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  1. Nasty...YES "she" is. Racist, really?...do tell? Sexist?...um, you people are supposed to embrace the transgender/cross-dressing community..so how was me posting it sexist? You're just being a Xenophobic bigot regarding our beautiful & classy FLOTUS.
  2. Yea, figured it was in jest. But can't unsee the shirtless dancing .
  3. It's okay, Bunny. We know you prefer this to be your First "Lady".
  4. In all fairness to ol' joe, he was probably referring to George WASHINGTON.
  5. Btw, congratulations to sfa on their 2020 SLC Football Championship. Pretty sad.
  6. So if SHE did decide to have an abortion, it would be a wise choice? And "nope" that wouldn't be okay? Ooook. . Have fun with that hypothetical scenario that hopefully never happens to you.
  7. Eehhh...not as fun as the other scenarios.
  8. If your wife decided to have an abortion, without consulting or telling you, would that be okay?
  9. Dang! I was kinda hoping for the scenario of the runner up being VP. Oh well.
  10. https://www.itemonline.com/sports/source-shsu-hasn-t-received-invitation-to-join-wac/article_95515eb2-1551-11eb-82c1-1b06a6e8d2f2.html This is FAR from being official, but report says Sam didn't get an invite. But, it's still early and things could come out differently later. I'm against a move to the WAC. Things I've read said that the WAC football conference will soon be wanting to be FBS...even if they start out FCS. And Sam IS NOT ready for a move to FCS (nor are the other 3). Also, depending on how it'd be set up, travel & financial expenses would be worse than what they ha
  11. I don't say anything on here, that I won't say to somebody's face. That's what a "grown up" does. Take that as another lesson you've learned today, son.
  12. Wow!! No way that's possible, right?!? . Somebody please look that up and see if that's a possibility. If true, I'm almost kind of hoping that's what happens. It would definitely be an INTERESTING next 4 yrs .
  13. Go for it. I'm sure I've heard and been called them all...and then some. Let 'em out son. No hurt feelings here.
  14. One shot to the head oughta do it.
  15. Sounds like ol' Uncle Creepy was putting out this statement while he was colluding with the Chinese to release the Chinaflu. That way he'd look prophetic. Needs to be hung for treason.
  16. Just calling 'em as I see 'em. You should try it sometimes. Good for the soul.
  17. So are you (but have constantly been untruthful about it on here). You're implying that President Trump has flip-flopped on his stance. Sounds like you and he have a lot in common according to you.
  18. According to you, there is no YOU in that decision...it's all her. So be glad SHE never chose that.
  19. ...calling you out is feelings huh? You need to get thicker skin, son. And study up on your reading comprehension.
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