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  1. That #### for y'all. Having to make that long trip twice in back-to-back days. Y'all have a safe trip!
  2. Y'all are just lucky that Kennard doesn't play football!!
  3. Yea, new HC...but he was the OC last season. Tough district last year. Even tougher this year, and a tougher pre-district too. Yes, a special year, with special group of players. Jacksboro game was unreal!! And to add to it, the game was played at The Star so it was even more memorable.
  4. 14 seniors graduated from last year's team. And dang near all of them were our playmakers and contributors. Including our stud QB and two WRs. We've got a few holdovers from last season that contributed. But the heart & soul (those 14) are gone and it shows. We've got a lot of inexperience playing now, and that shows too.
  5. Cowboys It's a division game. You can always throw out the records when facing a NFC East rival. The Dallas D didn't look too bad against Carolina. I think they'll work out some kinks in practice this week. The Dallas O? Hhhmmm...different story. Who knows. But hopefully they'll improve. Dallas D keeps the 'Boys in the game, and they pull out a tight close win. Something like 13-10 or 16-13.
  6. I hear ya!! Who are "they" gonna blame now? lol
  7. Welp...that was terrible!!! Vanilla offense...no momentum. Conner Williams looked like the rookie he is. I don't recall any deep balls throw, just short to intermediate passes. Had terrible field position most of the game. The D looked pretty good imo. Better work on A LOT of stuff on O this next week of practice or it's going to get ugly real quick.
  8. Geesh!!! The Dallas O looks terrible. And playcalling has been pretty vanilla. Haven't even crossed midfield in the first half. The Dallas D hasn't looked too bad. They need to be more disciplined on their edge assignments when it comes to Cam running.
  9. Don't worry. You're not. That team has graduated. You'll be facing our JV1 team.
  10. Prayers for the young man and his family.
  11. Somebody keep us posted on the score/Game updates???
  12. I'm not able to make it to the game tonight. Somebody keep me posted on the score & game updates???
  13. I'm gonna say the Brahmas by 17 points. Maybe more.
  14. Game Day!!!! Good luck to all of our District 11 members!!
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