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  1. Hey!!!....Wait...yea. We've (ND) got a few (but one in particular) that likes to flap their gums. Its frustrating & disappointing. Started to try and defend them...but can't, lol. I blame coaches for all that. On any team.
  2. It's game day!!! Anybody know the sub-varsity scores from last night?
  3. Might wanna try the Farmers Market in Longview
  4. ND fan here. Present and accounted for. Whatchall wanna talk about?
  5. Unfortunately, I agree. One thing I can guarantee, the Eagles won't give up and will play hard until the last whistle.
  6. Simple. Sam is the superior program, especially in football. No explanation needed...thats just the way it is, lol. Seriously though, think it's a combination of Sam getting good head coaches (current & one before) and a little luck with some FBS transfers the last 6-7 years. And, like you said, the Houston area pipeline. EAT 'EM UP, KATS!!!!
  7. ND had two JV teams that played last week...one on Thursday night, and one on Friday night. Unless a miracle happens, I expect the same this week.
  8. What exactly happened? Someone please explain.
  9. Congratulations Red Eagles! You were & are hands down the better team. Tonight, from the first snap until the last snap of the ball you outplayed, out-hustled, out ran, out tackled, out blocked, out hit, and out-everything'd the Blue Eagles. I tip my hat to you! Good luck the rest of your season.
  10. Final 53-13....them dern red eagles
  11. 53-13 Harmony 4+ mins left in game I'm smelling an Eagle burger lol
  12. Stoney, if y'all score 60 or more then you buy me an Eagle burger for my ride home. If we score more than 14 I'll buy you one. Deal? LOL
  13. Yea, if this score continues to grow...i predict it will get ugly by the end. On a bright note for ND...their new white uniforms & white helmets sure look purty. lol
  14. Yea, me too. Just like up and play. Have some sportsmanship.
  15. Yea, when he's not committing personal fouls and getting attitude, he's a good player. He was the same last year, and seems he hasn't changed.
  16. Yea, I figured y'all would think so. And I don't blame you at all.
  17. 25-0 now....3:42 left in 1st qtr. Stoney, I'm sorry we sent the JV team tonight. This is ridiculous!!! But I'm sure you and the Red Eagle nation are very happy right now, lol.
  18. Wow!!! I didn't realize Quitman had that long of a losing streak. Back in my day, and before, they were a pretty good & salty program. Hope they turn it around soon!!
  19. 2 more days!!! Yea, seems likes it's been forever since they've played against each other. Was hoping they'd meet in the playoffs last year, but it wasn't meant to be. Go Eagles...um, err, I mean BLUE Eagles!!
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