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  1. Yes or No: President Trump calls joe "Big Guy" at least once during tonight's debate? I say yes.
  2. Interesting...very interesting. I personally have never tried or used it. Some good stuff over there in Carthage/Panola County?
  3. Btw, WELCOME BACK!! It hasn't been the same around here without your "wisdom".
  4. Tbh, if I drank a few shots of tequila and a 12pk...I'd probably hit it.
  5. Yea, I would highly encourage anybody to do this type of training if it's available to you. Properly instructed of course. That video is is a few years old. That activist was interviewed afterwards and was definitely singing a different tune, as should be.
  6. I've been through multiple practical exercises similar to the one above. It's great training! The simunition rounds HURT pretty bad if you're shot. These Reality Based Training scenarios are definitely eye-opening...especially if a civilian went through it.
  7. In the training classes I've been through in the past, it was a little farther back than that...21' rule is what was taught to us. Saw video and practical examples and it was shocking to say the least. Google "21 foot rule".
  8. ...really? Enlighten me because it would be news to me. What would you be worried about?
  9. With who you're supporting, I bet you do bend. I'm on a salt-free diet.
  10. ...he probably doesn't understand this statement. You might need to break it down for him.
  11. You assuming the kid comment was about you? hhhmm. You're somebody's son, right? Or maybe daughter? I'm not judging.
  12. That's what I said. I...bet...you're...not. Keep up son, the short-bus will still be waiting on you when you're ready.
  13. Give jett a break...it's already been established the kid has a serious problem with reading comprehension.
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