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  1. Dammit...why are they letting the TN receivers get WIDE OPEN on all these 3rd down plays?! Geesh!!!
  2. I think the Titans D is pretty decent. Not too sure about their O. That sounds kinda like the Cowboys huh. I'm gonna predict a Cowboys win. Something like 20-3 / 23-10
  3. Probably the same no matter the results Friday night. I'll leave the gizmo gazing to you. You're used to it.
  4. And I think Jason Whitten will bounce back, and have a great performance in his color commentary gig during his first time back to AT&T Stadium.
  5. I'm just curious....I know they won them all, but what have the scores/results been for Newton in y'alls district.
  6. Uuummmm... Nah, that's okay. Y'all can stay where you are. lol
  7. Y'all take it easy on ole OC. Get your starters a series or two, then play the JV the rest of the game. It would be a shame to suffer any senseless injuries going into the playoffs.
  8. I want to know that too. Because we heard a whistle and we saw a ref waving his arms signaling a dead ball. It was flabbergasting!!!
  9. Yep...I think Zeke is gonna have a beast game...Cooper & Beasley gonna get 100 apiece...the D is gonna get a shutout. Cowboys dominate!! Tru storie!
  10. So what's you being an old geezer got to do with anything?
  11. Hhhmmm...doesn't sound like the Diana folks I know and have been around. What'd y'all do or say to provoke them into saying those foul and nasty things?
  12. No kind words leaving Diana last year? Really? What happened?
  13. No need to converse with me in Daingerfield-speak. I'm an educated person.
  14. Well...pretty much run the same system as last year. Our O is no where close to what it was last year after losing our stud QB and WRs, and 14 seniors. I think our D is actually a little better than last year. Soft? Definitely not...actually are pretty gritty and tough with an attitude. They like to flap them gums (WHICH I CANNOT STAND). You must not have kept up with ND "back in the day", and there was probably no reason for you to...In the 2A days (when DF was 3A), Coach Willie Hargett and ND was a regular playoff participant and very good program every year. For the past 15-20 years,
  15. Not exactly sure. He didn't play the 2nd half at EF. Was told he injured his foot.
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