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  1. You can never go wrong with Sig's imo.
  2. Word of advice...keep it that way.
  3. My personal preference, I'm a Beretta and Sig Sauer guy. I have a Sig 45 and I LOVE IT. I would definitely recommend it. I'd also recommend the Beretta 92FS (9mm). I've had mine for 25 yrs and never had a malfunction or problem. And I've ran thousands of rounds through it over those years. (Carried same type pistol in military). I also have multiple caliber pistols, rifles, and shotguns as you do. You should also check out the SKS rifle. I love mine.
  4. So why was President Trump declared the winner that night and giving his acceptance speech if the "votes" went on days later? And also while Killary was in her hotel suite having a meltdown about losing the election.
  5. What caliber/style/brand are you wanting? Something you don't have or something you have but want an extra one?
  6. Heck yea!! OC rocks! OC isn't much better than ND. They've got a "little" speed but not much. If yall have any speed yall should come away with the W.
  7. Nope . Especially not on a work night, lol. Made that long trip last year for ND game and y'all made me regret it, lmao.
  8. I think AOC is chomping at the bit to try and get her seat. Wow, wouldn't that be a crazy circus to see.
  9. I've experienced both temperature extremes in my life...-10 average in the winter and 130 average in the summer (up to 140+). I love cold weather and REAL snow I found out. Temps need to start dropping, but I'd settle for long sleeve/light jacket weather.
  10. Sure is. Beautiful day to be outside. C'mon colder weather.
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