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  1. So, DF Tigers...what do you think the chances are that the New Diana Eagles beat you on Friday night?
  2. All trash talking aside.... Congrats on your pending nuptials!! May you and your bride have a lifetime of happiness and bliss. Where's the ceremony? Honeymoon?
  3. Friday night about 10:15, DF Tiger Nation be like...
  4. They also wore the white pants with it. Did that combo for the first time last year against the Gnats. They're trying to mix it up I guess. Wouldn't surprise me if it was some kinda marketing ploy.
  5. I'm a "die-hard" fan...I just couldn't help myself. I clicked on the Cowboys to win.
  6. They've got a 1st round pick next year...his name is Amari Cooper. Hopefully, with their added cap space this coming off-season, they can add a few decent free-agents to fill in some holes. And maybe, just maybe, they'll be adding some new coaching positions too.
  7. And their ear plugs too. From all those mean ole Eagle fans after the game, lol.
  8. Yea, he knows what that means...and he knows what the alternative meaning is too, lol.
  9. Oh...and, I love my man Jason Witten but...MNF, you gotta put Booger in the booth, and #82 on the sideline.
  10. The Dallas Cowboys 2019 1st round pick...5-58 on 8 targets...one 4yd TD.
  11. Hey!! I think I'm an optimistic fan!! I just dont wear rose-colored glasses.
  12. Dallas didn't capitalize on that 1st quarter. Could have been up by 10.
  13. Yea, it probably is. Good thing it's their kicker and not ours. lol
  14. Yep!!! call on LVE. Missed FG by TN. C'mon!!! Let this be a spark for the O.
  15. Yea, nothing against him. Doesn't mean he isn't tough. Body is just brittle at times. Nothing he can do about it.
  16. Yep...again. It's like a broken record with him. Thank goodness we have LVE.
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