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  1. I don't hope or wish for Civil War. HOWEVER, if it came to that (a literal war) then I'd damn sure participate in order to protect me & mine..offensively or defensively, whatever it takes.
  2. I see your point...sort of. "Varmints" are everywhere, no matter where you live though.
  3. TTman7


    I agree. You think there'd be a war shortly after the Secession?
  4. TTman7


    I am prior service military. If this scenario had happened while I was enlisted, it would definitely be a CONUNDRUM. I would not be involved in "attacking" or "invading" my home state under this scenario.
  5. TTman7


    Automatic disqualifier!! Sorry dude.
  6. So you've never been in a situation where it mattered (either way). You've been lucky. Me too. It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. This applies to guns and the Castle Law.
  7. Were you burglarized while at home or robbed during this time frame?
  8. TTman7


    If the other states aren't bound to abide by the Constitution of the United States, then why should Texas abide by it, Resolutions, or SC rulings?
  9. Interesting. Have the trucks been used yet? Anywhere else? Locally in ETX?
  10. I'm just curious...where are you seeing this at exactly?
  11. I never cared for or liked Shiner. I'm a Lone Star, Pearl, and ZiegenBock beer guy.
  12. Yea, grub was excellent compared to MRE's. Thanks! Good to be back!
  13. Evidently not teaching right, if you're on Smoaky all the time during the school day? Cafeteria hours are pretty good I'm assuming.
  14. I'm still here too. Lucky you.
  15. He needs to be tried for treason. If found guilty, then publically hanged on the front steps of the US Capitol Building.
  16. Even though I've been on Smoaky vacation...my Cowboys boycott is STILL IN FULL EFFECT!!
  17. I'm a socio/psychopathic Christian. Where do I fall in on this conversation? Pray for everybody...but kill the libnuts execution style in the courthouse squares!!
  18. C'mon Dawg!! I know you pay attention on here but I'll remind you... Monday, Wednesday, Fridays he's pro-choice. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday he's pro-life.
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