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  1. Westy, you beat me to it, lol.
  2. I agree. It's an intense and historic rivalry. Throw the records out. Never know what's gonna happen. I'm gonna vote with my heart...Longhorns win!
  3. Wow!!!! That's very Confucius-like. Is this really Doomer???
  4. I hear ya!!! Doesn't make sense for the whole District to be on a bye DURING the district schedule.
  5. Who all has a BYE this week. I know ND does. What's the current District standings as of now. ND is 1-1, and OC is 0-2 I believe.
  6. I agree....I wish I had my size now back in high school. BUT, I wish now I was IN SHAPE like I was in high school. In my playing days, since I rarely left the field, I was in the BEST shape ever in my life. Even better shape than when I was in the Army.
  7. I'll start. I was an Ore City Rebel. Graduated in 1989. We played iron-man football. I was the starting LT and DT. Played all special teams. I was 6' and 160lbs. #77 I'm 47yo now. And I'm about 6'2" and 240lbs.
  8. I've always thought about this. With all the banter that goes on between all of us. Tell us...... year & school you graduated from. Position(s) you played on the football team Your size (height/weight) during your playing days Your age & size now
  9. LOL...yep. It's very entertaining
  10. Wait for it....Yo mama jokes coming soon.
  11. Well...this game might be custom made for some of the other "fellas". Wait and see. They'll "come out" and play I bet.
  12. Dang...this thread is still goin? The roody-poos lost. Move on
  13. Jett...I like you bro. You seem like a good dude. But this is just G A Y
  14. Dak broke outta his slump today. C/ATT YDS AVG TD INT SACKS RTG Prescott 17/27 255 9.4 2 0 3-24 118.6 And Zeke had 25 carrys for 152 yds.
  15. I don't like him. He's a showboater. And he did some of that and taunting in today's game.
  16. I've got a feeling...Settling for FGs is gonna get Dallas beat today.
  17. I dunno. Maybe to prevent the runner from intentionally fumbling it forward to try and get the first down?
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