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  1. Nah, I think Spacegolfer must be busy. He's a true Cowboys fan. And so am I. I'm not the kind that wears rose-colored glasses...I can be critical of them, and don't make excuses for them. I've been a Cowboys fan since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and that's a LONG time. And I will ALWAYS be a Cowboys fan. Thick or thin...win, lose, or tie, they'll be my team.
  2. "efficiently"?????? Doomer, where'd you learn that big word? lol
  3. Funny. Well at least I thought so. But I'm not a hog fan. http://www.rockcitytimes.com/coach-chad-morris-arrested-for-impeding-traffic-following-razorback-game/
  4. If they keep improving from the last few performances, I think they can win. Not so sure by the a lot part.
  5. Until they prove me wrong, I'm not gonna be that optimistic. I'm hoping they WIN, and if so think it'll be by one score or less.
  6. Ah, ok. Gotcha. No worries. Everybody makes mistakes. Important thing is to learn from them and not to repeat them. Ok. Lesson is over, lol. Welcome to Smoaky. Glad to have another ND Eagle fan on here.
  7. Cowboys!!!!! The D looked good. And the O & playcalling improved a lil bit. I'll take this win.
  8. Reports say Dallas may be bringing back WR Brice Butler. https://www.google.com/amp/s/cowboyswire.usatoday.com/2018/09/16/dallas-cowboys-brice-butler-free-agency-2018-nfl-season-return-to-team/amp/
  9. Dallas D is looking great in first half. The O has looked better, just need to keep mixin it up.
  10. Yea, they didn't even try it last week. Didn't throw any deep balls. Gotta keep this up!!
  11. I'm not gonna make it to the game tonight. Can somebody keep me updated on the score/game? Thanks!
  12. From the Longview News Jounal: ALTO (2-0) VS. NEW DIANA (0-2) Last week: Alto 51, Timpson 27; White Oak 35, New Diana 7 Time: Tonight, 7:30 p.m. Stadium: Eagle Stadium, Diana Notable Alto: RB Vidareous High, Soph., 6-1, 190 (36 carries, 368 yards, 3 TDs) … RB Aaron Skinner (18 carries, 212 yards, 2 TDs) … QB Harmon West, Jr., 6-2, 200 (28 of 44, 294 yards, 4 TDs, 5 INT) … WR Skyler Atkins (19 receptions, 248 yards, 3 TDs) New Diana: QB Brayden Rosales, 6-0, 145, Sr., (9 of 33, 50 yards, 1 INT, 19 rushes, 75 yards) … RB Carson
  13. So, who all is making the trip from Alto this evening for the JH/JV games?
  14. Not sure about our JH. My understanding is that our JV isn't very good. Maybe our band will give y'all a run for your money!! More than our football team probably.
  15. Hhhmm...TWO trips to Alto??!!?? Not sure about that, lol. Only good thing about the butt-whoopins y'all are gonna give us over those two consecutive days...we can stay at home for them and don't have a long sad trip.
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