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  1. Spoken like a dumass sheep that can't answer and only knows how to deflect when he's called out on his idiotic statements. Pop smoke, son.
  2. You racists!! 3? Who YOU gonna unite? What hate YOU gonna stop? Yea, joe & the ho can unite the libtards..that's all. I'll give them that. Hate will be amplified with them.
  3. Daaaannnggg!! Cowboys got whooped AGAIN. Shame.
  4. That sounds pro-choice/pro-abortion to me. But you "say" you're against abortion. You do you. ✌
  5. It's a voodoo jinx on top of whatever they have...good or bad.
  6. Yep...Officer Tatum is the best!! Love his show!!
  7. So you don't support murder in ANY form? Is that correct? Only have to say yes or no.
  8. Is there more than one N-word that isn't "allowed" to be spoken? Serious inquiry.
  9. If one, or they, are allowed to say it then it should be fair game for everybody.
  10. Morris County inbreeding? No wonder both teams are good every year.
  11. 500+ kids without parents locked up at the border huh? Question is: Why aren't there PARENTS LOOKING FOR 500+ KIDS? Did these parents just disappear?
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