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  1. You have to be hot first to simmer down. None of that going on. Wanna shake hands with fellow SDC fans. NB, you here? Come on too then.
  2. Cool. I'll see if ole @Eagle27wants to come too. Shake hands in sportsmanship.
  3. I'll meet you at y'alls concession stand at the end of the 3rd. I'm wearing a green/gray hoodie, camo cap, and have a long beard. You gonna show?
  4. Well, at least our band kicked y'alls band's a$$ at halftime. So it won't be a total loss for us.
  5. Tell ETF that's what she said, but hopefully not on the honeymoon lol
  6. It's been confirmed...same officiating crew as last year. Except this time they took $50 less than last year. Said it'd be their pleasure to ruin ETF's bachelor party!!
  7. Fold each end your shoe lace into a single "bunny ear." You can hold the "ears" in place between your thumb and pointer finger on each hand. Cross the bunny ears so that they form an "X" in the air. ... Pull the bunny ears out to the side away from the shoe. That's how to tie your shoes. Need something else exsprained?
  8. I'd take that...obviously lol. I just wanna get my $5 admission's worth
  9. Waskom scored 62, and EF 63 on us. Dont you think DF will break 60+ on us? We scored 26 on Waskom, and 32 on EF. Maybe that Eagle O will show up. Maybe not.
  10. That was the final score of the DF-PP game wasn't it? WOW!!! So you think we're just as good as PP huh? lol
  11. Good luck too y'all too ETF. Let's just hope for a competitive, injury free, and good game by both squads..oh, and no UC/PF penalties lol. By the way, hold it in, and wait until you get to the game to go #1 or #2 in the visitor's "bathrooms" lol
  12. To be honest, I just want to see a competitive game. I said the same last week before we played EF. And we were competitive with EF until our best player #5 and a couple of others went out with injuries. I talk alot of smack in fun. And I try my best to judge with my head, and not my heart. That being said... Once again beating a dead horse, I believe we can give DF a good & competitive game...IF #5 is healthy enough to play to his potential AND he keeps his dadgum mouth shut and no UC penalties. OL blocks better than they have lately. And no stupid penalties by the team.
  13. Oh yea? Who'd that be? Y'all got those kind of fans? That ain't right. Can't stand fair weather fans
  14. Here's ole Muley...ready to pounce tomorrow night lol
  15. It was a male coworker huh? That explains alot.
  16. Welcome back bud. This place just wasn't the same without you. Does your parole come with restrictions?
  17. sfa #### EAT 'EM UP, KATS!!!!!
  18. I doubt it. He went to Arkansas to be closer to his family.
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