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  1. I've heard of it. Can't recall ever seeing it that much though
  2. TOUCHDOWN!!!!! 13-10 Dallas...1:39 left until halftime
  3. Yea . At least that second one wasn't a redzone one.
  4. When Dallas is in the redzone, I want touchdowns NOT field goals. Dagnabit!!
  5. Running, passing, catching, blocking, tackling, run D, pass D, EVERYTHING.
  6. Ore City lost a similar score game last year I believe. To one of those Tyler Christian schools.
  7. Looks like dem Rebels gave y'all a better game than you thought. What happened?
  8. It wasn't me. I would say something. I can promise ya that. No hiding here. Would and will say anything to your face that I'd write as a comment on Smoaky. No keyboard warrior here!!
  9. I agree. He has definitely been a liability for us many times. He's talented, but that gets overshadowed by his stupid UC/UR penalties and gum-flappin. Frustrating as a fan to see that.
  10. Ah ok. Thought maybe the WO refs might be helping out. Guess not.
  11. Am I reading this score correct? DF LOSING by that score?
  12. That "fact" will most likely happen. HOWEVER, ND beat DF last year. And until they play again, ND has the "bragging" rights and is the disputed defending district champs. So give "sorry ol nd" that much.
  13. LOL....ND not throw? In the current offensive system, that ain't gonna happen! And that's unfortunate for tonight's game.
  14. Oh...so your pickin PP to win? hhhmmm lol
  15. ND is gonna beat the brakes off DF in BASEBALL this year, lmao.
  16. Yea, unfortunately. For some schools like ND, they only get a good group of players every once or so in 5-10 years. No reloading at ND. Every year pretty much is in rebuilding mode seems like.
  17. If was already gonna be a loooong night WITH the three starters in. If the rumor is true, it's gonna be a looooggggeeerrr night. And if true, I also applaud our coach for discipline. Gotta teach these young men things besides football too.
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