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  1. Yea, he's a beast when he's not acting ignorant. I'm pretty sure it was him. Hard to see his Jersey number with all the mud. And announcer didn't announce it. There were ALOT of UC penalties on BOTH sides. ALOT of gum flappin on BOTH sides. ALOT of taunting on BOTH sides. And not just afew players...but MOST players on BOTH sides. It kinda brought a tear to my eyes thinking back to the good ole glory days of this classic rivalry game, lol.
  2. Eagles soared over them Rebels!!! 41-22 ND final
  3. ND about 50yd run down to OC 10. Run play to 2yd line. Penalty ND...UC penalty & ejection (may be #5). 3rd & goal from 20. ND turnover on downs. 4:09 left
  4. ND about 65yd screen pass TD...CALLED BACK due to block in back penalty. 5:43 left
  5. OC turnover on downs at ND 20. 41-22 ND 7mins 4th qtr
  6. ND intercepted an OC screen pass...returned 50yds for TD. CALLED BACK due to roughing passer penalty on ND.
  7. 41-16 ND Start of 4th qtr. OC has ball at midfield mud pit.
  8. OC punted down to ND 10yd line. Delay of game ND to 5. Sack by OC for a safety. 41-16 ND 6:40 3rd qtr
  9. Another sack fumble by ND....caught fumble in air...returned 50yds for TD. 41-14 ND 7:57 3rd qtr
  10. ND got a sack fumble at the OC 15yd line, scooped and scored. 34-14 ND 9:53 3rd qtr
  11. ALOT of gum yapping and late hits on both sides. ALOT of off-setting UC/PF penalties. Muddy & sloppy field. Been quiet afew fumbles. ND's Choyce has been a beast so far.
  12. 27-14 ND halftime ND will receive the second half kickoff.
  13. Choyce about a 70yd screen TD pass. 27-14 ND 1:28 2nd qtr
  14. About a 70yd TD pass by OC. 20-14 ND 8:37 2nd qtr
  15. Yea. Thursday night varsity game. KYKX game of week.
  16. ND intercepted the ball at midfield. Ran back to OC 1yd line. Choyce TD run. 20-7 ND 9:35 2nd qtr
  17. ND intercepted the ball at OC 40+ yd line. Choyce broke a long TD run. 14-7 ND 10:35 2nd qtr
  18. Choyce broke a long run down to inside the 5yd line. Then touchdown ND. 7-7 5:00 1st qtr
  19. SLOPPY and wet field. ND fumbled at midfield. OC drove and scored. 7-0 OC 5:36 1st qtr
  20. Yes, If he doesn't let his emotions and yapping get the best of him. No stupid penalties. I expect alot of gum flapping in this game...on both sides. Rivalry game kinda stuff.
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