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  1. Good luck tonight DF Tigers!!! Bring home a W. I'll be rooting for y'all from Diana. Make roody-poo nation proud in Daingerfield!!
  2. Yea, first bad season in A WHILE. But at least we beat them jacks for the 8th time in a row . Sadly, was the highlight of the football season. Now, on to baseball season!!
  3. Ok...I'll settle for a handshake then.
  4. I'm considering going to this game to support our district brothers, PP. And to check out the greatest 3A show on turf, Newton. And to be available for @NATUREBOY98to have a shoulder to cry on after the game. Woooo!!!
  5. Gotta go with the Cowboys. Of course I always do anyways.
  6. I've said it before...the Cowboys O is too vanilla. GO NO-HUDDLE/ HURRY-UP FULL TIME AS THE OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY. Do it for a couple of games and see how it goes. If it doesn't work, try something else. Can't do any worse.
  7. Throw the dang ball DOWN THE FIELD....take some shots!!!!!! Geesh!! I'm tired of 5-7 yard passes.
  8. Well, sometimes ya gotta take points any way you can. I'll bet when yall play this game you will wish you had a decent FG kicker. Cause yall may never get inside the Newton 20yd line. lol
  9. Yea, that's pretty exciting when it happens at this level. Don't see it very often. New Diana kid kicked a 56yd FG against Waskom back in '05 I believe. Right before halftime. The crowd couldn't believe the coach was gonna attempt it. The kid had a good leg, and regularly made 35-40 yarders in games. When he made it, the stands on both sides erupted. It was exciting to see. It was a 2A state record at the time, and I believe it still is.
  10. Great job Tigers. Congrats!! Y'all were clicking tonight. Wish we could've given y'all more of a test tonight to get y'all prepped for the playoffs. Good luck in the playoffs, and you've got my support. Marinate my crow in Pearl beer. And I'll take it medium rare, with sauteed onions and a side of mashed taters and pinto beans.
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