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  1. Not only did he say it...the ref warned him...and he said whatever AGAIN. @#$%
  2. I know right. He's driving me crazy
  3. I really DO NOT like y'alls "announcer". He thinks he's doing color commentary or something, lol.
  4. #5 with long TD run. 22-19 EF 5:26 2nd
  5. Flappin them gums at the Ref. And the Ref warned him. AND HE DID IT AGAIN!!! Geesh!!!
  6. #5 ND opening kickoff return for TD. 7-0 ND
  7. Its GAME TIME!!!!! Go git em Eagles!!!
  8. Thanks. It's been a while since I've been over to EF. Just checkin to see if anything had changed.
  9. I guess I should. But since Natureboy is in jail, I thought I'd give a few zingers in his honor. lol
  10. Oh, ok...gotcha. Well, it shouldn't have been too offensive. Coming from DF, it was probably written in crayon at a 3rd grade level, and had lots of pictures
  11. What was sent though? Am I still missing something?
  12. Thanks!! Any good eatin' places over there? Or should I just get somethin' at the concession stand? lol
  13. I missed it too I guess. What was sent to the coach?
  14. Wow!! Tell us how you really feel ETF. I appreciate your total honesty. But it's TMI really.
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