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  1. Defense is looking good so far. Cowboys up 10-0. C'mon!!! Keep it up 'Boys!!
  2. Cowboys rebound and take this one. Cowboys by 2
  3. Congrats NB! I'll take my crow rare with some Heinz 57 sauce.
  4. Something came up. I'm not gonna make it to the game tonight. I'll be rooting on the Eagles from Old Diana, and getting updates on here from all of you. So keep those game updates/score going.
  5. Wow!! That's quite an accomplishment!! Congrats (early) Tigers!!! What year did DF start playing football?
  6. I heard an interview last week on 92.1 The Team, with Bill Coates. He was interviewing one of the Rangers beat reporters. I forget the reporters name. Michael Young's name was brought up. The reporter said M.Y. would not be interested in the managers job. He has 2-3 young boys and is enjoying the family time. Said otherwise he would have joined the staff during the last 10 games after banister was fired. Same type of info about Pudge too. Take that info however you want. That being said, I would LOVE for Michael Young to be the manager. I still have his Rangers Jersey.
  7. And if they don't? I heard their crockpot was on the fritz too, lol.
  8. Dang you're old!!! Still not a "man" yet though natureBOY, lol.
  9. I guess you didn't see Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" movie, lol
  10. My bad. I forgot about the stupid BYE week
  11. Aaww $h^t...just saw this. Its PP's homecoming? natureBOY, it'd be a shame for y'all to get beat by ND on your homecoming.
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