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  1. "state of the ark"???? Noah and Moses hanging out in Omahomo these days??
  2. According to Maxpreps, their record is 3-4 (1-3). They beat Prairieland & New Boston and lost to Linden-Kildare in pre district. In District, they've beaten QC, and lost to DF, Waskom, & PP. That's about all I know about them.
  3. Uh oh...forget about Timboslice vs ETF. Now we get Timboslice vs Fblife13 rd 1
  4. Bueller? Bueller?? BEULLER????
  5. When this was a rumor, I was not a fan of it. Now that it's reality, I do not agree with this trade. I hope I'm proven wrong. Its halfway thru the season. Cooper is currently injured (concussion protocol). He's costing a first round pick. And on top of that, alot of cap space. Who they gonna cut to put him on the roster? I've moved on from him, but I'd rather the Cowboys had brought back Dez than to have made this trade. Somebody please talk some trade sense into me!!
  6. Maybe both sets of stands put together will make a full set of teeth???
  7. Per ESPN Dallas (Todd Archer)... Cowboys long snapper L.P. Ladouceur said he followed the same pre-snap routine prior to the officials flagging him for a snap infraction prior to the attempted game-tying kick.“I just adjusted down so I could put my hands on the bottom of it so I could snap it in the right direction,” Ladouceur said. “Exact same thing I've been doing for 14 years … I'm not even trying to get him offside. I know the situation. Just too bad.” Brett Maher's attempt went from 47 to 52 yards.
  8. I'll be contacting the League Office asap in the morning!!
  9. I agree. Frederick was the QB and glue for the OL.
  10. Yea..they're overhyped from what they did a couple of years ago. Tyron Smith not the same player he once was. Gives up too many sacks/pressures. Connor William's is going thru rookie learning curve, and needs to get stronger in the off-season. Looney has been okay, at best. Zack Martin has been okay I guess. L Collins was a better guard, and gets too many penalties.
  11. The center/snapper moving the ball happens on EVERY play...offense or FGs...by EVERY team. And they decide to call it at the most critical point of the game.
  12. Yea, that was a call. And others against Dallas, and some no-calls too
  13. game!! Surprisingly that it came down to a FG anyway. Stupid penalty to move it back 5yds. [email protected]#$%^^*
  14. Wow!! Unbelievable...fumble TD at goalline...really??? ####!!!!
  15. C'mon D!!! Gotta get stops on those 3rd & longs
  16. Woulda, coulda, shoulda....glad he didn't too lol
  17. ND visitor's port-a-potties are nasty? Hhhmmm...okay, y'all can have them.
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