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  1. I was very impressed with your Winona squad in that playoff game last season. And I think a lot of that team is back this season right? Could've maybe beat ND if not for ALOT of STUPID penalties.
  2. ND plays DF in week 10...last game of district. DF plays PP in week 9. So, DF & PP will beat each other up the week before they play ND.
  3. I had to do some Google research lol
  4. Hhhhmmm...I like both Jett & Stoney. With that being said... I've seen the Red Eagles play this season. And I haven't seen Winona play. So, I'm going with the Red Eagles in a close game.
  5. LOL...yea, I guess that was the problem. Yea, I bet natureBOY was sweatin that one, lol.
  6. I don't know how they're not undefeated and ranked!! lol
  7. The Rebels go 2 deep at all positions. Their OL & DL average 6'4", 280lbs. LBs are big and quick. Secondary is shutdown fast. Their skill positions have good size, and have 4.3 speed. Their kicker can make FGs from 50+ yds. "Speed" in the stands all had their parole revoked. Scouting report sound okay?
  8. I'd like to meet you too, Eagle27!! And we're on the same side lol
  9. I might be wantin to put a knot on yo head!! LOL In all seriousness for just now...I've always had tremendous respect for the Brahma program, starting back when I played my first and only game against PP in high school. Just thought we'd shake hands. Win or lose. Ok...now back to $h&t talkin....lol
  10. LOL...Nah, I've been in a War and fought enemies, and he ain't that. We're adversaries with NB. And it's always good to meet a man and shake his hand...win or lose.
  11. NB, you gonna let me have the privilege of meeting you at the game?
  12. Yea, fair weather fans anger me. With a passion. Gotta be a consistent fan of your team/community thru thick or thin.
  13. Oh BOY them there's fightin words!!!!
  14. Keep pounding that chest nature girl C'mon guys!! No need to question his gender. After all, he is a BOY. Maybe one day he'll grow up and be a MAN like me.
  15. I've used this gif before...but it should keep natureBOY "busy" for a while
  16. That's so cool. I haven't had the privilege of going to a BOTPW @ NRG yet. Have wanted to, just haven't made it yet. I'm glad to hear that RR is still actively supporting the Kats.
  17. Never liked the Oilers. Don't like the Texans either. I'm a lifelong Cowboys fan. With that said, I give respect to the Texans tonight. They deserved the win tonight because they've got the edge on offense over Dallas. Dallas offense needs some WORK. They have got to find a formula or some kind of blackmagic that works. Never thought I'd see the day where the Dallas D keeps them in games, and they've done it all 5 games so far this season. Frustrated Cowboys fan!!
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