. You said dark skinned not me. I said I tried to get as close as I could with the pics available. I picked the chick with black hair, black shirt, & black lipstick.
  3. I just pictured you as light skinned. Misjudgement huh...interesting.
  4. He might be referring to himself taking a tinkle in the toilet.
  5. Heck, at least you've got some color. I'm only one shade up from being an albino.
  6. Yep, joe told him he wouldn't be black if he didn't vote for him.
  7. Bunny...top row, 2nd from right. Joan Jett...bottom row, 2 from left. Peepee...bottom row, 2nd from right. Bloh Bloh...bottom left corner. It's a tossup for the rest of the snowflakes on here.
  8. Probably AmeriTex Homes. They've been doing similar things here in Longview...primarily on the South Side.
  9. The story about this election will be that a winner is not declared until ???. And that President Trump nor Biden have conceded.
  10. ...shirt better have an "*" beside the phrase champions Did this season count as a year toward their ban? Since there wasn't a postseason/playoff for anybody then it shouldn't count imo.
  11. I agree to a point. Where's sfa gonna go though?
  12. LOL..difference being, UCF had a semi-legitimate claim to declare themselves national champions. The playoff format (& formerly BCS) stinks like . And they were undefeated 13-0. Sfa played ONE unofficial conference game in a season where there is no official conference season being played. Hell, only 4 of 11 SLC members even played any games this year. Stupid lumberjacks, lol.
  13. I haven't seen any games. What is McCarthy's demeanor on the sidelines? Clapper Jr. or does he show any fire?
  14. stop it!! You're killing me!! Oh boy, let me catch a lumberjack out & about and wearing that shirt. Imma destroy him.
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