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  1. Me too actually. But, I work in a Democrat dominated area of town.
  2. Oh ok, so you're a snitch. Gotcha. Yea, snitches don't usually have a normal prison experience. They're usually housed in protective custody so the chances are slimmer of getting shanked. Or they're housed with the punks. Good to know, ma'am/sir/it.
  3. I think you struck a nerve with ol' Bunny . Hot button word for future reference: Character.
  4. Don't leave your pants droopin' in the back so you won't get "bullied". Thought you'd of learned that in "prison"....or maybe you did learn.
  5. You been sayin stupid stuff every post. What's gonna be different?
  6. I'm fully aware of your hate for President Trump, and you not wanting him to win. But what I don't get is you not wanting the House & Senate to be a Republican majority. Your alleged principles and beliefs would be much more in line with a Red Congress than a blue one.
  7. It needs to be a little bigger so it covers her nose too.
  8. You saw all that in Mt Pleasant while you were watching from the stands in Omaha?
  9. West Hardin...(is a good guy ).
  10. Sounds like a good game. Keep it up Jackets! Show 'em what small town East Texas football is all about!! What kinda rules? Examples. You've got me curious.
  11. Cool. Just curious. I wasn't trying to get up in your personal business or insinuate anything by the paragraph above with my questions. Family owned businesses and small businesses are great. I fully support them when I can. But I've seen some fail miserably because they load up with family that aren't qualified. But on the other hand, some do great with family.
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