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  1. I understand. You're saving that banter for next week for ND-DF thread. Hope you're not too salty from the L from this week.
  2. I really and honestly hope so. Win or lose, that's all I ever hope for in a game. Well, I hope for a win too lol.
  3. I agree and think he's known and well respected by other fanbases. But they also know what a knucklehead and liability he can be too. He's not a beat-you-by-himself kind of player/talent. But he is capable of sparking the offense & defense with big plays. Its definitely going to take a team effort around him.
  4. I wonder where the FIRST round "Regional Final" matchup been DF & Newton is gonna be?? I may have to go watch that
  5. I tend to agree. 4th place means a first round BEATDOWN. I'd probably prefer airing up the basketballs a week early than have that as a "reward" lol
  6. Spread offense. In the games I've seen, probably about a 70/30 pass-run ratio. Offense is inconsistent. When clicking, can be pretty good. When not, it stalls. Defense is also inconsistent. Can stuff the run sometimes...other times gets it run over them. Pass D is so-so. I hate to beat a dead horse from week to week, but...#5 is a beast for us on offense & defense, WHEN his head is on straight. Very speedy and athletic. BUT, likes to flap his gums and get in pushing matches...has had LOTS of UC/PF penalties and been ejected once this season. If he's clicking against EF and keep
  7. What kind of offense does EF use? Run heavy? Pass? Equal? Defense? How's the run and pass D?
  8. And they're bring in Hudson Houck also. As a special consultant/advisor.
  9. Imo, I'd like to see the Cowboys O go to a no-huddle / fast paced look. See how that goes for a game or two. If it works, keep it. If not, try something else. Gotta try something to spark some more offense and get away from this stale & vanilla offense they've been having.
  10. Yea, it was in 2014 I believe. A KYKX Saturday night game of the week at Lobo Stadium in Longview. No defense played by either team. EF pulled out the win late in the game. Something like 52-49? It was an exciting game, even though we lost.
  11. Hhhhmmm...I'm a homer for my Eagles...BUT I don't wear rose-colored glasses. It'd be real tough to take both EF & DF in consecutive weeks. Just never know how they're gonna play from week to week, or if #5 can keep his @#$% together.
  12. I think that order is how its gonna end in district.
  13. Wild, we appreciate it. We'll take any edge we can get.
  14. I think we'd get 4th? But I dont want that...it means a BEATDOWN by Newton I'd rather just win these last 2 against EF & DF and take 3rd or 2nd, lol
  15. Alright, let's get it started. Who you got?
  16. Hhhhmm... ND did score 26 on Waskom I believe. So with that logic.. yep, DF MAY squeak by ND...maybe. lol
  17. Yea, I love those kind of games. You know somebody has to lose. And if it's you, it doesn't hurt as bad. (Well, all losses hurt, but hopefully you know what I mean).
  18. Yep!! We TRIED and we TRIED and we TRIED to give them the win. Killed ourselves with penalties and turnovers all night. In the redzone multiple times and came away with nothing. Geesh!! Let's hope all of that nonsense is out of their system and we can give EF some good effort and a good game next week.
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