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  1. After ND was out of the playoffs in rd 1, I rolled with PP the rest of the way that '05 playoffs all the way to the SC game against Celina. PP was VERY GOOD that year. Not sure about Newton. But if they had played theoretically, I'm sure it would have been a helluva game.
  2. This was my Sr year of football. That Hughes Springs team yall beat in the quarterfinals of the playoffs was a DANG GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM. They were the District Champs in our district that year.. they & Paul Pewitt had just dropped from 3A to 2A that year....and killed everybody. I knew they went deep that year, but had forgotten who beat them.
  3. Y'all MAY get to have y'alls presence graced by the ole TTman. I'm still undecided...the lack of teeth in the DF crowd may scare me off.
  4. Hhhmmm...well with his past and reputation, he probably has a short leash with the Mods. Probably wasn't that bad whatever it was.
  5. Better yet...A 5 Overtime thriller. The winning team stops the other on 4th & goal at the 1" line to win the game.
  6. Was it ever determined what NB did or said to get banned?
  7. Dallas TE Swaim is out for a while. Wrist surgery. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25326604/geoff-swain-dallas-cowboys-needs-wrist-surgery-indefinitely
  8. Just a lil smack talk with JJ. And yes, gotta play whoever comes across your schedule, I know. And to y'alls credit, yall won.
  9. And "if's" and "buts" were candy and nuts, yadda, yada, yada....Y'all played a weak district, and are lucky y'all didn't play ours...fact.
  10. Whitten didn't do so hot the last time he was at the FCS level. Sam was glad to get rid of him.
  11. If your district had played, D11 then you wouldn't have swept anything. Probably would have went 1-3, maybe 0-4.
  12. Jett, where'd you find video of my time in the Army? lol Btw, that was after 1000 pushups
  13. That's dumb. LVE is on a roll right now. They need to put him, Lee, and Smith as starters and have Wilson as backup relief. Hopefully Marinelli & Richard make the smart decision and NOT listen to the owner/GM...and keep LVE as a starter.
  14. Cowboys are on a roll. Defense is playing good...LVE is playing lights out right now. OL is playing better (Combination of Coach Columbo & LG Sua-filo?)...keep Connor Williams on the bench. Zeke is rolling and starting to hit his stride. Dak needs to be more consistent. Let's hope Linehan can call a good game. Let's keep Maher on the sideline unless he kicking off or kicking extra points (but no guarantee). A Cowboys win puts them in 1st place in the NFC East. Let's go Cowboys!!! You got this!!!
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