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  1. NB, how bad you think the whoopin is gonna be?
  2. NB, keep your hands where we can see them. Don't get too excited!!
  3. Looking at them BrahmHER women was kinda like looking at a car wreck. You know you're not supposed to, and it's kinda morbid, but you look anyway.
  4. LOL...your vision of "dimes" says slot then. I used to work with several of y'alls womenfolk. None of them under a deuce & 1/2. Made me understand better why the mascot is a cow.
  5. PP/Omaha/Naples women are so ugly...even escaped prisoners from the Telford unit prison won't even look at 'em.
  6. I think the roody-poo's will win this game. No doubt.
  7. Yea, the offense is looking worse so far than they did against Carolina. FGs ain't gonna do it. Gotta get TDs.
  8. To DF folks I guess I was, yea. I don't think it was weird...uncommon maybe
  9. Why was it crazy when ND beat DF last year?
  10. LOL...c'mon now!!! I'm actually HOPING PP pulls out the win. I just don't think they will. Doesn't that make up for it?
  11. Well, obviously the folks at ND & QC do...duh!! This is a ND-QC thread.
  12. Somebody keep us posted on the score/updates, please. I can't make it to the game tonight.
  13. NOT a fan of either school, and don't care who wins. I saw this pic online and thought it was humorous.
  14. I'll let my GM know about him. Maybe we'll consider putting him on the HC interview list once Ole Red retires.
  15. Hhhhmmmm...and nobody in the NFL or college ranks has snatched him up yet???
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