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  1. Yes!!! TOUCHDOWN Dallas! Bout time! And Maher misses the extra point.
  2. Why you roody-poo's being so quiet? Yall scared of them red eagles? Them red eagles ain't $#@%
  3. Exciting...electrifying...stimulating!!!! FG GAME!!! At least the Cowboys are holding the Falcons to field goals. C'mon Dallas!!!! Score some TOUCHDOWNS!!!!
  4. Good defensive game in the first half. Dallas O gotta get it goin in the second half.
  5. Alright...okay...hhhhmmmm... The red eagles have just been lucky all season, and must have been paying off all the officials every game...especially the ND game, . The tigers are just a bunch of roody poos. Nobody wants to tackle them and get roody-poo sauce all over em. DF was lucky to get into the playoffs, and a 3-7 ND team let them win that last game cause they didn't want to play Newton in the first round. Okay..go!!
  6. I think it's a conspiracy suspending NB. I call for an investigation to be initiated!! I'm gonna try and make the DF-Hmny game. Probably sit on y'alls side.
  7. Yea, somebody needs to buy those coaches a map!!! Makes no sense!! $ucks for the fans of both schools to have that much unnecessary travel...ON THANKSGIVING WEEKEND. Geesh!!
  8. Dang JJ...you're a lil feller ain't ya? Water/ball boy for the varsity teams?
  9. Uuumm...uuuhhh...errrr.... I'm truly torn here. ND played both teams...first & last games of the season. I was impressed with both teams. I think the red eagles will pull out the W. But, I'm rooting for our district mates, the DF Tigers and hope they win.
  10. Good luck tonight, Wildcats...from Diana. Bring home the W, and rep our district with class.
  11. Good luck tonight Jackets!! Bring home a W.
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