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  1. Not talking about just tonight. Seems like it's been that way the last couple of seasons
  2. If it does, y'all have had plenty of practice at it. lol
  3. In bramHERland, NB goin on "date night"
  4. Never seen a QB (Dak) that has so many deflected interceptions. Geesh!!
  5. I agree. I thought this was the year sfa might have had a chance to end the streak. Especially with our inexperienced QB situation and injuries. Of course, I'm glad it ended up in the Bearkat's favor.
  6. Yes, Sir. That's cool. How'd you get the field pass? My invite must've gotten lost, lol. Yea, I'm encouraged and excited about Brock and his Bearkat future. Hopefully we can go unbeaten the rest of the way and hope for an at-large bid in the playoffs. Or maybe we might end up tied for the Conference Championship? Yea, that North Dakota loss didn't help. I'm glad KCK has moved on from QB Dare.
  7. For the EIGHTH straight year, my Sam Houston State University Bearkats defeated the sfa lumberjerks today by the score of 54-21. Eat 'Em Up, Kats!!!!!
  8. Y'all better put chains on the gates leading to the field. That way, if ND wins, our fans can't celebrate at midfield. LIKE WE DID LAST YEAR. That upset some of y'all bramHER faithful didn't it?
  9. Hhhmm...Them bramHERS gonna win? Maybe...maybe not. We shall see.
  10. I "acquired" my football jersey a few years after I graduated. They were the style of jerseys that didn't tuck in, they were cut to about the mid stomach. Anybody else have their old jersey, helmet, etc?
  11. Is this what it's gonna look like when ETF and Timboslice finally meet up?
  12. I'll let last year last a lil longer until then. Gotta savor it for as long as we can. Gonna be "a while" probably before it happens again
  13. Westy, you beat me to it, lol.
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